CRM Comparison Chart 2012


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A CRM comparison sheet that lets you compare industry's best CRM based on their features and pricing. This comparison by Nayvug Infosolutions shall help you in deciding which CRM solutions to consider based on number of factors listed in the sheet.

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  • Here's another Healthcare CRM (the only radiology specific CRM) for comparison:
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CRM Comparison Chart 2012

  1. 1. Author: Navyug Infosolutions Pvt. Ltd. CRM ProductsSerial # Particulars Open ERP CRM Sugar CRM Salesforce CRM Microsoft Dynamics CRM vTiger CRM Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac 1 OS Windows, Linux OS Windows Windows Windows, Linux/Unix On- 2 Deployment Model SaaS Saas Proprietary/Saas Premise/Proprietary Cloud (Open Source) 3 Business Size Small-Medium Any Small-Medium-Large Large Small-Medium Customers/suppliers, Lead management, Lead management, history, contacts, Lead management, Lead Tracking, Quote Account & Contact addresses, Accounts, activity tracking Lead Tracking, Quote Management, Management, lead/opportunity & history, contacts, Management, Contact Contact Opportunity management, sales lead/opportunity Management, Management, Management, Sales quote, sales order, sales management, Quotes, sales Billing/Invoicing, Billing/Invoicing, Quotes, 4 Salesforce Automation team forecasting, sales team Contact history Contact history Billing/Invoicing E-mail marketing, Campaign, campaign mailing list dashboard, e-mail E-mail marketing, management, Campaign marketing, marketing mailing list product catalog, management, mass Marketing campaigns, E- reports, mass e-mail, management, product social media, mailing, e-mail Marketing mail templates, newsletter, web to lead catalog, territory territory templates, mail merge 5 Automation Customer profiling capture management management templates Trouble ticket, Knowledge base, Call center customer self service, management, Online knowledge Help desk and support, Advanced case escalation Call center Customer service base, SMS Notifier, case escalation, Google and notification, call center, management, integration, Service Contract, maps on customer, bug tracking, customer self Customer service customer support Project, Project Task, Customer Service and portals, knowledge service portal, knowledge integration, customer tracking, forum, chat mail manager, PBX 6 Support management, survey base support tracking , blog manager
  2. 2. Blogs, face book, Google apps, LinkedIn, twitter, Salesforce chatter maps, sales intelligence, (Secure and private Cisco web-meeting, citrix social network for 7 Social CRM N.A. online meeting company employees) N.A. N.A. Product catalog, price book, Vendor Management, Purchase Order, Sales Products, products by Product Catalogue, quote Order, Service/Asset Inventory category, pricelist, management, contract information, Sales 8 Management contract management management Product catalog Product catalog Quotes, E- mail plug-in outlook, lotus notes, Google docs, Website, E-mail client, word, excel, yahoo, Gmail Integration with Gmail, E-mail gateway, outlook and IMAP mails, shared yahoo, fast mail, other, E-mail integration and plug-in, thunderbird calendar, primary Legacy Integration, Legacy Integration, RSS Feed, Outlook Plug- 9 extensions plug-in, email/opt-out/invalid Office Integrations Office Integration in (Made by Navyug) To-do list, google To do list, Recurring import, sugar CRM Activity tracking & history, Event, Shared import, event Shared calendar, reminder, Calendar, Activity calendering (Meeting, alerts, pop-up’s, data History, E-mail Calendar and activity events, event invitation, import from Google Contact History, Data Contact History, Data notification, notes,10 management phone call, alarm) contacts and LinkedIn Import/export Import/export Data Import/export Customized reports, Key Metrics, Matrix reports, scheduled Dashboard/reporting sales forecast, customizable reports, Reports and Dashboard, customized reports, advanced charts, customization, dashboard 20+ pre-built reports11 Dashboards reports, custom reports forecasting customization folder Custom module, Multi Currency, Multi Multi Currency, module manager, Language, Multi Language, Module Manager, Pick tab/field level Custom module, custom Customizable forms Customizable forms List Editor, Custom12 Product Customization customization record type, Module builder and data fields and data fields fields
  3. 3. User Management, Data encryption, Role, Profiles, (No Security Admin Restriction), Groups, profiles, Field level security, Security admin profiles, Roles/organization/h Organization Level Access control by Roles/organization/hier ierarchy, Group Access Control, Data user/role/team, archy, Group creation & creation & Sharing Access, Audit User level access, group LDAP/Microsoft active management, Field management, Field Trails, User Login13 Security Management level access directory level security level security History Education, Financial, Financial services, Hospitality, healthcare, education, hi- Consumer goods, tech, media, Govt., non- Education, Financial, Retail, Media, Manufacturing, profit, real-estate, retail, Government, Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Financial Electronics, Food, Heavy technology, utility, telecom, Media, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Non- Services, Technology,14 Industries Engineering, Services shipping, services Healthcare, Non-profit profit Professional Services Starter (1800 € annually), Medium (3800 €), Large (8800 €), $30(Professional), Corporate (13900 €), $45(Corporate), $65 (Professional), Enterprise (Upon $60(Enterprise), $125(Enterprise), $4,420 per server $12 per user per Request), Cummunity $100(Ultimate) per $250(Unlimited) per and $880 per user, month, Community15 Pricing Edition (Free) user/month user per month $44 SaaS Based edition (Free) Bi-weekly scheduled back- up, Private/Public Cloud (Amazon EC2, IBM SmartCloud Enterprise, Microsoft Azure, or Rackspace clouds), doc16 Data Storage NA storage (15/30/60/250 GB) 620MB/User NA 5GB/Client USA fact, SIM university, Icebreaker, Safety- Nokia, German Singer, Danone, Gaumar Affinity4, Covalent Symantec, Kelly Kleen, Centene Postbank, Odyssey Group, Value Decision, technologies, CBI, group, Services, Bajaj Finserv, Corporation, Scott’s Networks (Singapore)17 Clients Atlas copco Athena health Dell Professional LLP, Bridgepoint
  4. 4. Good number of Brand Name, Domain features, simple Industries and Reports: Industry experience strength, Easy Easy customization, customization and easy Very intuitive and Easy to and internal social integration with features and18 Strength to use interface Use network (Chatter) Microsoft products functionality Contact Us: +91-9582193431 1) 2)