Family                                                                                                SEPTEMBER 2011Conten...
SEPTEMBER 2011It’s Not Easy Being Green:Life SkillsNew standardized workshops thatconnect the mind, body and spiritare ava...
SEPTEMBER 2011Smiles Over Miles ProgramThe Smiles Over Miles program is a          provide every                          ...
SEPTEMBER 2011                                                                                        A Definition of     ...
SEPTEMBER 2011New Standards for Infants and Toddlers:Safe Sleeping Practices and SIDS PreventionOne of the most pleasurabl...
SEPTEMBER 2011                                        Coming Home                                        The graphic story...
SEPTEMBER 2011Ways to Save: Use Coupons –It’s Free Money!If you have ever picked up theweekend newspaper, you have prob-ab...
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Family Connection Newsletter September 2011


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Family Connection Newsletter September 2011

  1. 1. Family SEPTEMBER 2011Contents Navy Family Ombudsman Program - connection Keeping Families Connected It’s Not Easy Being Green: Life Skills It is National Preparedness Month! Smiles Over Miles Program Navy Family Navy Child & Youth Programs for Back to School Ombudsman Sittercity TRICARE® Resources Program - Keeping for New and Expectant Parents A Definition of Courage: Asking Families Connected for Help New Standards for Infants and September 14th is the day that commemo- Toddlers: Safe Sleeping Practices and SIDS Prevention rates the anniversary of the U.S. Navy Family Coming Home Ombudsman Program. Every year, ombuds- Navy Individual Augmentee Hall of men are honored on or around this day at Honor installation ombudsman appreciation events. FREE Income Tax Course for Military Spouses and Wounded Warriors Making a difference with each connection, Career Opportunities for Military Talent ombudsmen are trained volunteers who act FREE College Fairs and Workshops for as a liaison between the command and the Military Families! command families, offering information and referral to resources designed to benefit NavyFamily Connection is a publication of theFleet and Family Support Program. command families. Take a few minutes thisThe Navys Fleet and Family Support Program month to contact your ombudsman andpromotes the self-reliance and resiliencyof Sailors and their families. We provide thank them for their efforts to support com-information that can help you meet theunique challenges of the military lifestyle. mand families. CNIC’s Ombudsman ProgramIf you have questions or comments, contactJohn Levinson at Team would like to extend our appreciationVisit us online at: to all the ombudsmen and the commands that support the Ombudsman Program. Contact your ombudsman. “The happiness of your life depends Scan QR Code, access via upon the quality of mobile device. your thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius
  2. 2. SEPTEMBER 2011It’s Not Easy Being Green:Life SkillsNew standardized workshops thatconnect the mind, body and spiritare available to service membersand their families: Life Skills Training2011 is all about self-discovery.Participants will be provided anopportunity to explore new waysto communicate, interact andproblem-solve. The workshops will It is National Preparedness Month!focus on three areas using conflictto direct positive change; harnessing On September 11, 2011, the nation family’s particular needs, remember thethe power of communication to will observe the 10th anniversary of basic supplies such as water, food, firststrengthen relationships through the terrorist attacks on the U.S. World aid kit and respect and understanding; Trade Center and Pentagon. This tragicand employing thought manage- Because hazardous events are unpre- event, in which nearly 3,000 victims lostment and problem-solving strategies dictable, you should be prepared withto obtain and stay in Operational their lives, serves as a reminder that we an emergency kit at home, at work andStress Control (OSC) mission- must always be prepared for potential even in your car. In addition to food,ready green! hazards. As a result of these attacks, the water and first aid supplies, keep com-Each workshop promotes self leader- month of September is now designated fortable walking shoes in case you mustship to gain awareness, make new as National Preparedness Month. You walk long distances to get to safety orchoices and take new actions. and your family are encouraged to to meet your family. Regularly evalu-Choose from: prepare for the full range of hazards in- ate and update all your emergency cluding natural disasters, cyber attacks,N Communication Skills (1-hour), preparedness kits to ensure they will pandemic disease and acts of