Family Connection Newsletter June 2011


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Family Connection Newsletter June 2011

  1. 1. Family J U N E 2011Contents National Safety Month connection Social Media – Tips for Protecting Privacy National Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer Beware Safety Month Navy Getaways: Stay! Play! Relax! Preparation for Emergencies Virtual Ombudsman Basic Training In the event of an emergency, are you (OBT) prepared? What is your emergency family “Let’s Move!” Supports Military plan? Do you have enough food, water, sup- Families plies and medication until the storm passes DCoE Children of Military Service or help arrives? It can be overwhelming to Members Resource Guide think about all of the possible scenarios that can happen: hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, GPS: Transition Assistance Program disease outbreak, and even terrorist actions. Resources for Recovery, Rehabilita- June marks the beginning of the Atlantic Hur- tion and Reintegration GO Mobile ricane season. Hurricanes are among the most There is an App for That! destructive natural forces on the planet and can include high winds, flash flooding, stormFamily Connection is a publication of theFleet and Family Support Program. surges, and tornadoes. While some advanceThe Navys Fleet and Family Support Program warning usually occurs, hurricanes oftenpromotes the self-reliance and resiliencyof Sailors and their families. We provide change their paths and levels of severity.information that can help you meet theunique challenges of the military lifestyle. In an emergency, there is not always timeIf you have questions or comments, contactJohn Levinson at to do much more than react. It’s essentialVisit us online at: to create an emergency family plan and an emergency supply kit before an event. Ensure that everyone in your family knows the plan and the location of the kit. Remember to cre- ate and practice a family communication plan The Fleet & Family Support in case of separation. Keep in mind that phone lines and cell phone towers may be inoperable. Center Be informed, have a plan and prepare a kit! “Being happy doesn’t mean that For detailed regional information and other resources, visit Operation Prepare. An instructional everything is perfect. It means guide to compliment the information on the that you have decided to look Scan QR Code, Operation Prepare website is coming in July 2011! access via beyond the imperfections.” mobile device. continued on page 2 – Author Unknown
  2. 2. JUNE 2011continued from page 1Be Counted: Muster and RecoverAfter a major disaster, such as a hur-ricane, flood, wildfire, volcano, tsunami,or terrorist event, the Navy must accountfor the location of all personnel andtheir families, and assist those in need.Be sure to muster with your commandor through the Navy Family Account-ability and Assistance System (NFAAS).NFAAS is a web-based tool used toaccount for, assess, manage, and moni-tor the recovery process of personneland their families affected by a wide-spread catastrophic event.To update your information in NFAASbefore disaster strikes, log into NFAASusing the “Click Here” button. Thereare three login methods: CommonAccess Card (CAC), Username and Pass-word, and Personal Information. for recovery. If an Internet-ready com-After a declared disaster, log into puter is not accessible, call the Navy Preparedness Fast FactsNFAAS to muster and report your Personnel Command Emergency The American Red Crossneeds. Follow the four steps under Coordination Center at 1-877-414-5358 developed emergency-specificthe “Update Info” tab. Indicate your or 1-866-297-1971 (TDD). checklists using the latest research,new location if you have evacuated, NFAAS also provides references for science, best practices and expertand complete the 19 questions on the planning and recovery that you can opinions. Get the facts you need –Needs Assessment Survey if you have use anytime. Under the “Reference” before, during, and after a disastermedical, permanent housing, financial tab, you can access information and or emergency situation. Downloadassistance, family employment, child tools such as local and military support and print the topics most appro-care, school, legal services, religious, phone numbers, emergency-related priate in your area.counseling, or other needs. fact sheets, resource guides, and WebBased on the type and severity of the links. Use this information to plan aheadneeds, a Fleet and Family Support for emergencies or after a disaster toCenter representative will be in contact link to resources to aid your recovery.with the affected Navy personnel and For more information on how totheir families to determine the appro- prepare for all types of hazards, visit thepriate response or assistance needed Commander, Navy Installations Com- mand, Operation Prepare page. 2
