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Family Connection Newsletter November 2012

  1. 1. Family NOVEMBER 2012Contents connectionReady Navy KidsSafe Harbor Promotes‘Success Through Transition’Consumer FinancialProtection Bureau Now TakingComplaints on Various AccountsGetting Your Military ID Card Just Got NN Social Connections — ParentsEasier who have supportive and trustingAfter Deployment adult relationships are able to receiveWarriors at Ease spontaneous emotional support andTransition and Employment Corner advice that could improve their qual- ity of life. NN Concrete Support in Times of Celebrating Need — When families are in crisis, having their needs met with acces-Family Connection is a publication of the Fleetand Family Support Program. Military Families sible and tangible resources alleviatesThe Navys Fleet and Family Support Program In recognition of the “Month of the Military anxiety and stress.promotes the self-reliance and resiliency ofSailors and their families. We provide information Family,” Fleet and Family Support Programs NN Knowledge of Early Childthat can help you meet the unique challenges of (FFSP) celebrate the exceptional service, strength Development — Parents who havethe military lifestyle. and invaluable sacrifices of our service members basic child development education willIf you have questions or comments, contact and their families. FFSP offers support and be able to set age appropriate expecta-Timothy McGough at family readiness through a full array of services tions and milestones for their child. Visit us online at: and resources. The New Parent Support Home NN Social and Emotional Competency Visitation Program (NPSHVP) extends this sup- — Children who communicate their port with additional education and support to feelings in an age appropriate man- military families with young children. ner appear to motivate parents to Beginning in 2013, the NPSHVP will integrate respond appropriately to their needs. The Fleet & Family Support the “Strengthening Families” approach into an overall Healthy Family Awareness Campaign. The For additional information on the Strengthening Families approach Center campaign’s focal points include the Five Protec- tive Factors. Research has shown that together and the Five Protective Factors, visit Learn these factors significantly lower the risk for child more about available programs and maltreatment and domestic abuse. The Five services at your local Fleet and Family Protective Factors and positive outcomes are: Support Center. NN Parent Resiliency — Parents who are emo- Scan QR Code to access via tionally and psychologically healthy are able mobile device to resolve conflicts and handle unexpected life challenges. “The strength of a nation derives from the integrity of the home.” ~Confucius
  2. 2. NOVEMBER 2012Ready Navy KidsEmergency preparedness is not just foradults. Involve your children in emergen-cy planning and preparation. Ready Navy Navy Family AccountabilityKids provides opportunities for them to and Assessment System (NFAAS)learn what actions to take in the event of NFAAS allows Navya disaster. Get the entire family involved. personnel to manage the recovery processHave some fun with your preparations! for personnel affected by a widespread catastrophic event. It is also helpful in providing commands with informa-Safe Harbor Promotes tion to support IA family members while‘Success Through Transition’ their sponsors are deployed overseas. Watch the videoSafe Harbor is an essential resource that every Navy family should know about. and log on to NFAAS.The Navy Wounded Warrior (NWW) – Safe Harbor program provides non-medi- Scan QR code to accesscal assistance to seriously wounded, ill, and injured Sailors and Coast Guardsmen, NFAAS mobile website 24/ well as their families. Non-medical Care Managers address a wide range ofpotentially stressful issues including pay and personnel problems and concernsabout the disability evaluation process, which then enables service members tofocus solely on getting well. The program ensures a smooth transition back to Add JSS to youractive duty or to civilian life while connecting the service member to a host of Mobile Networkmentorship, athletic and employment programs. jssmobile.orgCommitted to supporting those who care for wounded warriors, the program shares iPhone, iPad User…critical resources on child and youth care, mental health, respite care, scholarships and Download JSSfinancial management. Non-medical Care Managers collaborate with partner orga- at the App Store Snizations to address unmet, pressing needs of enrolled families with the ultimategoal of keeping them healthy and whole as they navigate a major life change.November marks Warrior Care Month; a time to recognize wounded warriors, as JSS Dial-in Access 24/7?well as their caregivers, for their service, sacrifices, and achievements. However, 1-877-JSS-NOW1 (577-6691)at NWW, every month is Warrior Care Month. November is simply an opportunityto join with other branches of service in public celebration of these heroes. Thisyear’s theme, “Success through Transition,” highlights the many ways wounded warriors and their families thrive after illness and injury — on active Preparing for air duty, on the playing field, in the travel with your classroom, or on the job. child? Take time this month to honor and Let the ticketing agent support our wounded warriors. You know when making can refer a service member to the arrangements. Ask program by calling 855-NAVY WWP for first-row seating (628-9997). Help spread the word (on some airlines referred to as bulkhead about Navy Wounded Warrior. seating) as it tends to offer more space. To make your child’s trip a little more special bring their favorite book or snack. 2
