Annual report of uddipan rucmp 31.01.2013-1.00 am


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Annual report of uddipan rucmp 31.01.2013-1.00 am

  1. 1. Rural Urban Child Migration Project - Link ANNUAL NARRATIVE REPORT SEPTEMBER 15, 2011 –31 DECEMBER 2012 2011-2012 UDDIPAN House # 9 Road # 1, Block-F Janata Co-operative Housing Society Ltd. Ring Road Adabor, Dhaka-1207 Tel: 88-02-8115459, 9145448 Web: www. UDDIPAN
  2. 2. Contents # Subject Page 01 List of Acronyms 2 02 Description 4 03 Assesment for Implementation of Action Activities 5 04 Activity and Results 6 05 Activites under Result 1.1 7 06 Activites under Result 1.2 12 07 Activites under Result 2.1 13 08 Activites under Result 2.2 13 09 Activites under Result 2.3 16 10 List of Activites that were Planned 17 11 What is your assesment 20 12 Action Plan 21 13 Partners and other co-operation 23 14 Relationship between your organization and state 23 authorities 15 Relationship with any other organizations 23 16 Outline of links 23 17 Previous grants from EU 24 18 Visibility 24 19 Annexure 25 Annex:01- Project Information 26 Annex:02- Project’s Initial and mandatory tasks 27 Annex:03-Case Study 36 Annex:04- Paper Clipping 39 Annex:05- Photographic Documentation 40 2 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  3. 3. List of Acronyms Acronym Meaning AC Area Coordinator BNWLA Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association BRAC Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee BCC Behaviour Change Communication CIC Community Information Centre CFO Chief Finance Officer CRG Child Rights Governance CCC Comilla City Corporation CWG Community Watch Group DO Documentation Officer DCC Dhaka City Corporation ED Executive Director EU European Union FD Foriegn Donation FGD Focus Group Discussion GO Governmet Official HO Head Office ID Identity Card IT Information Technology KII Key Informat Interview LGRD Local Goverment and Rural Development Division LGI Local Government Institution LEA Law Enforcement Agency NSA Non State Actor NGO Non Government Organization PC Project Coordinator RUCMP Rural Urban Child Migration Project SCI Save the Children SC Steering Committee SMC School Management Committee ToT Training of Trainer ToR Terms Of Refference TO Training Officer UP Union Parishad UDDIPAN United Development Initiative for Programmed Actions 3 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  4. 4. ANNUAL NARRATIVE REPORT1. Description 1.1. Name of beneficiary of grant contract: United Development Initiative for Programmed Action (UDDIPAN) 1.2. Name and title of the Contact person: Md. Emranul Huq Chowdhury, Executive Director 1.3. Name of partners in the Action: Save the Children International & Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association (BNWLA) 1.4. Title of the Action: Rural Urban Child Migration Project-Link 1.5. Contract number: DCI-NSAPVD/2011/270-442 1.6. Start date and end date of the reporting period: 15/09/2011 to 31/12/2012 1.7. Target country (ies) or region(s): Bangladesh 1.8. Final beneficiaries &/or target groups1 (if different) (including numbers of women and men): Final Beneficiaries -Children 30920, Target Groups- No of Community-134, NSA- 75, Religious leader-180, Employers-200, Law Enforcement Offcials-100, Members of Standing committee-460, Community members-16000, No of Parents-8400, Media Representative- 40, No of Child reintegrated-2100 1.9. Country(ies) in which the activities take place (if different from 1.7): N/A1 “Target groups” are the groups/entities who will be directly positively affected by the project at the 4 Project Purpose level, and “final beneficiaries” are those who will benefit from the project in the long Page term at the level of the society or sector at large.Narrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  5. 5. 2. Assessment for implementation of Action activities:2.1. Executive summary of the ActionRural Urban Child Migration Project –Link began its development journey from September 2011.But judiciously it has started activities with its optimum number of staff strengths from January2012. UDDIPAN employed maximum staffs with in 26 of December 2011. Subsequently it wasorganized two staff orientations at UDDIPAN venue successfully.UDDIPAN completed baseline survey and related activities in between May- July 2012. A total of26 Unions/Wards surveyed among these 6 were controlled areas. A centrally organizeddissemination workshop on baseline findings held at Dhaka where two representatives from everyUP/Wards along with government and donor’s high officials were participated. AfterwardsUDDIPAN started sharing baseline sharing meeting with the LGI members and community peopleaccordingly.During the timeframe UDDIPAN accomplished a total of 2473 activities against set target of 2042of which 435 activities were stayed behind. The achievement against target activities was 83%.Courtyard sessions had a tremendous achievement in terms of create community echo on unsafemigration and registration system. A total of 1146 courtyard sessions among the targeted 1300 wereconducted by the Field Facilitators and Community Watch Group CWG member. Among thesessions at least 17396 community people were participated proactively. Among them 4076 weremale and 13320 were female.UDDIPAN made lateral linkage with media and law 120% 100%enforcement agency members. A total of 14 80%orientation workshops among the 24 organized 60%successfully. A total of 249 representatives of both 40%categories were participated in workshop. 20% 0%Established 80 Community Information Centre (CICs)against same set target. UDDIPAN formed 18 SteeringCommittee among targeted 24. At the same time 176Community Watch Group against set target 180 werealso formed in the community.Different training like ToT for community people has began in the end of the December 2012. Inaddition to this employers orientation also initiated successfully.During the timeframe UDDIPAN encouraged for visit paid by Ms. Kristine Z Jeppesen and Ms.Birgit Lundback of Save the Children International at its Mirpur working area. This third eye viewgave a concrete outlook to us who helped to develop and enhance activities of the project2.2. Activity and ResultsA.0.0.1 Development of communication & visibility planSCI with supports from partners completed it.A.0.1.1: Orientation sessions for LGI members on conduction of Baseline Survey A total of 20 orientation sessions on conduction of baseline at RUCMP-Link areas for LGI members held at the moment before starting survey in the respective UP or WARDs. Among these 4 were with the city corporation ward commissioners, female representatives and secretaries of the ward councillors office and rest 16 were with the UP 5 Page representatives and secretaries of respective UP heldNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  6. 6. successfully. Among the total 222 participants 22 were female LGI representatives.Result:  LGI members proactively participated in conducting baseline survey along with the RUCM project staff  People felt interest in participating different information gathering process.  LGI and local community people felt ownership in the process.  A realistic baseline data base produced. A.0.1.2: Conduction of Baseline Survey through LGI members in the project areaPrimary ideas were disseminated among the LGI representatives about type and uniqueness of baselinesurvey and role of LGI members in this regard. Base line survey among the selected areas was completedsmoothly based on set criteria. UDDIPAN completed baseline survey in 20 unions and wards including 6controlled areas respectively.Following supportive activities have been completed in accordance with ensuring better baselineconduction;Introduction with LGIs, NSAs, Local government Officials, Local Leaders, Civil society members andcommunity people: A positive and proactive LGI and NSAs with other counterparts are the prerequisites for project successand achievement. With an aim to this project deployed staff for taking the opportunity to meet all projectstakeholders at the peripheral level and make them aware about the project goal, purposes and activitiesinitially and role of stakeholders in terms of uplifting project achievement.Finally these initiatives helped to conduct baseline survey with meaningful end. A total of 26 Unions andWards coveredResults:  A benchmark database has been prepared  People could assume the real scenario of child migration at their own places.  People felt free to provide necessary data with response to initiate immediate registration system as the assumed that their child would be safer by this important program.A.0.1.3: Sharing meetings on Baseline Survey findingsA total of 12 sharing meeting on baseline findings among targeted 20 organized during thetimeframe. Total participants were 609, among them 419 were male and 190 were female. Criteriaof participants were respective LGI members, representatives of community people, NGOs andCBO etc.Results:  Community people made aware about their situation in different socio economic aspects especially child migration and related topics.  They felt interest to begin different activities against some being inhumane situation of their locality  They envisaged the reality of initiating efforts like RUCMP. 6 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  7. 