  3. 3. JUNE 2011Social Media –Tips for ProtectingPrivacy Caveat Emptor: Let the Buyer Beware“Loose tweets sink fleets” is a modern-day take on a classic saying that loose As we continue to experience identify and target problems thatcommunication can affect OPSEC. challenges with our ever-changing affect you in the marketplace.When posting information online, economy, it becomes more important To ensure that you and your lovedeveryone should be cognizant that for Sailors and family members to be ones don’t become the next news clip,their audience is likely larger than just aware of their financial environment. consider these 5 simple tips:those to whom you are directing With every challenge, every disaster, and every newsworthy event comes 1. If it sounds too good to be true, ityour message. the opportunity for someone to sepa- probably is.N PROTECT YOUR FAMILIES by rate you from your money. The media 2. Always think about a large expen- limiting the amount and type of is filled with stories about those who diture for 24 hours before making information that you post (names, have been taken advantage of; most the purchase, especially if it involves addresses, even hometowns or recently relating to the housing and payments over time. Have Navy schools). foreclosure crisis. Legal review your contract.N UNDERSTAND PROFILE SECU- If you experience a problem with 3. Determine if the purchase is a “want” RITY SETTINGS so you can make a creditor or business, the Federal or a “need.” The only real needs we informed choices about who sees Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s have are food, clothing, shelter, what in your profile. consumer protection agency, collects transportation, and medical. Every-N KEEP SENSITIVE INFORMATION complaints from the military commu- thing else is a “want.” SAFE by not discussing sensitive nity and makes them available only 4. Make sure all your financial informa- information such as ship/unit to law enforcement - civil, criminal, tion including PINs, passwords, etc., movements, personnel rosters/ and military. Whether your complaint are carefully protected and only deployment schedules that may concerns identity theft, deceptive people you trust have access to compromise personal and family lending or mortgage practices, debt them. privacy, or the command’s mission. collection, phone fraud, or some other scam, your complaints help the FTC 5. Establish a plan for a minimum ofThe way we get and share information and the Department of Defense 10 percent of your gross pay to gohas changed. Social media will always into a savings account in case of anbe a tradeoff between safeguarding emergency.your privacy and enjoying the benefitsof socializing So you can concentrate on your jobonline. It is instead of your financial situation, makeeveryone’s re- an appointment with your local FFSCsponsibility to financial counselor to create a spendingbe safe and plan that gives you the ability to meetprotect privacy. your obligations while allowing for some recreational spending money (especailly before deploying). If you are married, make sure your spouse is part of the counseling session. 3
  4. 4. JUNE 2011Navy Getaways:Stay! Play! Relax!Navy Getaways Recreational Lodg-ing offers quality Getaways at 46 sitesincluding over 2,631 recreational vehiclespots, cottages, cabins, townhomes,hotels and more than 332 tent sites.If you’ve got the time, we’ve got theGetaway location for you!Most sites offer laundry, bathhouses,BBQ and kid’s play areas; some evenhave a pool. For a complete listing bylocation, visit MWR Cabins and RV Parks. Virtual Ombudsman Basic Training (OBT) Commander, Navy Installation Com- to attend OBT at their local FFSC. If you mand is pleased to announce the are interested in taking part in this Vir- Virtual OBT Pilot Course, June 20 – 24, tual OBT course, let your commanding 2011 from 1100 – 1400 EDT. This train- officer/POC know. ing will explore the feasibility of offering Guidance on webinar registration and Moving with a pet? OBT via webinars as an alternative to setting up your Learning Management Take steps to ensure you don’t the traditional classroom setting. At- System (LMS) account can be found lose track of your pet. Have a tendees must complete all five of the at >> Ombudsman micro-chip implanted, be sure three-hour webinars to receive their Program>>Ombudsman Training its ID tags are up to date, and OBT certificate and meet the training Schedules. This is a separate account consider adding a requirements identified in OPNAVINST from your Ombudsman Registry account. collar tag that 1750.1F. Or go directly to http://learning.zeiders. shows your This training is not limited to any com to create your webinar account. mobile specific command or location, but is a Please note: AOL accounts are not com- number. training option for those ombudsmen patible with the Learning Management who are unable to participate in a System. Contact CNIC Ombudsman traditional classroom setting. Whenever, Training Coordinator, Doreen Scott, at possible, ombudsmen are encouraged if you have any questions. 4
  5. 5. JUNE 2011 DCoE Children of Military Service Members Resource Guide Deployment not only affects our military service members individually, but also has a significant effect on their families, especially the children. From toddlers to teenagers, children may face difficult separations, strong emotions, and experience parental changes once the deployed family member returns.