  3. 3. NOVEMBER 2012Consumer FinancialProtection Bureau Now TakingComplaints on Various AccountsThe Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is now accepting consumer com-plaints about bank accounts, credit cards and mortgages. Bank and credit accountsplay a critical role in the lives of most Americans, but these products and the lawsgoverning them are complicated, and consumers need someone on their side tokeep banks and credit unions accountable.Almost nine out of 10 American households have at least one checking account, andmany also maintain a savings account and various credit accounts. Despite the factthat they are commonplace, accounts and terms can be complex and confusing andconsumers often find themselves at a disadvantage when trying to complain about Getting Yourtheir accounts to customer service representatives. Military ID CardConsumers can file a complaint with the CFPB using the bureau’s website or by mail, Just Got Easierfax, or telephone. The CFPB’s U.S.-based call centers handle calls with little or no wait The Defense Manpower Datatimes, provide services for the hearing- and speech-impaired and have the ability to Center (DMDC) now offersassist the public in 187 languages. the Real-time AutomatedUpon receipt of a complaint, the CFPB requires banks to respond to complaints Personnel Identification Systemwithin 15 days and seeks to close all complaints within 60 days. Consumers are given (RAPIDS), a self-service portala tracking number after submitting a complaint. They are then able to log in to the that provides common accessCFPB website at any time and check the status of their case. Each complaint will be pro- card (CAC) holders with onlinecessed individually and consumers will have the option to dispute a bank’s resolution. access to apply for ID cards forThe Bureau’s Consumer Response team has already received and resolved over 20,000 family members or retirees orcomplaints, including nearly 7,000 on mortgages and almost 12,000 on credit cards. to update dependent statuses.The Bureau has seen three major issue areas with respect to credit cards: consumer So whether the military sponsorconfusion, third-party fraud, and factual disputes between the consumer and the card is nearby on the installationissuer. For mortgages, the biggest complaint source has been foreclosures, and the or deployed overseas, or if themajority of those complaints have been sent to companies for review and response. family member is a college stu- dent residing in another state, Consumers with the RAPIDS portal provides a complaints on bank way for the service member to accounts, credit authenticate eligibility without cards and mortgages the need to be physically pres- should contact the ent. Read more. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau or call 855-411-CFPB. 3
  4. 4. NOVEMBER 2012After DeploymentReintegration is a process. Goodcommunication is a key factor in un-derstanding what your Sailor wants Transition andand needs after deployment. A lothas happened since the beginning Employment Cornerof deployment cycle. Kids may have Volunteer Work Countsgrown; there have been changes A large number of military spouses volunteer. Inin the home, maybe a new car or shifts in fact, a recent Blue Star Families study showed 81responsibilities. This is a huge adjustment and there is no set percent of military spouses performed some sorttime for your Sailor to feel fully acclimated. of volunteer work this past year. It also revealedDiscuss celebration plans before the homecoming day. Family members are that many of these same volunteers thoughtencouraged to be patient. It’s not uncommon for Sailors to want to catch up on the experience either did not apply or was notsleep the first few days back. Allow them time to decompress. Excessive anger, relevant to work experience, and they did notdepression, symptoms of post-traumatic stress including use of illegal drugs, mention it on job applications and resumes!misusing prescription drugs, or drinking alcohol excessively, may signal that So, Blue Star Families came up with a solution.your Sailor may need professional assistance. Challenges faced during reintegra- It prepared sample resume bullets as well astion are unlike those faced while deployed. You can begin to design solutions sample resumes to highlight numerous volunteeressential to the overall health and well-being of your family. For additional positions unique to military life such as Familyinformation and resources, click here. Readiness Group (FRG) leader, United Services Organization (USO) worker, Spouse Club planner, American Red Cross (ARC) helper and more.Warriors at Ease For example, if you were a Navy OmbudsmanWarriors at Ease brings the healing power of yoga and meditation to military who regularly distributed information between communities around the world, especially those af- leadership and families, here is how Blue Star fected by combat stress, PTSD and trauma. Sessions are Families suggests you can highlight that skill on a offered by training and deploying certified mind-body resume: Maintained a communication system professionals to enhance the health and well-being. ensuring accurate and timely information Learn about resources for yoga, meditation and other disseminated for over 300 members of an support organizations to service members, veterans, organization. Or, perhaps you raised money for their families and caregivers. a cause, planned weddings at the base chapel, trained community members on life events. Maybe you have taken on the volunteer role of school liaison, committee member, volunteer re- U.S. Navy Individual cruiter, or newsletter editor. These activities boost Augmentees your resumes, and Blue Star Families has sample Like us on Facebook. accomplishment statements for you to use. Didn’t see your volunteer effort mentioned here? IA Discussion Group Schedule Blue Star Families has many more for you to look View the Fleet-wide list of classes, at on its website. Volunteering is work experience; support groups and events. it is quality know-how. Visit “Making Volunteerism Work for You!” at 4