In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and
      conventions of real media products? - Techn...
characters shocked             however we didn’t use it for
                          expressions. In Halloween      the w...
nightgown. It is also a
                          convention that the first
                          victim is a white fe...
sudden shock of it.
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G321 use, develop or challenge


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G321 use, develop or challenge

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? - Technical Approach Film Techniques Using Your Research Your Production – Use, Findings – Note typical Develop or Challenge generic conventions Titling – colour, font One common convention We used similar style, over image or was the use of red in conventions to the horror black, timing, credits typography and also white. A movies we all researched. presentation etc Nightmare on Elms Street, In the ones I looked at the Scream and Misery all use common colours use where red and white typography. red and white. We decided Both Scream and A to use red because it Nightmare on Elm Street connotes danger and were change from white to red to found in most of the opening signify that there is peace but sequences. We decided to it turns to danger and death. use it on black instead of The Shining uses an the action in order to not unusually font colour of distract the audience in the turquoise which is none most important part of the conventional. Halloween killing at the end. All the uses orange to represent the fonts used are very simple time period the killings so we also used simple happen which is Halloween. easy to read fonts. Orange is commonly associated with that time period. Camera Movement A wide variety of shots We decided to stick with the (Panning, tracking, where used in all the conventional camera crane shot and opening sequences. The movement. We used tacking crabbing etc) most common camera in the opening sequence. movement was tracking in order to follow the character. Framing of Shot The most common framing Again we decided to stay (CU, MLS, ELS etc) of shot was a mid shot so within the conventions of a you could see the actor’s horror. We used a close up movement as well as their to show her face when she facial expressions. Extreme had died. We also used a lot long shots where used in of mid shots in order to see her movement as well as The Shining in order to her face. In parts we used show the setting and long shots to show she was highlight the characters walking alone down the path isolations. Close ups and establish her isolation. where used at the time of Like in Halloween we used killing to show a a point of view shot,
  2. 2. characters shocked however we didn’t use it for expressions. In Halloween the whole opening a point of view shot is used sequence only the in the whole opening beginning when there is a sequence so you don’t flash back. We used it so know who the killer is. you couldn’t see who the killer is. Camera Angles (high The only angles noticeable Instead of using a high and low angles etc in the horrors I watched angle shot we used a low where high angles. High angle shot at the beginning angles are used to show in order to show that the that the person is inferior. other characters are more For example in Misery and dominant. In the first version of our film we did use a high The Shining high angle angle shot to show that she shots are used but in a had become inferior different way, they have however we were unable to been used in order to get a angle where you show that no one is couldn’t see the cars it the around and also the background which is what setting. we definitely didn’t want to be shown. Selection of mise-en- In the opening sequences We chose to go with the scène including colour, that contain killing, convention of having a figure, pops, lighting, Scream and Halloween killing at night. We also tried objects, location and both happen at night and to make it seem that the setting; in a home or near one. victim was in the middle of The victim is by himself or nowhere. We decided to use a knife for the murder herself in a secluded area. because this is the weapon Even the opening commonly used. We used sequences in the day the convention as having a time, Misery and The white female has the victim Shining the characters are however we challenged the in the middle of nowhere. convention of her having If something were to blonde hair to her having happen to them there purple hair. This is to would be no one to help highlight that she is a rebel. them. A knife is commonly It also modernizes it and is used in all the horrors I more of a development. It watched. Victims usually makes the killing more are wearing white or realistic because the first brightly coloured clothes. victim in real life is not In Saw they are both always going to be a blonde wearing white, in female. Nightmare on Elm Street she is wearing a white
  3. 3. nightgown. It is also a convention that the first victim is a white female, with blonde hair. Editing directions In the opening sequence We used a variety of (Match cuts, jump cut, of the films I analyzed the different editing techniques reverse shots – cutting editing techniques that and decided to stay within rthymn etc) stood out was the the conventions of the motivated cut. In was horror. We used motivated used in order to create cuts when the victim hears leafs crunching behind suspense and involve the them. audience. Matched cut were also used again to make the audience feel like they are within the action. Sound techniques Non-digetic wasn’t used in The only clear convention (Diegetic, non Scream but that was the was using non-diegtic at the diegetic, silence, only one. Every other film I beginning, which is what we dialogue and music researched used a used. The music had an etc soundtrack in order to eerie feel, which connotes create suspense. The the genre of a horror. Silence was generally used Shining didn’t use any before a killing to create the speech whereas the sudden shock when the others did. This shows that victims screamed. One there isn’t a common common sound is the heavy convention for sound breathing of the killer so we techniques apart from the decided to use a shot where fact that a soundtrack is it was the point of view of used. There was generally the killer along with the silence before a killing. In heavy breathing. Halloween you could hear the heavy breathing of the killer. Actor’s positioning and Actors where generally We used the convention of movement placed in the middle of keeping the actor in the the screen in order to middle of the screen to draw the audiences eye show they have importance. to the middle this means Also this means when the when the killer comes from killer comes from the side it is more shocking and the side you get the sudden.
  4. 4. sudden shock of it.