Family Connection Newsletter August 2011


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Family Connection Newsletter August 2011

  1. 1. Family AUGUST 2011Contents DoD Launches Military Spouse connection Employment Partnership Free Online Tutoring and Homework Help for Military Families Back to School Immunization Awareness Month Navy School Liaison DoD Launches Officers at Your Service Military Spouse Employment Partnership Suicide Prevention and Awareness “We’re going to help spouses get that degree, career opportunities between Fortune 500 United Through Reading® find that job, or start that new business. We PLUS companies and military spouses world- Build Healthier Diets with Choose want every company in America to know our wide. The program aims to expand portable My Plate military spouses and veterans have the skills career opportunities for spouses by connect- TRICARE® Express Rx Mobile App and the dedication, and our nation is more ing them with participating MSEP partners The Real Social Network: Command Ombudsman Program competitive when we tap their incredible who actively recruit military spouses. talents.” President Barack Obama. Your Voice Counts! Military Spouse Employment Partnership Worldwide Sexual Assault Survey One of the priorities of the Joining Forces ini- is available to all Navy spouses as well as Career Decision Toolkit tiative lead by First Lady Michelle Obama and spouses from all military services, and cur- Transition Assistance Dr. Jill Biden is to develop career and educa- rently encompasses over 70 organizations. Program tional opportunities for military spouses. Dr. Launch your career search today! For moreFamily Connection is a publication of the Biden, in conjunction with the Department information or assistance with employmentFleet and Family Support Program.The Navys Fleet and Family Support Program of Defense, launched the Military Spouse readiness, visit OurMilitary.Mil, Militarypromotes the self-reliance and resiliency Employment Partnership (MSEP) on June 29, OneSource’s Education and Career or contactof Sailors and their families. We provideinformation that can help you meet the 2011. MSEP promotes meaningful, long-term your local Fleet and Family Support Center.unique challenges of the military lifestyle.If you have questions or comments, contactJohn Levinson at us online at: Scan QR Code, access via mobile device.
  2. 2. AUGUST 2011Free Online Tutoringand Homework Help forMilitary Families“Are You Smarter than a FifthGrader” is a game show that has Back to Schoolstumped us all at least once. Backto school equals homework, but As the last days of summer melt away, offers a lifeline. This pro- begin preparing your students for thegram gives eligible military families first day of school. Whether your studentaccess to free online tutoring and is prepping for kindergarten, grade orfree homework help from live, high school, or even college bound, theprofessional tutors. following tips may be helpful.Given frequent relocations or a Encourage Independence. Any leveldeployed parent, staying on top of independence boosts confidence,of daily assignments or missed from making their lunch the nightlessons can be challenging. before to scheduling an can help students with with their counselor to talk about col-homework, studying, projects and lege options. Having a say in decisionspapers. Tutors are available in more promotes self-esteem and allows thisthan 20 subjects in Math, Science, skill set to grow.Social Studies, and English. Military Make Getting Ready Fun. Can youstudents at every skill level can remember the excitement of the first Listen and Observe. Watch for symp-get help, from Elementary Math to day of school, new clothes; fresh sup- toms that your child may be a bullyinghonors English to AP Chemistry. plies? Go shopping together if possible. victim. Be aware of signs such as with-Create a Military Most schools have checklists posted drawal, a drop in grades, physical signs,Account today! on their website; some stores have lists or needing extra money or To Go™ for iPhone, iPad available too. Make preparation during Educate Yourself. Find out about& iPod Touch is now available. the weeks and days before the first day special programs or activities (academic of school into events. and athletic) that are available to help Establish a Routine. Set a regular time increase your child’s learning and social for homework and study; this creates potential. Get involved; ask questions a habit. Agree on removing possible about classes, choices and requirements.“An investment in distractions; no television, phone calls Ask for Help. No one has all theknowledge always pays or texting during this time. answers. Get help if needed. Work withthe best interest.” Show an Interest. Encourage your the administrators, teachers and other child to talk about the day’s activities, parents to ensure your child receives all – Benjamin Franklin social events and the other children in the attention needed to be successful. class. Ask about the walk or bus ride to and from school. 2
  3. 3. AUGUST 2011Immunization Awareness MonthWhat? August is Immunization Who? Immunizations are important for Navy School LiaisonAwareness Month. “An ounce of adults as well as for children. Recom- Officers at Your Serviceprevention is worth a pound of cure.” mended vaccinations begin at birth and Navy School Liaison Officers (SLO)Immunization shots, or vaccinations, continue throughout life. are advocates that assist familiesare essential. They protect against When? Immunization is critical for with school transfers to help leveldiseases like measles, mumps, rubella, mission readiness. Now is the time the playing field for military childrenhepatitis B, polio, diphtheria, tetanus to review your individual and fam- and youth. Under the Child andand pertussis (whooping cough). ily immunization records with your Youth Education Services Program,Why? Vaccine-preventable diseases physician. Service members deploying SLOs collaborate with local schooland deaths still occur in the U.S., overseas, should receive all required districts to ensure school person-affecting children, adolescents and immunizations before leaving stateside. nel are aware of the stressors onadults. Your immune system helps Immunizations are not only important military families brought aboutyour body fight germs; it basically for your child’s health, but also a require- by frequent moves and extended“remembers” the germ to fight it ment for school attendance. deployments.again. With the exception of safe Where? TRICARE® realizes the impor- These education professionals aredrinking water, there is no other tant role of immunizations as part of a located on all major Navy installationshealth improvement strategy with healthy lifestyle. Beneficiaries can receive and serve as a liaison among com-such a tremendous effect on reducing all necessary vaccinations through munity schools, Navy commandsdisease and improving health. military treatment facilities, and TRICARE and military parents. Programming network and non-network providers. includes installation-based Child and Visit TRICARE® to learn more. Youth Programs support and school- based support in schools attended by Navy families. Services include: N School transition services (PCS cycle). N Deployment support. N Command, school and commu- nity communications. N Home - school linkage and support. N Partnerships in education. N Post-secondary preparations. For a complete liaison list and more information, go to the Navy School Liaison Officer website or Facebook. 3
