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  • 1. Unite {10}Memories.
  • 2. Homepage Pro-test Instruction objectiveExit content
  • 3. INSTRUCTION    content 
  • 4. INSTRUCTION Homepage objective Exit
  • 7. OBJECTIVEIn this unit you are going to:=Discussion.= talk about past events and experiences.= describe people’s characters.= listen to someone, describing others.= read about a special memory.=write a paragraph about a special memory -=Use past tense of some regular and irregular verbs -=Pronounce the new words correctly -=Read the new words and identify their meaning -=Identify the direct object and indirect object.=Differentiate between the direct object &indirect objectperfectly.
  • 8. ExitPAST TENSE QUESTIONS WITH…WAS/WEREWhat was he like ?He was tall and fat.Who were they ?They were friends.Where were you ?I was at homeHow was your friend ? Nice He was nice.
  • 9. DISCUSSIONWHICH OF THESE DO YOU REMEMBER?- Your first friend.- Your first teacher.- Your first cooking class.- Your first toy. Exit
  • 10. CONVERSATION Page 11,,lesson1 Exit
  • 11. GRAMMAR Past Simple TenseWe use this time to express an event occurred in thepast. Exit
  • 12. ExitPAST TENSE QUESTIONS:When did you meet Dina ?I met her at the nursery school.When did you go to camp ?I went two years ago.Where did you study for the exam?I studied in the library.
  • 13. ExitPAST TENSE QUESTIONSWhere did you play football ?Why did you come late ?What did you do ?
  • 14. ExitWho did you play with ?How did he go to Jeddah ?Whose book did you borrow ?
  • 15. Exit- When did you meet Dina? I met her at the nursery school.- What was she like? She was shy and well behaved.- When did you go to camp? I went two years ago.- Did you do anything special? Yes, we did. We went on a school trip yesterday.- Where did you study for the exam? I studied in the library. I worked hard to learn it.
  • 16. ExitYES/NO QUESTIONS WITH(DID)Did you go to Madinah?Yes, I did.No, I didn’tDid he play with you ?Yes, he didNo, he didn’t
  • 17. Exit Past tenseRegular verbs Irregular verbs Do did Slip slipped Go went Have hadStudy studied Meet metWork worked See saw Teach taught
  • 18. ExitC. ANSWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTIONS ABOUTYOURSELF..1. Who was your best friend in elementary school?2. Where did you meet him ?3. What did he look like ?4. Why did you like him ?5. Do you still see each other ?
  • 19. GRAMMAR Exit
  • 20. ExitA.P15Nasir collected stamps. (v) (o)He bought anew album. (v) (o)He put the stamps in it. (v) (o)
  • 21. ExitINDIRECT OBJECTAli told the story to his brother. Direct object indirect object
  • 22. VERBS THAT TAKE TWO OBJECTS give buy lend show order pass send write make tell Exit
  • 24. READING 1,, PAGE 14 A MEMORABLE DAYPlease open your book page 14 and read passage  silently ….then answer the question ..
  • 25. QUESTIONChoose ;1-where ……….you go yestrday A – do B _did 
  • 27. SORRY! ! Restudy
  • 28. QUESTION2-When did you……….Ahamd.A-meet.B- met .
  • 30. SORRY!!!Restudy
  • 31. http://queenbeauty-maryam.blogspot.com/    maryam14121@hotmail.com 