terrorism. provide you and your family with basicN Conflict Management (1-hour), To fully prepare yourself and your needs during an emergency.N Stress Management 101 (1-hour) family, create an emergency kit that If a disaster is declared, be sure to musterN Stress Management Multi-session includes supplies for at least three days. with your command or through the Navy (8-hours) These kits will enable you and your fam- Family Accountability and Assessment ily to respond to an emergency moreContact your local Fleet and Family System (NFAAS). For more information on effectively. Although the most helpfulSupport Center for program schedules. how to create an emergency kit and pre- kits include items that best suit your pare for all hazards, visit the Commander Navy Installations Command, Operation Prepare Web page. 2
  3. 3. SEPTEMBER 2011Smiles Over Miles ProgramThe Smiles Over Miles program is a provide every Sittercitytotally secure video messaging platform active duty U.S.that allows service members to stay Service Mem- If installation child care andconnected with family and friends ber with a FREE youth programs are not availablewhile separated by deployments and Smiles Over to you, use your free Sittercity membership to find quality baby-other assignments. The USO is pleased Miles account. sitters, nannies and tutors to helpto offer you a FREE, one-year Smiles To get started, throughout the year. Your SittercityOver Miles account. The goal is to go to Smiles Over Miles. membership has been provided by DoD, and is at no cost to youNavy Child & Youth Programs ($140 value!)for Back to School Sittercity can help you find before- and after-school babysitters, CDH/As the school year begins, it is the peak Navy’s CYP system of care provides cen- FCC caregivers, school holidayseason for securing caregivers. Did ter-based, quality developmental child care, homework help, short-noticeyou know that Navy Child and Youth care for children ages six to 12 years of caregivers, as well as senior care,Programs (CYP) provide developmental age in youth centers, community cen- pet care and housekeeping. Care-child care and youth recreational pro- ters, and schools worldwide. Services giver profiles feature background checks, references and reviewsgrams and services for eligible children consist of before- and after-school care, from other site members whoand youth ages four weeks to 18 years? teacher-in-service full-day care, holiday have used their services. The and summer full-day camps, and hourly “Post a Job” feature allows you to care designed to meet individual family instantly send out your open posi- readiness needs including transporta- tion to all of the caregivers in your tion to and from many school districts. area. Check out local sitters today The Youth Programs provide devel- at! opmental recreational/sponsorship programs for Navy youth ages six to 18 years of age through Youth Centers and Community Outreach Centers worldwide. All programs are nationally affiliated with the Boys and Girls Clubs Navy Family Account- of America and 4H. The Navy provides ability and Assessment all Navy youth free memberships to over System (NFAAS) 3,000 Boys and Girls Clubs in communi- NFAAS allows Navy personnel to ties throughout the United States. Where manage the recovery process for an installation youth program is not avail- personnel affected by a wide- able, the Navy offers the Mission Youth spread catastrophic event. Outreach Program. Request for care It is also helpful in providing applications can be completed online at commands with information to support IA family members while their sponsors are deployed over- seas. Log on to NFAAS at https: 3
  4. 4. SEPTEMBER 2011 A Definition of Courage: Asking for Help It is understandable that there is a stig- ma associated with seeking counseling; that one is weak, or that counseling is only for depressed or suicidal individu- als. Actually, most people will have some form of depression or anxiety in their lifetime. Asking for help when youTRICARE® Resources need it takes courage.for New and Expectant Parents In times of increased deployments, frequent relocations and financialWell-Child Care: sages are sent directly to the mother’s uncertainty, daily living problems canNo Co-Pays or Cost-Shares personal email. Included are tips, ques- seem more difficult; it is good to have tions and answers, information on their a place to go to receive support andKeeping toddlers healthy is a big baby’s current stage of development, guidance. Clinical counseling at theresponsibility and TRICARE® is here to parenting news and recent research. Fleet and Family Support Centers pro-help. TRICARE® provides well-child care Emails may also include customized vides help to address issues of personalfor eligible children from birth to age information from the MTF where they