“Let’s Move!” Supports Military Families The Defense Center of ExcellenceBeginning June 1, service members consists of sports clubs throughout the (DCoE) Children of Military Service Mem-and their families will be able to sign nation, will work with its clubs to offer bers Resource Guide provides resourcesup for free sports club memberships free memberships to immediate family to assist family members and health-and personal training. Depending on members (ages 13 and older) of actively care providers address the mental andthe organization, services could range deployed Reservists and National Guard emotional health needs of military chil-from a club membership to joining a members. Other club benefits may dren. The online guide is organized forsmall-group workout at a park to meet- include child care, children’s program- quick reference by age-appropriatenessing with a certified fitness professional ming, group classes as well as discounts and resource type: activity, book, film,at a gym. Families will be able to locate for veterans and active-duty families. group, kit and website. Topics includeservices using their city and state or zip A free digital subscription, Get Active! deployment, homecoming, loss of a par-code. This collaboration is an important Magazine, is also available through ent, emotional well-being and moving.step forward in making sure that the website.military families have the support they The American Council on Exercise®need to stay active and healthy. Go to (ACE®), an organization that works toLet’s Move! for further information. certify and support fitness professionals,The International Health, Racquet & is committing to a goal of providingSportsclub Association (IHRSA), an at least 1 million hours of personalorganization whose membership training and fitness instruction to family members of actively deployed reserv- ists and National Guard members. 5
  6. 6. JUNE 2011StopBullying.govWhat does bullying look like and what GPS: Transitionare some things you can do to stopit? Bullying is a major problem among Assistance ProgramAmerica’s young people. StopBullying. Jump start your transition into thegov is a new website devoted to bul- civilian workforce! Live trainers facilitatelying prevention and education. The sessions on topics to help you navigateuser-friendly site provides information on and become prepared. Register todayhow kids, teens, young adults, parents, at for Juneeducators and others in the community sessions. Access from the comfort ofcan prevent or stop bullying. your home or wherever broadbandLearn about cyberbullying, recognizing Internet and phone are available. Seatsthe warning signs of bullying, how to are with it and take a stand against it. N Building Better Resumes ResourcesOther topics include state policies and June 2, 2011 for Recovery,laws; violence prevention program di-rectories; online resources; and research. 8:00 pm EDT Rehabilitation N Acing the Interview June 7, 2011 and Reintegration 6:30 pm EDT GO Mobile N Life After the Military The mobile version of the National June 9, 2011 Resource Directory makes it easy for 6:30 pm EDT wounded warriors, veterans, their N Decoding Military Skills families and caregivers, those in transi- for Civilian Employers tion and all who support them to find June 14, 2011 the right resources from among the 8:00 pm EDT more than 13,000 listed in the Directory. Key features of the National Resource N TAP Talk Directory mobile version also includeIA Discussion Group June 20, 2011 the ability to search the Directory bySchedule 8:00 pm EDT subject, state or territory; immediateView the Fleet-wide list of classes,support groups and events. N Financial Planning for Transition access to news and helplines; and the June 23, 2011 capability to interact with the DirectoryReturning Warrior 6:30 pm EDT through social media.Workshops (RWW)Returning Warrior Workshop N Landing a Federal Job The mobile version is not a separate ap-Schedule & IA Family Events - June 28, 2011 plication. Go to the Directory website 6:30 pm EDT http://www.nationalresourcedirectory. gov from your mobile device. Once the site loads, scroll to the bottom of the page and click the link “NRD mobile” for the mobile version. 6
  7. 7. JUNE 2011There is an App for That! Joint Services Support (JSS) JSS provides valuable information Navy Life provides information about important on benefits, entitlements, events, quality of life resources for Navy personnel, retirees trainings and more. Making it easy and their families. to stay connected, anytime, any- where with online access, mobile device applications and interac- Navy Individual Augmentee provides the tive voice response. Services are information IAs need before, during and after their available to all military branches; deployment. Also available in the Android Market by featuring a community resource searching “Navy IA.” locator by state. Go to http://www. PTSD Coach lets users track their symptoms, links them with local sources of support; provides accurate information and helpful individualized strategies for managing symptoms. Breath2Relax is a stress management tool and hands-on diaphragmatic breathing exercise. Free Admission for Military Familes Tactical Breathing Trainer can be used to gain con- Blue Star Museums is back for a second trol over physiological and psychological responses to year. The National Endowment for the Arts and more than 1,000 museums stress. in all 50 states will offer free admission to active-duty military personnel and their families from Memorial Day, May 30, 2011, through Labor Day, September 5, 2011. T2 Mood Tracker allows users to self-monitor, track The Anheuser Busch “Here’s to the and reference their emotional experience over a Heroes” program will provide members period of days, weeks and months using a visual of the military and as many as three analogue rating scale. direct dependents with a free single- day complimentary admission to SeaWorld Orlando, San Diego or San Antonio; Busch Gardens Tampa Bay or Williamsburg; Sesame Place, Water Country USA, or Adventure Island. Click here to register. 7