Case Study-“Electricity Utility Application for Genability”                                                  OverviewGenab...
Case Study-“Electricity Utility Application for Genability”                            “Electricity   1.   Java   2.   Fle...
Case Study-“Electricity Utility Application for Genability”                                             Client Testimonial...
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Navyug case-study-genability


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Case Study- Navyug helped Genability to develop an electric utility application to help consumers find out best suited pricing for their electricity needs. Navyug's IT team helped Genability decide on technology, architecture and developed the solution.

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Navyug case-study-genability

  1. 1. Case Study-“Electricity Utility Application for Genability” OverviewGenability was founded to bring transparency in the electricity pricing information gathered from over 3500electricity providers throughout North America. Genability’s aim is to put the data into the hands of electricityconsumers and companies so that they can make informed decisions about when to use, store and sellelectricity. Business NeedThe clients requirement was to host a web based utility application targeting the electrical energy businesssegment, with end clients ranging from home owners to large corporate/organizations.An application that shall empower electricity consumers to have transparency in the electric pricing and tariffplans so that end consumer makes informed decision about its usage.A lot of energy is wasted because electricity consumers have no idea of when they are wasting electricity andwhat is the source of energy. Genability’s Operation 1) US 2) Canada - Upcoming SolutionsNavyug assisted Genability in finalizing the Application Architecture, Design and guided them in the rightdirection that suits their requirement. We also helped them in Rich Internet Application Development. 1) The product gives electricity users power over power 2) It offer users a choice over a. Suppliers b. Electricity Plans c. Sources their power comes from 3) The data provided is open and available via apps, web services and APIs. Technology-SoftwareNavyug worked with Genability to develop the back-end and front end of the utility application based onfollowing technologies:Open sourceCopyright © Navyug Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. Page 1
  2. 2. Case Study-“Electricity Utility Application for Genability” “Electricity 1. Java 2. Flex 3. Apache WebServer 4. Tomcat 5. MySQL 6. MongoDB 7. HTML5/Javascript 8. Jasper Reports Technology-Hardware 1. 3 servers on Amazon cloud Technology Architecture Benefits With the help of our technology expertise and guidance, Genability is able to launch electric utility application thorough out North America, saving electricity consumers their precious dollars. America A rating engine that analyzes past electricity consumption and usage to suggest a tariff plan with 99% accuracy. Suggesting the best rate plan to the consumer. Increase customer loyalty.Copyright © Navyug Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. Page 2
  3. 3. Case Study-“Electricity Utility Application for Genability” Client Testimonial“Navyug Infosolutions consistent, high quality work has been a major factor in Genability’s success. As a startup,our requirements and priorities change week to week, and Navyug Infosolutions has been right there with usworking in a very agile environment. What really sets them apart from others is their willingness to go the extramile to complete the work in a timely, high quality manner.” - Emile Baizel Product Manager, Genability Screenshot of the siteNavyug Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd.Email: ritesh.dass@navyuginfo.comCall: Contact us for more information.Copyright © Navyug Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. Page 3