7. Result 1.1 by 2013, increased awareness and capacities of LGIs, NSAs and communities on unsaferural urban migration of children. Activities under result 1.1A.1.1.1: Development of communication manualPartners anticipated during coordination meeting that the communication manual should be prepared asearliest possible time. Regarding this SCI took positive initiatives. We have to hope that manual willhave to our hand very soon.A.1.1.2: Development of awareness raising (BCC) materials Awareness rising in line with the project objectives is important for starting activities in stakeholders’ level. With a view to this partners discussed and communicated with different BCC materials producing organizations, Like Dhaka Ahsania Mission, BRAC, BCCP etc. In order to develop BCC materials a meeting with the consultant was held at SCI office followed by a workshop of development of BCC materials was held on April 18, 2012 at Hotel Summer Palace Baridhara organized by consulting organization. A set of people from UDDIPAN participated in the workshop. AC from Mirpur, Comilla and Kachuawith different stakeholders were participated while PC, TO and DO were also participated fromHead Office respectively. Meanwhile a set of BCC materials came to the hand of partners andconsequently started using these.Results:  Staff awareness and ownership in preparing BCC materials created by giving due importance.  Some necessary and effective BCC materials produced and making awareness of community people on child migration issues.A.1.1.3: Consultations with stakeholders at community levelCommunity awareness is one of the most important activities toreduce unsafe child migration. In this regard, UDDIPANorganized regular consultation meeting with the communitystakeholders.During the period, a total of 212 consultation sessions with thestakeholders at community level out of 240 were accomplishedby UDDIPAN of which a total of 8060 participants wereparticipated actively and subsequently playing very importantrole in the community with respect to aware people on unsafemigration and its bad impacts on society. Among theparticipants 5175 were male and 2885 were female community people. Among the anticipated target 728 events stayed behind. One of the big facts was that we had only few working days in hand as Eid- Pageul Fitre and other national day observances.Narrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  8. 8. Participants details in consultation meeting with community stakeholders 10000 number of people 8000 8060 6000 5175 4000 2885 2000 0 Male Female TotalResults:  Community people could realize the impacts of child migration, necessity of introducing ID cards and registration system and remedial measures against reducing child migration and services provided by LGIs and NSAs etc.A.1.1.4: Community based awareness sessionsUDDIPAN has been providing different information and messages to the community people aboutproject objectives and role of people to achieve such a challenging project especially in line withunsafe child migration, its impact and role of LGIs and relevant other issues. It has beensuccessfully completed 244 community based awareness sessions on the risk of unsafe childmigration in the rural and urban target areas during the period against set target of 240. A total of9560 participant were participated among these events. Among these 6240 were male and 3320 werefemale community participants. 9560 Total 3320 Female 6240 MaleResults:  Community people involved themselves in the project activities proactively  They are helping promoting registration system to all who are out of access in the project activities  They are demanding to initiate registration system as early as possibleA.1.1.5: Community based awareness campaigns UDDIPAN has completed 29 community base awareness campaigns on the risk of unsafe child migration in the rural and urban area out of 52 targeted. Total participants were 10150. The form 8 of those events was rally with poster, festoon, Page placards, and cap elaborating partners logo andNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  9. 9. along with discussion session with students of the local education institutions etc. Among the settarget we were unable to organize 23 events since December 2012.Local community people and learners of schools eagerly supported and participated proactively inthe rally and discussions. All programs were very lively and disseminated different messages onunsafe child migration issues and way out procedures from it. Since after starting the program 6499male and 3651 female participated in the events. 29 52 Target AchevementResults:  Increased awareness on unsafe migration, registration system and services of LGIs etc to the mass people  People are keeping touch with the services provided by the LGIs.A.1.1.6: Establishment/running of Community Information CentresCommunity Information Centre (CIC) is a community based and community led informationcollecting and dissemination centre, where relevant people have opportunity to get requiredinformation on registration system, how to be registered and related other information which areimportant for unsafe migration procedure. In addition to this, community people will haveopportunity to get other information on health, legal, human and child rights etc issues. A localfemale who has a minimum qualification, class VIII to SSC level got chance as a volunteer of thecentre and project is paying an honorarium for her service. With respect to this a village level housefor a centre has been rented with some amount.During the reporting period a total of 80 Community Information Centres (CIC) out 80 has alreadybeen completed within the project area. After selecting project working area UDDIPAN startedconsultation with the concerned about formation of Community Information Centres (CIC).Locations for CICs had been improved spontaneously. This continual communication helped toestablish this centre in community sphere. CIC Establishment 80 80 Target Achievement 9 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  10. 10. Results:  Community people felt interest to attend in the CICs  They are taking services specially referral in order to communicate with health, agriculture, legal supports and rights services  CICs are accordingly attracting community people as their own centres where they can take reliable information in some extent.  They are going to the centres often.  They demanded to start more centres at least every Wards of the union.A.1.1.7: Community meetings on function of Community Information CentresA total of 16 CIC orientation meeting held during the period among the 70. A total of 317participants were actively participated in the events. Among those 197 were male and 120 werefemale. Meeting emphasized to discuss about objectives of CIC establishment, Role andresponsibilities of CWG members and volunteers to keep these centres well operational in line withthe project aims. Results:  Community people know the objectives of running CICs  They know role and responsibilities of community people for running CICs successfully.A.1.1.8: Development of minimum standard guidelineIn this regards, an exchange of experience sharing among the partners was completed duringpartners’ coordination meeting. UDDIPAN shared experiences on such community based centresimplemented by its child development program. SCI also shared their experience of such kindcentres they implemented. In the meantime a consultant appointed to prepare this in consultationwith partners. We have to hope that based on the sharing experience a meaningful guideline wouldbe prepared as soon asResults:  CWGs and Volunteer know their self responsibilities in operating CIC  Easy way to Information disseminating  How they collect data on risk in migrant children and migrated children of their respecting area.  Use of different registers etcA.1.1.9: Meetings with Law Enforcement Officials and Media Houses UDDIPAN has been completed 14 sessions with the representative from law enforcement officials and media houses out 24. A total of 240 participants were present in the sessions. Among them 234 were male and 6 were female. Staffs have been creating a lateral linkage with the law enforcement officials and media partners with an aim to continue its regular meeting with them for the project duration. Law enforcement members and media personnel paid their keen interest to integrate with the project interventions in future. 10 They opined that this project has some sorts of differences from other development project and it has Pagesome uniqueness in order to address a hidden problem in the society.Narrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  11. 11. Results:  240 law enforcement and media representatives aware about unsafe migration and registration system  Published awareness raising reports at least 7/8 nos. on unsafe child migration and registration system in the local and national news media  Representatives of law enforcement agencies gave their consent to assist in organizing different events in the respective areas.A.1.1.10: Press Conferences on unsafe migration and benefit of registration systemTo aware common people and subsequently to the decision makers, project emphasizes to aware themedia personnel about project objectives and development activities. In support of this projectorganized some press conferences on unsafe migration and its benefits.Project accomplished 7 press conferences sessions out of 10 on unsafe migration and benefit ofregistration system. A total of 108 journalists from different news papers and channels were presentin the sessions. Among the session’s most of the local journalists participated proactively andpublished news in their respective news papers and channels.Results:  Media personnel published report on unsafe migration and benefit of registration system in local and national news papers, online media, channels etc with due importance.  Published 6/7 news items on unsafe migration and registration system in different media.  Ultimately mass people became aware on the issue in some extent. 108 Participants Achi Target 10A.1.1.11: Development of training module on child protectionIn this regard, discussion sessions organized at SCI office. Feedbacks on module have been provided bythe respective persons from partners. Meanwhile a final draft of module came to partners’ hand. Partnersbegan to preparatory tasks to organize the sessions from January 2013.Results:  Perception level of conducting session on child protection increased among the staff.A.1.1.12: ToT for community members on child protection issuesThis final draft version module is also in hand of partners. UDDIPAN training personnel attempted to 11organize targeted training in between January to December 2013. PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  12. 