crises, grief, marital discord and parent-six. There are no copayments or cost- receive obstetric or pediatric care. ing in a non-medical environment.shares for well-child care. The well-childbenefit includes routine newborn care, One mother mentioned forwarding The Clinical Counseling Programcomprehensive health-promotion and the emails to her husband, who was includes educational, preventivedisease-prevention exams, vision and deployed during her pregnancy. She and therapeutic services to promotehearing screenings, routine immuniza- appreciated the messages as a way to improved quality of life and increasedtions and developmental assessments. inform and include him in her experi- resilience are available to service ence. Another mother said that she members and their families, both CO-The Parent Review sends the email to her mother, who NUS and OCONUS. Seeking help andThe Parent Review offers weekly, lives out of state, as a way to include support before issues turn into majorcustomized emails to new and expect- her in the pregnancy. difficulties is the key; asking for helpant parents who receive care at select To learn more about the well-child care shows strength.military treatment facilities (MTFs) and benefit, the Parent Review and othercivilian practices. Beginning in the sev- resources to help families keep theirenth week of pregnancy, through birth child on the path to healthy develop-and up to the child’s third birthday, mes- ment, visit 4
  5. 5. SEPTEMBER 2011New Standards for Infants and Toddlers:Safe Sleeping Practices and SIDS PreventionOne of the most pleasurable moments N The room where the infant and tod-that many parents experience occurs dler is sleeping should have sufficientwhile watching their little one sleep. For lighting that exposes their skin color,many parents, it allows them time to the infant’s breathing pattern and thetend to needed tasks or simply to give position of a pacifier (if one is used).themselves some overdue loving care. N Pacifiers should be removed from aFor whatever reason we cherish that sleeping child’s mouth and placedmoment, we must be mindful of the out of reach.potential hazards a child can succumbto while sleeping. Therefore, we must For the entire report and more extensiveutilize safe sleeping practices. Earlier this N Infants should not be allowed to sleep information regarding children’s healthyear, the American Academy of Pediat- in any furniture and/or equipment and safety, go to (AAP), the American Public Health that is not a safety approved crib. CFOC3/PDFVersion/list.html. RememberAssociation (APHA), and the National to ask about the New Parent Support N Infants and toddlers sleeping in fur- Home Visitation Program at your localResource Center for Health and Safety niture and/or equipment other than Fleet and Family Support Child Care and Early Education (NRC) a safety approved crib should bereleased the Third Edition of the Caring immediately removed and placed infor Children: National Health and Safety a crib on their back.Performance Standards. This edition liststhe newly identified best practices and N One crib for one infant or toddler. IA Discussion Groupgold standards for the health and safety N Soft or loose bedding should be Scheduleof children and how to prevent Sudden kept out of a sleeping infant or View the Fleet-wide list of classes,Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). toddler’s reach. This includes bed support groups and events.Below is a summary of the recom- padding, comforters, pillows, quilts,mended standards and best practices cloth diapers and anything that a Returning Warriorthat should be implemented by all child could grasp. Workshops (RWW)parents and child care providers for N Toys, both mobile and stationary, Returning Warrior Workshopinfants and toddlers: and any other play equipment Schedule & IA Family Events - should be kept away from sleeping Infants up to 12 months must be placed on their back when sleeping. infants and toddlers.N Cribs should contain a firm mattress N The caregiver should always be in close and tight fitted sheet. proximity of a sleeping infant and tod- dler, to the extent that they can hear and/or directly observe them. N Bedding should be clean. 5