12. A.1.1.13: Trainings for community members on child protectionAfter organizing ToT for community members this training supposed to be organized.Result 1.2 By 2013, 34 steering committees at union/ward level and 8 steering committees atupazila level have been formed, composed of LGI, NSA and community representatives and takejoint action on child rights violations in general and unsafe migration in particular.Activities under result 1.2A.1.2.1: Formation and orientation of Steering CommitteesSteering Committee is a community based organization which seems to be organized to have someobjectives. These are as follows; • Discussion and share experiences of CWGs development scenario • Organize half yearly review meeting where different SCs representatives, CWG members, representatives from different service providers, Upazila Health Officer, Police Officers and others stakeholders will be invited to discuss how to increase accessibility of parents of risk in unsafe migration in the LGI & other services of organizations. • Play important role to keep update information in CICs • Make aware the people on risk of unsafe migration and creating alternative livelihood options. • Make referral and linkage to the people are in risk of unsafe migration or already migrated with different service providing organizations.During the reporting period a total of 18 steering committees have been formed in the target area outof 24 committees. A total of 357 participants were present in the committee formation meetings andorientations. Among them 289 were male 68 were female. But discussion process in order toformation steering committee has been started in between UDDIPAN concern staff and probablemembers of steering committee in the respective areas from March 2012. Assigned staff preparedground work in this respect. Primarily they collected name and other required information ofprobable committee members based on described criteria in the project document. 20-30 10-20 0-10Results:  18 Steering Committees are involved in different initiatives of RUCM Project proactively.  Organizing regular meetings and awareness campaign and other activities  18 Steering committee are giving positive supports to the Community watch Groups 12 (CWGs) PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  13. 13. A.1.2.2: Quarterly and half annual coordination meetings of SCsA total of 9 SC quarterly coordination review meeting held among targeted 64 at Ward/union level. Ofwhich a total of 186 participants were participated proactively. Among them 154 were male and 32 werefemale.In addition to this it’s expected that half annual review meeting of SCs supposed to be started from January2013.Results:  9 SC quarterly meetings held which empowered and enhance leadership of the SC members in some extent.  SC members became aware on the activities of CWGs and thus playing pivotal role in order to uphold the project activities to the people.Result 2.1 By 2013, 20 ward councilors and 300 members of Union Council standing committeeson Women and Children Welfare are capacitated to properly address child rights violationsActivities under result 2.1 (progress)A.2.1.1: Development of bookletNot yet done.A.2.1.2: Training for LGI members on their roleThe training module has been developing constantly. After finalization this training will be come intopractice.Result 2.2 by 2013, NSAs and LGIs have established a functioning registration system for migrantChildren in 34 LGIs in rural and urban project areas.Activities under result 2.2A.2.2.1: Development of registration system guidelineUnder the close supervision and guidance of SCI this guideline has been under processing.Meanwhile a series of meeting with the concerned consultant regarding this were held. Draftguideline has already been disseminated among the partners and initial feedbacks have sent to theconsultant. Now this is in final stage.A.2.2.2: Development of registration softwareUnder the direct supervision of SCI this software has been developing in accordance with the viableuser friendly system. SCI IT department will initiated this after having clear guideline for them.Now it is in under final dialogue.A.2.2.3: Development of ID cardsAfter initiation of registration system, ID cards making and distribution will be started among thechildren in risk and migrant children.A.2.2.4: Training for LGI members on the use of the registration system 13After preparing guideline and appropriate system of registration these training will be organized. PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  14. 14. A.2.2.5: Sessions with selected police stations to link registration systemAfter preparing guideline and appropriate system of registration these training will be organized. Butmeanwhile through orientation of the project they informed about this somehow.A.2.2.6: Formation and orientation of community watch groupsCommunity Watch Group is a community based organization of the project.During the report period a total of 176 have been formed out of targeted 180. Among these meetingsparticipants were 2640 of which 1836 were male and 804 were female.Results: • Organized courtyard sessions with children and their care givers for promoting registration system in local community • Participated in steering committee meeting duly formed by UP or councilors of ward • Shared activities, achievement (use and development of registration system) problems and prospects of registration system at Upazila level half yearly coordination meeting. • Played role as pressure group to motivate local govt. and other NSAs towards child protection and providing child friendly services. • Participated and played positive role to help local people at local level dev. initiatives etcA.2.2.7: Courtyard session at community level Courtyard session with an aim to promote registration system in community level is an effective activity to cover maximum number of people residing in the community. Huge participation and wide ranging coverage give this activity very effective and result bearing. RUCM project also emphasizes to organize these activities as a most effective activity in terms of participation of most of the primary and principle stakeholders. During the reporting period a total of 1146 courtyard sessions among the targeted 1300 were conducted by the field Facilitators andCWGs. Among the sessions at least 17396 community people were participated proactively.Among them 4076 were male and 13320 were female.Courtyard sessions emphasized to discuss about unsafe child migration and benefit of registrationsystem as a consequence they feel interest to practice it in their surroundings. 14 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  15. 15. 20000 15000 10000 5000 0 Target Organized ParticipantsResults:  Community people made aware on unsafe child migration and benefit of registration system  Among the sessions at least 17396 community people were became aware through 1300 meeting conducted by the field Facilitators and CWGs members.A.2.2.8: Half annual review meetings of CWGs and LGIsAfter formation of the CWG committees most of the cases these committee do not reach up to sixmonths period, so these review meeting didn’t meet the target.Only 8 review meetings achieved among 20. Among those only 200 participants were present ofwhich 175 were male and 25 were female.A.2.2.9: Development of orientation guideline for employersThis module is finalizing yet. An updated version is come in hand of partners and start uses it.Results:  Increase familiarity and understanding of staff on the different issues deliverable in the session  Trainer and other staff of the project felt confident to facilitate the session with employers.A.2.2.10: Orientation workshop for employersA total of 4 orientations workshops were held out of 6. Meetings were participated a total of 60participants of which 52 male and 8 female employersResults:  60 employers became aware on child rights, hazardous labor, unsafe child migration and role and responsibilities of employers to combat against child labor exploitation and discrimination etc.A.2.2.11: Toolkit development on the overall project processSCI has taken the initiative. 15 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  16. 16. Result 2.3 by 2013, increased numbers of migrant children have access to services (e.g. vulnerablegroup development (VGD) and girls scholarship scheme) offered by LGIs, NSAs and socialinstitutions in the project area.Activities under result 2.3 A.2.3.1: Training Needs AssessmentA total of 20 TNA completed at project areas. LGImembers were very supportive to accomplishing thisevent towards a successful end. A total of 255 LGImembers from 16 UPs and 4 Wards of Dhaka CityCorporation (DCC) and Comilla City Corporation(CCC) were participated among the sessions. LGImembers paid their veteran supports and comments tothe facilitator in line with the capacities of LGI in orderto providing services to the people. A total of 300participants of which 232 male and 68 female wereparticipated in the eventsResults:  255 LGI members made aware about services of LGIs  LGI members paid their eagerness to have a service providing culture among the LGIs.A.2.3.2: Development of training module for service deliveryDeveloping training module and supportive other activities of preparing training module for servicedelivery is going on. Meanwhile under the intensive support from SCI, a consultant is hired for completingthe module. Lot of activities regarding module preparation have been accomplished. Partners sat togetheron the feedback session with consultant and tried to give valuable recommendations/ suggestions in order tomodify this. A final draft prepared and distributed among the partners. We have to hope this module willcome to hand within short period and these training will be realized at the end of the year 2012.A.2.3.3: Training on service delivery for LGI membersUDDIPAN had a plan for organizing these in previous year due to not to developing training module andsupportive other activities. Meanwhile under the intensive support from SCI, a consultant is hired tocomplete the module. In the mean time a lot of activities regarding module preparation have beenaccomplished. We have to hope this module will come to hand within short period and these training willbe realized at end of the year 2012.Result 2.4 by 2013, the registration system has been successfully advocated for at governmental levelin coordination with relevant ministries (e.g. Ministry of Local Government) for its permanentinclusion in the Local Government Ordinance.Activities under result 2.4A.2.4.1: Briefings with ministry officialsWill be done by SCIA.2.4.2: Workshops with ministry officials on policy recommendationsWill be done by SCIA.2.4.3: Bilateral meetings with ministry officialsWill be done by SCIA. 2.4.4. National level conventions on registration system and unsafe migration with relevant 16 stakeholders-Will be done by SCI Page A. 2.4.5.Advertising of supplementary pages in national newspapers-Narrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  17. 17. Will be doneA. 2.4.6.Organizing TV shows on unsafe migration at national TV channelsWill be done by SCIA.2.4.7: Development and airing of TV spots and scrolling messagesNot yet done2.3. Please list activities that were planned and that you were not able to implement, explaining the reasons for these. 17 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  18. 18. SL Activity Up date Participants Reasons for Deviation (From January-12 to December - 12) Target Achievement Deviation Male Female Total0.1.1 Orientation sessions for LGIs members on conduction 20 20 -- 200 22 222 of Baseline Survey.-- Kick of workshop 01 01 - 19 - 190.1.2 Conduction of baseline survey through LGIs members 26 26 -- - - - With control area in the project area0.1.3 Sharing meetings on Baseline Survey findings 20 12 28 419 190 609 This session need to have base line report. But finalization of report took some time. So, these sessions conduction went behind our plan.1.1.3 Consultations with stakeholders at community 240 2.12 28 5175 2885 8060 level on their migration perception and the role of LGIs1.1.4 Community based awareness sessions on the 180+60= 244 -- 6240 3320 9560 risk of unsafe child migration 2401.1.5 based awareness campaigns on the 40+12= 52 29 23 6499 3651 10150 risk of unsafe child migration (A.1.1.5)1.1.6 and running of Community 80 80 00 - - - Information Centres (rent, logistics and utilities)1.1.7 Community based orientation meetings on 40+30= 70 16 54 197 120 317 A guideline on CIC Operation has been function Community Information Centres (A.1.1.7) preparing. After finalize it these orientation sessions will be organized.1.1.9 Orientation meetings on unsafe migration for 09+03= 12 06 06 114 06 120 representative from law enforcement agencies. (LEA)1.1.9 Orientation meetings on unsafe migration for 09+03= 12 08 04 120 -- 120 representative from media houses.1.1.10 5.7.3. Press conferences on unsafe migration and 08+02= 10 07 03 108 -- 108 benefit registration system1.1.12 ToT for community members on child 07+04= 11 -- 11 -- -- -- A training module is now in under protection issues (680 trainees*4 training days) processing. After finalize it this training might be conducted.
  19. 19. 1.1.13 Trainings for community members on child 12+04= 16 - 16 -- -- -- A training module is now in under protection through community members and peer processing. After finalize it this training groups (2448 trainees*2,5 training days) might be conducted.1.2.1 Formation and orientation of Steering 24 18 06 289 68 357 Committees at union/ward and upazila level (A.1.2.1)1.2.2 Quarterly coordination and review meetings 40+24= 64 09 55 154 32 186 Steering Committees are now in very of SCs union level (A.1.2.2) initial stage. After concluding its 1st quarter this meeting will be organized.--- Half annual coordination and review 04 -- 04 -- -- -- Steering Committees are now in very meetings of SCs at upazilla level (A.1.2.2) initial stage. After concluding its 1st quarter this meeting will be organized.2.1.2 Training for LGI members on their role 06 -- 06 -- -- -- A training module is now in under regarding child protection and child friendly services processing. After finalize it this training (390 LGI members of the project LGIs* 3 training might be conducted. days) (A.2.1.2)2.2.4 Training for LGI members on the use of the 08 -- 08 -- -- -- A training module is now in under registration system (390 LGI members of the project processing. After finalize it this training LGIs* 2 training days) (A.2.2.4) might be conducted.2.2.5 Orientation /training sessions with selected 05 -- 05 -- -- -- After finalize registration system this police stations to link them to the registration system orientation will be realistic to conduct.2.2.6 Formation and orientation of community 180 176 04 1836 804 2640 watch groups to promote the registration system (A.2.2.6)2.2.7 Courtyard session at community level through 900+400= 1146 154 4076 13320 17396 CWGs for promotion of the registration system. 13002.2.8 Half annual review meetings of CWGs and 20 08 12 175 25 200 LGIs on the progress of the promotion system (A.2.2.8)2.2.10 5.7.4..Orientation Workshop for urban employers on 04+02= 06 04 02 52 08 60 unsafe migration and registration system2.3.1 Training Needs Assessment on the service 20 20 -- 232 68 300 capacities of LGI members (A.2.3.1)2.3.3 Training on service delivery for LGI members 06 -- 06 -- -- -- A training module is now in under (390 LGI members of the project LGIs* 3 training processing. After finalize it this training days) might be conducted. Total: 2473 2042 435 25,906 24,520 50,426 19 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  20. 20. 2.4. What is your assessment of the results of the Action so far? Include observations onthe performance and the achievement of outputs, outcomes and impact in relation to specificand overall objectives, and whether the Action has had any unforeseen positive or negativeresults (please quantify where possible; refer to Log frame Indicators).UDDIPAN perceived some significant changes among the project participants meanwhile. Peoplehave understood the project objectives through involving themselves with the ongoing projectactivities. More or less they can say what the results of unsafe child migration are and what servicesfrom LGI they can afford for the sake of children etc. Of course, these elaborations are in general.But UDDIPAN has to expect more realistic and perfect results from community people afterrealization of the project’s second year.Please list potential risks that may have jeopardized the realisation of some activities andexplain how they have been tackled. Refer to log frame indicators.Yet not face any potential risk in the project area.Please list all contracts ( works, supplies, services) above 10,000 euro awarded for theimplementation of the action during the reporting period, giving for each contract the amount, theaward procedure followed and name of the contractor)
  21. 21. 2.5. Up dated Action Plan for the period October-September 2013Bu Unit/Particul Tota Monthly Distribution Quarterly Distributiondge ACTIV ars of activity lt ITIESline 2012 2013 12 13 13 13 O N D J F M A M J J A S Ist 2nd 3rd 4th ct o e a e ar p ay u u u e Qt Qtr Qtr Qtr v c n b r n l g p r5.7. Press Press 10 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 13 confere conference at 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 nces on sub district 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 unsafe level (No of migrati conference) 1 1 0 0 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 on and Approximately benefit 15-20 local of level journalist registra will be tion participated. system Duration: 2- 2.30 hrs.5.7. Orienta No of 18 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 04 tion workshop, 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 Worksh approximately op for 15-20 urban 0 0 0 2 0 2 0 2 0 0 2 0 0 4 2 2 urban employers will 0 2 2 0 0 1 2 2 0 1 2 2 3 3 employ be participated ers on in each unsafe workshop. migrati Duration: 3 on and hrs. registra tion system6.0. Sharing One sharing 2 0 1 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 01.3 meeting meeting in 0 s on each 0 2 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 Baselin union/Ward 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 e for 2-3 hrs. Survey Duration. 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 finding Participant: s LGI members, NSA & other relevant stakeholder, - 50). Consultations with 35 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 06.1. stakeholders at 0 8 7 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 15 0 0 01.1 community level on their migration perception and 0 3 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 0 the role of LGIs 0 4 8 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 12 0 0 0 Consultation will be held with left out community. 20-25 participants in each meeting. Duration: 2-3 hrs.6.1. Community based 1 0 0 2 1 1 16 0 0 0 0 0 0 24 48 0 01.2 awareness sessions on the 8 4 6 6 risk of unsafe child 0 0 0 2 1 1 16 0 0 0 0 0 0 24 48 0 0 migration 4 6 6 One session in each 0 0 6 4 4 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 12 0 0 community, Participants: Community people, 0 0 6 4 4 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 6 12 0 0 parents & other relevant stakeholder, No: 20-25, Duration: 2-3 hrs.