  6. 6. SEPTEMBER 2011 Coming Home The graphic story Coming Home, developed for Military OneSource, helps service members returning from combat and their loved ones under-RAP Tip: stand reunion and reintegration issues. Issues include marital stress, drug andRemember to file your claim! As a alcohol abuse, aggressive driving, sleepcustomer, you have 75 days from problems, and combat stress symptomsdelivery to notify Transportation that left un-Service Providers (TSP) of loss or treated candamage to your household goods. grow moreOnce a customer submits a claim,TSP has 60 days to respond. Once all serious and harder to FREE Incomeitems are settled, the TSP must paythe claim within 30 days. If TSP does beat. Tax Course fornot meet these timelines, notify the Note: Not Military Spouses andMilitary Claims Office and your des-tination Personal Property Shipment intended for children or Wounded WarriorsOffice. The best advice - watch the adolescents. Full scholarships are now availableclaims video at to military spouses for the H&R Block Navy Individual Income Tax Course!* Learn how to prepare taxes now. Upon successful Augmentee Hall completion of the course, you could of Honor potentially become a tax professional and earn extra income. The Navy Individual Augmentee (IA) Flexible course times and convenient Hall of Honor recognizes Sailors who locations will fit your schedule and bilin- were on IA orders, served their country, and performed above and beyond the gual courses are available! Contact your call of duty during Operation Endur- local FFSC Family Employment Readiness ing Freedom (OEF), Operation Iraqi Program work and family consultant for Freedom (OIF) and Operation New eligibility and scholarship information. Dawn (OND). In addition, it pays special For more information, call 1-800-HR- tribute and honors our fallen IA Sailors BLOCK or go to who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country while serving during these *Enrollment restrictions apply. See enrollment overseas contingency operations. form for details. Full scholarship offer applies only to active-duty and Reserve component military spouses. Enrollment in, or completion of, the H&R Block Income Tax Course is neither an offer nor a guarantee of employment. Offer good through 12/31/11. 6
  7. 7. SEPTEMBER 2011Ways to Save: Use Coupons –It’s Free Money!If you have ever picked up theweekend newspaper, you have prob-ably noticed that it is full of coupons.Coupons can stretch your shoppingdollars. At the Commissary, a familyof four can save more than $4,400 ayear. Subscribe to the CommissaryConnection newsletter; check out thecoupon links, recipes and DeCATV! FREE College FairsCareer Opportunities for and Workshops for Military Families!Military TalentThank you for your service! Many Whether you are looking for a future include financial aid workshops astransitioning military leaders have in medicine or film--fresh out of high well as guidance counselors to helpjoined Amazon, earth’s most custom- school or changing career paths--there families navigate through the admis-er-centric company. Their successes is a college fair that fits the needs of sions process and other postsecondaryare due in part to the similarities every student, both traditional and non- education-related services. To easebetween the fast-paced, dynamic traditional. The National Association of the transition from a military to civil-environment found in today’s armed College Admission Counseling (NACAC) ian lifestyle, especially to a collegeforces and Amazon’s leadership hosts more than 74 National College setting, colleges and universities haveprinciples. Military members have Fairs and Performing and Visual Arts implemented programs with applicablejoined Amazon’s team of leaders andcontinue to innovate, create and Fairs throughout the year. Launched in information related to the GI Bill, thedevelop throughout the company. If 1972, the National College Fairs (NCF) Yellow Ribbon Program, and the Fundyou are a passionate leader who be- program is one of the most reputable for Veterans Education to assist militarylieves in these leadership principles, and productive tools for those seeking families.Amazon might be for you! information about colleges, universities “At the fairs, service members and their and other postsecondary institutions.Apply online at Amazon. families can speak directly with collegeAs an Equal Opportunity employer, the Amazon National College Fairs and Performing representatives who will discuss theirgroup of companies is committed to a diverseworkforce and is also committed to a barrier-free and Visual Arts College Fairs give stu- individual needs and the programs thatemployment process. In order to ensure reasonableaccommodations for individuals protected by Section dents and parents alike the opportunity can assist them,” said NCF Director Greg503 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Vietnam EraVeterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, and to interact face-to-face with college Ferguson. NACAC offers a plethora ofTitle I of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, asamended, individuals that require accommodation admissions representatives from online resources, all just a click the job application process for a posted position around the world. Fair onsite offerings Attend a National College Fair or a Per-may contact us at 866-437-9078 for assistance. forming and Visual Arts Fair near you! 7