  22. 22. 6.1. Commu The form of 5 0 4 4 1 2 2 2 2 1 1 2 3 8 5 5 61.3 nity the event may 2 based be TFD, 0 0 2 2 2 2 2 1 2 2 1 0 6 5 5 awaren cultural show, 0 0 0 2 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 3 1 0 ess day campai observance 0 2 2 1 1 0 0 0 1 1 0 0 4 2 1 1 gns on with rally, the risk public of gathering, unsafe discussion etc. child No of events migrati 52. Duration on 2-3 hrs. .Establi 4 centres will 2 0 4 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 8 0 0 06.1. shment be established 21.4 and in each union 0 2 1 5 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 3 5 0 0 running of which one 0 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 of will be Commu established at 0 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 0 0 0 nity UP office Informa premises. tion Remaining Centers three will (rent, establish at old logistic Ward s and locations. No utilities of centers 22 ) An orientation 0 5 6 5 4 4 0 0 0 0 0 0 11 13 0 06.1. Commu session will be1.5 nity held at each 0 6 4 5 3 6 0 0 0 0 0 0 10 14 0 0 based centre with 0 2 3 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 5 1 0 0 orientat community ion people for half 0 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 4 2 0 0 meeting day duration s on about functio familiarizing n CICs role, Commu objectives and nity role of Informa comminty tion people and its Centers management etc. Participant will be about 15-20 persons. Total events- 60. 22 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  23. 23. 3. Partners and other Co-operation3.1. How do you assess the relationship between the formal partners of this Action (i.e.those partners which have signed a partnership statement)? Please provide specificinformation for each partner organisation. RUCM project partners are SCI, UDDIPAN and BNWLA respectively. SCI is lead organization and donor as well. SCI provided best of its assistance to partners in terms of well off initiation of project by UDDIPAN and BNWLA. Organized kick off workshop and staff orientation for newly recruited staff. Organized monthly meetings, financial management orientation, provided suggestion regarding field operation and other essential for project inception. Field monitoring and subsequent important suggestions in terms project process of activities in line with the project document. SCI gave best efforts in order to realize baseline survey. It provided suggestions/recommendations during selecting consultant up to finalization of report. Besides, to prepare module of different trainings SCI have been provided and disseminated all documents to the partners for their comments/feedbacks. Of course these are the common manners of good partnership. BNWLA has been doing project activities in different location but to realizing different activities both organizations like to have one umbrella. BNWLA is capable to run any project efficiently and realistically. As a partner, BNWLA has been paying its expected attention to achieve activities and having supportive to partners for sharing ideas and commitments.3.2. How would you assess the relationship between your organisation and Stateauthorities in the Action countries? How has this relationship affected the Action?UDDIPAN has been working in the field of development since 1988 in different areas and withdifferent dimensional activities. It has very good and lateral relationship with many stakeholders.Each development activity needs to get cooperation of government counterparts as a naturalphenomenon. UDDIPAN has always been make responsive linkage with concerned government andnon state actors with a view to accomplish development efforts. Non government organizations andgovernment are jointly organizing different development initiatives. Sequentially all activities aregetting very assertive results. Now a day’s a sweet and cooperative mindset in between governmentand NSA have been formed and working positively and with result bearing initiatives.3.3. Where applicable, describe your relationship with any other organisations involved inimplementing the Action: Associate(s) (if any) Sub-contractor(s) (if any) Final Beneficiaries and Target groups: As promoter of child rights UDDIPAN bears aprominent recognization in the development field. It has been implementing different developmentprogram in its working areas which covered at least 40 districts. In the field of child developmentUDDIPAN is executing a child rights based program for about a decade. So, to build a laterallinkage with the final beneficiaries and target beneficiaries UDDIPAN didn’t had any problemrather got pleasant response from GO-NGO and supports from local people. Other third parties involved (including other donors, other government agencies or local government units, NGOs, etc) LGIs in the working areas are paying great interest for involving project activities. They areassisting project to have a well of completion of activities. Government counterparts are alsoproviding their assistance in terms of attending different activities of RUCM project whenever it’srequired. NGOs have been engaging in the field of development are also assisting and cooperating toorganize different activities in the project areas and advocating in line with the project goal andobjectives.3.4. Where applicable, outline any links and synergies you have developed with other actions.Yes, UDDIPAN has got some important linkage in terms of community watch dog committee,establishing CICs and other committees, like SC at its working areas especially at Daudkandi and
  24. 24. Kachua. UDDIPAN has been completing a child rights based project by the supports of SCI in theseareas. Some community based organizations have already been established there. So, UDDIPANreceived some sorts of assistance in order to establishing different activities in the areas.3.5. If your organisation has received previous EU grants in view of strengthening the sametarget group, in how far has this Action been able to build upon/complement the previousone(s)? (List all previous relevant EU grants).Not Applicable4. VisibilityHow is the visibility of the EU contribution being ensured in the Action?UDDIPAN has been trying to fulfil all preconditions in terms of ensuring visibility of the project.All meetings, workshops have been elucidating donors’ involvement by exhibiting banner,distributed bags, pad and folders provided. It is also ensured that all publications in terms of moduleand guidelines of the project activities would be published by acknowledging donor’s supports andcontribution and using logo in cover pages. UDDIPAN has already been ensured it in its differentmaterials prepared for training and sessions.The European Commission may wish to publicise the results of Actions. Do you have anyobjection to this report being published on the EuropeAid website? If so, please state yourobjections here.No objection from UDDIPAN with regard to this.Name of the contact person for the Action: Mr. Md. Emranul Huq ChowdhurySignature: ………………………………………Location:Road No-1 House No-9 Block-FJanata Cooperative Housing Society Ltd.Ring RoadShaymoli, AdaborDhaka-1207.Phone: (88-02)8115459, 9145448, Cell: 01713-147111Fax: (88-02)9121538Mail: udpn@agni.comWeb: www.uddipn.orgDate report due: December 31, 2012Date report sent: December 31, 2012 24 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  25. 25. AnnexureAnnex: 01- Project InformationAnnex: 02- Project’s Initial and mandatory tasks which were done by theProjectAnnex: 03- Case studyAnne: 04- Paper ClippingsAnnex: 05- Photographic Documentation 25 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  26. 26. Annex: 01- Project InformationSome basic information of the Project: Project Stakeholders:Following are the numbers of different stakeholders of the project who are contributing to theproject direct or indirectly.  Community = 134  Children (at Risk)= 26673  Children Migrant =4250  No. of Children reintegrated= 2100  No. of parents= 8400  No. of Community members= 16000  NSA organizations= 75  LGI members (Including SC) = 460  Media Representatives= 40  Religious leaders-180  Employers= 200  Law enforcement Officials= 100 Location of the Project:UDDIPAN has been selected 4 project locations in 3 districts. These are elaborated herein under; 01. District of Comilla – Comilla City Corporation: 17 no Ward & 13 no. Ward Controlled Area: Ward-21 Daudkandi Upazila: 01. Sundalpur 02. Gouripur 03. Jhinglatala 04. Purba Mohammadpur 05. Paschim Mohammadpur 06. Bitesshar 07. Maruka 08.Barpara Controlled Areas are; 01. Eliatgonj Uttar, 02. nEliatgonj Dhakhin & 03. Pancgachia, Controlled Areas: 01. Eliatgonj Uttar, 02. Eliatgonj Dhakhin 02. District of Chandpur- Kachua Upazila : 01.Kachua Uttar, 02. Purba Sahadebpur 03. Paschim Sahadebpur 04. Kachua Dakkhin 05. Kadla 06. Karoya 07. Uttar Gohat 08. Dakkhin Gohat Controlled areas: 01. Bitara, 02. Shachar 03. District of Dhaka- Dhaka City Corporation: 8 no. Ward of Shah Ali Thana & Ward no- 2 of Pallabi thana Controlled Areas: 01. Ward-2 of Pallabi Thana 26 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  27. 27. Project Location of UDDIPAN RUCM_Link ProjectAnnex: 02- Project’s Initial and mandatory tasks which were done by theProject Activities (progress)Following activities which were supportive to establishing reasonable preconditions of the projectsmooth running accomplished during the period from 15 Septemebr 2011-30 September 2012 of theproject:2.2.1. Staff Recruitment: UDDIPAN tried to fulfill basic requirements of the project from itsbeginning. First initiative was recruitment of potential staffs in order to keeping project activities intrack. This took some time. UDDIPAN recruited staffs through 3 separate interviews as it wasdifficult to recruit all staff at a time as lack of potential persons. A total of 28 management and fieldlevel staffs were recruited in the timeframe and consequently staffs are discharging dutieseffectively and efficiently. 27 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  28. 28. 2.2.2. Orientation for Staff: UDDIPAN tried to equipits newly appointed staffs initially through organizingorientations. 1st orientation organized in the end of themonth of December 2011 for 3 days. A total of 21 newlyrecruited staffs along with Project Coordinator, AccountsOfficer, Training Officer and Documentation Officer andArea Coordinators took part in the orientation session.After recruiting 2nd batch, UDDIPAN organized a daylong orientation at its head office.Manager (NSA) of SCI was one of theObserver of the interview was taken by UDDIPAN for itsfirst recruitment event.2.2.3. FD –2 & 6 prepared, submission & approvalPartners must need to have NGOAB approval of project, with a view to actualize activities withinstipulated timeframe and an approval is must to receive fund from donors. In this regard, UDDIPANprepared FD-6 & FD-2 and submitted to NGOAB with their prescribed format and after spendingmandatory timeframe UDDIPAN received legal approval from Government authority.2.2.4.. Agreement signing in between SCI and UDDIPANAfter having NGOAB approval for executing the project, an agreement signed in between SCI andUDDIPAN concluded at SCI office on January 5, 2012. Agreement included different policies ofSCI like general conditions, procurement, child safe guarding etc. The ED of UDDIPAN andCountry Director of SCI, Bangladesh signed on behalf of respective organization.2.2.5. Open Bank Account: To have a functionalize project activities as much as normal way, fundtransfer procedure to the peripheral offices of UDDIPAN emphasized to open bank accounts at thebeginning. In the reporting period UDDIPAN opened 5 bank accounts in it HO and field level.2.2.6. Staff meeting with ED:Exchange experiences and views in a common platform are important to carry out assigned jobs forany development project. UDDIPAN organized a meeting centrally at the project beginning with theparticipation of Area Coordinators where Executive Director, Program Head and ProjectCoordinator were present. Meeting emphasized to discuss different issues related to area selection,tips to selecting areas, Office management, Understanding project document etc. Reduced Unsafe Child Migration Strengthened LGIs, NSAs and Community People Initiaitves of LGI,NSA, Community People 28 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  29. 29. 2.2.11. Field Visit by Lead organization & Base line Consultants: Primary Stage- A regular visit to Daudkandi, Kachua and Comilla city Corporation paid by theManager NSA of SCI along with UDDIPAN Program Head and Project Coordinator of RUCMproject in the timeframe. Objective of the visit was- to observe the areas and assist in carrying outresponsibilities of field staff. During field visit Manager (NSA) of SCI provided some importantissues to realize, like preparing LGIs profile included with map, area description, status of areas interms of education, profession, demographical information, status of LGI members, visibility ofproject and how to be conscious on duplication of projects activities etc. After visit a feedback sentto the UDDIPAN concerned officials for remedial measures. UDDIPAN importantly take the feedback in to consideration. During base Line conduction: A three days long supportive visit paid Manager (NSA) alongwith the consultants of Baseline survey. They visit started from Daudkandi, Comilla and Kachuarespectively. PC of UDDIPAN coordinated their visit. Visitors attended in FGD, Interview, KII etcin different locations. After observation they gave their suggestions with regard to well offcompletion of the data collection procedure relevantly and maintaining all sorts of accuracy ofinformation.2.2.7. Follow up refreshers By PC and TO:Project Coordinator along with the Trainer paid follow up visit to the working areas for 4 days.During the visit followed up all activities of the branches and a 4-5 hours session conducted onreview of the project document and office management procedure with an aim to familiarizingproject objectives more pragmatically. Trainer helped to conduct the sessions. The visited areaswere; Daudkandi, Kachua, Comilla and Mirpur of Dhaka City Corporation respectively. In additionto this an intensive field visit was paid at Comilla City Corporation areas. During visit discussedwith newly elected ward councilors, local people and houses visit where potential stakeholders areliving comprehensively.PC along with newly appointed Documentation Officer paid another visit to the branches and duringvisit they arranged staff discussion on different programmatic issues and accordingly they tried toshared views and ideas with them.Besides these, regular monitoring visit of project personnel (PC, TO & DO) from head office to itsperipheral office locations have been organized as regular interval.2.2.8. Accomplished major project procurement:Project completed major procurement abide by all financial procedures by EU, SCI and UDDIPAN.UDDIPAN procured major required items like computers, Motor bikes, furniture and fixtures etc.2.2.9. Participated in Financial Management workshop by SCI:To manage financial transactions with efficient and transparent manners SCI organized a day longorientation session for partners. Respective persons from partners were participated in the workshop.Concern Accounts Officer, Accounts Manager, Deputy Accounts Manager, Project Coordinators,Area Coordinators participated in the workshop. Program Head and CFO were also participated inthe workshop. The discussed issues were mainly accounts keeping procedure of EU and SCI andother mandatory money transaction issues which have to be followed by the partners.2.2.10. Translate into Bengali from English version Project Presentation UDDIPAN management has a quite good understanding on set project objectives and overall goaland its impacts and activities to achieve all in line with the logical framework analysis.Consequently likes to have a clear conceptual clarity of staffs on carrying out responsibilities, fromvery initial stage UDDIPAN concerned personnel translated the basics of the project into Bengaliand disseminated it to all staffs. Project staffs discussed as regular basis on the topics at their regular 29staff meetings. Thus the understanding level of staff increased remarkably. PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  30. 30. 2.2.11. Project Management Steering Committee (PMSC) formed and sat in meeting:This committee is the highest management of the project execution. As per project document thismeeting supposed to be held as quarterly basis. But at initial stage of the project, decided to organizethis meeting as bi monthly basis. During the timeframe project organized two meetings whereExecutive Directors of UDDIPAN and BNWLA, Deputy Director (CRG) and Manager NSA of SCIand Program Heads and Project Coordinators of UDDIPAN and BNWLA were participated in themeeting. Partners presented their progress of activities in the meeting using power point. Besides,some directions with regard to project smooth execution from Chief Executives of the implementingorganizations and lead organization came out which helped the project staff to continue activities intrack.2.2.12. Project Visit by Kristine and Birgit LundbackThis was a very important visit to project as projectneeds some specialized suggestions and after visitcomments in order to keep it up project’s success andbring in real track. Ms. Kristine Z Jeppesen a seniorofficial from save the children international and Ms.Birgit Lundback, Director, CRG, SCI paid a visit toUDDIPAN Mirpur Office on 11 September 2012. Ashort briefing session followed by an intensive fieldvisit was completed during visit. PC of RUCMP-Link project presented ppt brief on project especiallyMirpur area and then they attended in a communityawareness session and a Community InformationCentre respectively.During visit a CWG’s meeting was also organizingthere. Visitors also made a conversation session withthem. They tried to find out the conceptual level ofthe participants.Visitors gave some important suggestions oncommunity watch group formation and perceivingcommunity responses. In every aspect theyparticipated with community people very keenly aswell as lively.# Activity Target Achievement % Remark/s01 Staff Recruitment 29 Persons 29 Persons 100%02 Orientation for Staff 1 2 200%03 FD –2 & 6 prepared, submission & approval 1 1 100%04 1 1 100% Agreement signing in between SCI and UDDIPAN05 Open Bank Account 5 nos 5 nos 100%06 Staff meeting at Head Office( AC Level) 5 nos 5nos 100%07 Visit field by Lead organization ( SCI) 2 times 2 times 100%08 Beginning of major project procurement 0 Completed 99 %( Approx.)09 Participated in Financial Management workshop by 1 1 100% SCI10 Monthly meeting of Partners 5 times 4 times 80%11 Project Management Steering Committee (PMSC) 2 times 1 time 50% 30 formed and sat in meeting12 Project start up/kick off workshop 1 1 100% Page15 Prepared Local Government Institutions (LGIs) 20 Wards/ 20 Wards/ 100% profile Unions Unions16 Recruitment –September for 2011- DecemberNarrative Reportof Consultant 15, Base line survey 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link 1 1 100%
  31. 31. 2.2.13. Monthly Staff Coordination meeting:UDDIPAN also pays importance of staff coordinationmeeting with regular interval. Now this meeting has beenorganizing quarterly basis. All ACs are attending in themeeting. Quarterly plan and implementation strategiesdiscussed among the meetings. During the reporting periodstaffs sat for at least 6 meetings.2.2.15. Target Achievement Scenario of general activities(From 1st January- 30 September 2012)Herein under a table of general activities set out for perceiving at a glance,2.2.14. Exposure Visit at SUF Mymensingh Activities on Registration system. To acquire practical knowledge on child migration and related registration system, a team consisting of PC and an AC from both organization visited SUF working area at Mymensingh. This was a two days long program. During the timeframe team sat with the LGIs representatives of the areas, visited community information centre, practically observed registration system run by the LGIs of the area. This visit was an important in terms of perceiving ideas of registration system and challenges of operational registration system in the context of Bangladesh. 31 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  32. 32. 2.2.16. Launching Ceremony and Kick off workshop with LGI members: A launching ceremony was held on 20th September 2012 at BRAC INN Centre. The day longworkshop was organized for attaining two objectives. One is for getting acquaintance to the stateparties including stakeholders of the project especially orient LGI members of working areas aboutproject goal and objectives and relevant activities. The workshop was organized in two phases.Morning session was designed especially for LGI members who came from different project areas,two members from each UP or ward. This session was chaired by a LGI representative from JessorePourashova , Secretary of Ministry of LGRD was chief guest, Mr. Emranul Huq Chowdhury, ED ofUDDIPAN and Advocate Salma Ali, ED of BNWLA as special guest. Ms. Hosne Ara Begum,Deputy Director of UDDIPAN presented project brief in ppt format. Mr. Idris Ali Khan, Manager(NSA) of SCI moderated the session. Mr. Shamsul Alam Bokul, Deputy Director, CRG of the Savealso spoke on the occasion. The whole session was conducted by a Senior Assistant Secretary ofMinistry of Labor & Manpower, government of Bangladesh. .Participants of the morning session were very interactive and lively. They shared their ideas andexperiences openly in front of relevant government high officials and NGO policy makers on scopeand limitations of existing LGIs in Bangladesh context.After lunch Project’s launching ceremony has been started at same venue. In the auspicious sessionState Minister of LG&RD ministry Mr. Jahangir Kabir Nanok consented to attend as chief guest butdue to his sudden government assignment he couldn’t attend in the meeting but he sent a writtenaddress to the audience of the occasion. Ms. Birgit Lundback, Director, CRG paid welcome addressto the audience.The ED of UDDIPAN and BNWLA paid their inaugural speech to the audiences. In addition to this,a Chairman of UP and a Mayor of Pourashova respectively delivered their speeches. Mr. MeshkatAhmed Chowdhury, Joint Secretary ( development) Ministry of Social Welfare and speechdelivered by the special guest hon’ble ambassador and head of delegation of the European Union ofBangladesh Mr. William Hanna.After inaugural speech a documentary film show and a colourful children performance waspresented to the honourable guests and subsequently presented a short brief on project by Mr.Abdullah Al Has an, Director BNWLA followed by a brief presentation on base line report by theconsultant Mr. Mira Nazmul Huda. Later on a lively open discussion on the presented report heldwith lively participation of participants.The auspicious launching session was moderated by Mr. Shamsul Alam Bakul, Deputy Director,CRG of Save the Children. Prepared LGIs profile: At the beginning of the project prepared union and wards profileindividually. This profile consists of following information; a total of 20 profiles prepared in thetimeframe. 32  Name, Location, population, literacy rate,  Map of the area ( Depend on availability) PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  33. 33.  Status of different institutions like school, colleges, mosque, mandirs etc  List of local journalists with contact numbers  Educational Status of the LGI representatives  NSA status of the area with contact number  Status of Possible other stakeholders, like local community and religious leaders etc  Contact number of the LGI representatives  Assist in preparing ToR of baseline survey Baseline survey is a mandatory and basic activity for the project. This bench mark information would be used for comparative analysis after completion of the project with data of beginning and after completion of the project. To organize a meaningful and result oriented baseline survey project tried to accomplish some prerequisites like, decided to appoint a consultant who has vast experiences in this line, prepare terms of reference for the baseline. UDDIPAN, BNWLA and SCI jointly initiated and prepared this through consultation sessions. Area Selection: Although area was allocated by indicating Thana or Upazila basis in the project document but no detailed out allocation of unions or wards description was there. At the initial period of the project, UDDIPAN emphasized to specify the working areas. In this regard, UDDIPAN staffs were oriented and followed up by the respective officials from head office. The whole selection process was conducted through some suitable methods like, organizing focus group discussion, Key informant Interview, eye observation, secondary data analysis etc. By comprehensive observation from UDDIPAN following areas were selected for project activities; Selected Working Areas RemarkDistrict Upazila / City Corporation # Union/Word Controlled Area /Thana s Comilla City Corporation 01 17 no Ward Ward-21Comilla Comilla City Corporation 02 13 no. Ward - Daudkandi 01 Sundalpur - 02 Gouripur - 03 Jhinglatala Eliatgonj Uttar Daudkandi 04 Purba Mohammadpur [ Eliatgonj Dhakhin 05 Paschim Mohammadpur Pancgachia 06 Bitesshar - Comilla 07 Maruka - 08 Barpara - Chandpur 01 Kachua Uttar [ - 02 Purba Sahadebpur Bitara Chandpur 03 Paschim Sahadebpur Shachar 04 Kachua Dakkhin - Kachua 05 Kadla - 06 Karoya - 07 Uttar Gohat - 08 Dakkhin Gohat -Dhaka 01 8 no. Ward of Shah Ali Thana 33 Dhak Dhaka City Corporation 7 Mirpur Ward no-2 of Pallabi 02 thana a PageTotal 16 Unions & 4 Wards 4 Unions & 2 Ward Narrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  34. 34.  Area Selection Criteria:UDDIPAN determined to work with the areas in accordance with some indicators which presentedall preconditions elucidated in the project document. The common indicators were as follows;  Densely populated poor and extreme poor  Have adequate children in risk for migration and migrant children in hazardous condition at urban and rural set up  Higher illiteracy rate among the population  Higher rate of drop out children from school  Supportive LGIs  Available opportunity to set up computer and internet in the existing LGIs  Educational status of LGI members  Status of safety net program  Employers’ positive responses Finally Conducted Baseline Survey:After intensive orientation provided to the LGI representatives proposed baseline survey started in themonth of May 2012. UDDIPAN field staffs were engaged for data collection with proactive supportsfrom LGI members of the respective working areas. UDDIPAN conducted baseline survey among 26 UPand wards of its 4 working areas, likely Daudkandi, Kachua , Comilla city corporation and Mirpur ofDhaka City Corporation respectively. Among the 26, 6 UP and wards were surveyed as controlled area.Here in under we described plan of survey considering different stakeholders and quantity of sample; Sl. Type of stakeholder for survey Quantity Remarks At risk Family (Rural) 20 At risk Children(Rural) 05 Migrated Family(Urban) 20 Migrated Children (Urban) 05 Sl. Type of stakeholder for KII Quantity Remarks Union Parishad 16 Ward(Urban) 4 Community(LEA, Media, Religious leader, Community 10 leader) Employer (Urban word) 2 in each Sl. Type of stakeholder for FGD Quantity Remarks Guardian Rural 06 Children Rural 04 Guardian Urban 02 Children Urban 02 NSA(CBO, Local NGO, Child Club, Youth club ,SMCs, ) 05 LGI Rural 04 LGI URBAN 01 Standing Committee Rural 02 Standing Committee Urban 01Within stipulated time UDDIPAN could accomplish collecting data from field and after editing finallysent those questionnaires and data sheet to the consultant. 34 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  35. 35.  Recruitment of Consultant for Base line SurveyAs a mandatory and important activity of the project baseline was given immense importance by theproject. In this regard, project worked out a plan to recruit a consultant and after appointingconsultant a plan was prepared for making survey scientifically and rationally. Project managementbody especially the project coordinator involved with the process from very beginning. Sorting outCVs of applicants and finally selection of the consultant was one of the most dignified tasksaccomplished with others (Director and DD, Manager (NSA) of SCI) by PCs. At the same time PCsof BNWLA and UDDIPAN jointly did prior activities for conducting baseline in the working areas. Staff Orientation on baseline survey: To havea good familiarity and understanding on baselinesurvey conduction a staff orientation was held forthree days at CARITAS hall at Mirpur. Consultantsplayed prime role to conduct different sessions. ButSCI Manager (NSA) and project Coordinators ofUDDIPAN and BNWLA were also played pivotalrole to be succeeded the orientation to a meaningfulend.At concluding session Mr. Emranul Huq Chowdhury , Executive Director of UDDIPAN andAdvocate Salma Ali, Executive Director of BNWLA were attended as special guest. The sessionshared the result of the orientation sessions and disseminated plan of survey to the honorable guests. Questionnaire development: Project people provided their best efforts to construct differentquestionnaires and methods for conducting baseline survey during orientation sessions. Field test: After concluding the orientation and plan of baseline conduction a field test sessionswere accomplished in selected areas of the UDDIPAN areas. PC and TO of UDDIPAN participateda field test session at Daudkandi and provided necessary feed back to the consultant with a view tomodify questionnaires of the survey. 35 PageNarrative Report –September 15, 2011- December 31, 2012 -UDDIPAN-RUCMP-Link
  36. 36. Annex: 03- Case study Case Study -01Name: Md. Robiul AuwalFathers Name: Md. Harun ur RashidMothers Name: Mrs. Jahanara Begum Student Class-6Address: Vill: Nouagaon, Post: Monoharpua Upazilla: Kachua, District: ChandpurMd. Robiul Auwal a 13 years old boy who was living at Kachua upazilla under Chandpurdistrict with his family. He is youngest among 4 brothers and sisters. His elder brother Md.Robiul is a service staff in a restaurant of Dhaka and father is a working as an agriculturelabourer at Kachua. It was very alarming news that one day his family decided to refrainRobiul from reading at school. His family jointly decided and determined that he will besent to Dhaka and work at a hotel (restaurant) with his elder brother.Different activities under the Rural Urban Child Migration (RUCMP-Link) have beenimplemented by UDDIPAN at Kachua of Chandpur district since January 2012. Sinceinception of the project UDDIPAN organized orientations, courtyard sessions andstockholders meetings and formed CWGs and steering committees in respective unions. Hisfather and mother came to know some information regarding the unsafe child migration andimpact of registration system through attending in orientation and stockholders meetingwhich were organized by UDDIPAN with close supports from different stakeholders of theunion. Md. Robiul Auwal’s family also motivated and heard from CWG and steeringcommittee meetings of RUCMP on bed effect of child labor, unsafe child migration and theregistration system. Md. Robiul Auwal’s family decided and changed their decision to sendtheir younger son to Dhaka for work. They re-admitted of Md. Robiul Auwal in a secondaryschool with the help of local elites and union porishad members and assistance of the unionsteering committee of RUCMP-Link project. Now Md. Robiul Auwal is a student of class-6of Monoharpur High School at Kachua upazilla under Chandpur district.