  4. 4. AUGUST 2011Suicide Preventionand AwarenessEveryone can make a differenceand help prevent suicide at anytime. Consider what you would doin a crisis. Use the “ASK CARE TREAT”or “ACT” method:Ask Ask if someone is depressed or thinking of suicide.Care Listen, offer hope and don’t judge.Treat Take action. Don’t leave the person alone and get assistance.Resources on suicide include:N Navy Suicide Awareness and PreventionN National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or 1-800-273-TALKN Fleet and Family Support CenterN Chaplain CareN Military OneSource or 1-800- United Through 342-9647 Reading®N Having a parent deployed is one of the most difficult things a child can experi- ence. The United through Reading® Military Program helps ease the stress of separation for military families by having deployed parents read children’s books aloud via DVD for their child toNavy Family Accountability and watch at home.Assessment System (NFAAS)NFAAS allows Navy personnel to These powerful connections bring RAP Tip:manage the recovery process for families a little closer with each read- You’ve arrived; but your childrenpersonnel affected by a wide-spread ing. While reassuring a child that their may still have some big adjust-catastrophic event. It is also helpful in deployed parent is safe and thinkingproviding commands with informa- ments ahead of them. It is normal of home; it fosters the opportunity to for children to take three to sixtion to support IA family memberswhile their sponsors are deployed continue a bedtime ritual. For further months to adjust to a new home.overseas. Log on to NFAAS at https: information go to http://www.unit- Spend time with them – listening, explaining, and reassuring -- and the adjustment will go a little more smoothly for the entire family. 4
  5. 5. AUGUST 2011Build HealthierDiets with ChooseMy PlateFirst Lady Michelle Obama and TRICARE® Express Rx Mobile Appthe United States Department ofAgriculture (USDA) said goodbye to TRICARE® Express Rx mobile app andMyPyramid and unveiled the new mobile-optimized website allowsgeneration food icon, MyPlate. The TRICARE beneficiaries to manage theirintention is to encourage consumers to prescriptions and access importantmake healthier food choices. The visual health information safely and securelyicon itself promotes building a healthy from anywhere using their smartplate at meal times; emphasizing fruit, phone.vegetable, grain, protein and dairy To ensure security and data protec-food groups. tion, beneficiaries must registerAccording to the National Bureau of through the member portal at www. For more information about TRICAREEconomic Research, nearly one in three before pharmacy, visit in America is overweight or logging in to the Express Rx app pharmacy. To learn about the TRICAREobese, which puts them at greater risk or mobile-optimized site. Once pharmacy home delivery, go to www.for health problems like diabetes, heart registered, the same username and, high blood pressure, cancer password allow access to the Expressand asthma. MyPlate provides practical Rx app and mobile-optimized web-information to help consumers build site. Express Scripts, Inc. (ESI) is thehealthier diets with resources and tools TRICARE® Pharmacy contractor.for dietary assessment, nutrition educa- Manage your prescriptions on the go IA Discussion Grouption and other user-friendly nutrition with any Web-enabled mobile device! Scheduleinformation. Two things you can do for Simply scan the QR code above or View the Fleet-wide list of classes,your health is regular physical activity surf to from your mobile support groups and events.and healthy eating. To learn more visit Web and www. Returning Warrior Sign in to the Express Scripts Workshops (RWW) site anytime to: Returning Warrior Workshop N Start Home Delivery Schedule & IA Family Events - N Order Refills N Check Order Status N Find a Pharmacy N Get Drug Information 5
  6. 6. AUGUST 2011The Real Social Network:Command OmbudsmanProgramSummer is Your Voice Counts!at its peakand you may Worldwide Sexual Assault Surveyknow some- Combating sexual assault is an all-hands site visits, records analysis, personalone who is issue and top priority. In an effort to interviews, focus groups and individualmoving, or has just moved. Perhaps determine the scope of sexual assault command is you that is PCSing this summer! in the Navy, Secretary Ray Mabus hasDo you need information about According to Secretary Mabus, “SAPR tasked the Department of the Navyyour new duty station? The Fleet is not a mere program with checklists Sexual Assault Prevention &and Family Support Program offers a and policy statements. All Response Office (DoN“Contact Your Ombudsman” feature commanding officers SAPRO) to conductwhich enables families to contact are responsible for a department-the ombudsman for commands ensuring a com- wide sexuallisted in the Ombudsman Registry. mand climate assault survey that con-Access “Contact Your Ombudsman” assessing the demns sexualusing www.ombudsmanregistry. functionality assault; pro-org or When the and effective- vides victimsmap appears, select your region or ness of the with sensitiveReserve region, then your installa- Sexual Assault care, resources,tion, and finally your command. You Prevention & and support;will be prompted to complete and Response (SAPR) reports incidentssend your message to the command Program. The feed- of sexual assault;ombudsman. The ombudsman will back will be solicited and holds offendersget in touch with you within 24 - 48 from Sailors and Marines accountable for their actions.”hours. If there is no ombudsman worldwide. All commanders Last year there were over 900 reports oflisted for that command, the Om- have been directed to encourage sexual assault in our Navy. The missionbudsman Registry administrator will participation of Sailors and Marines is to eliminate sexual assault fromget in touch with the command and in their commands. The confidential within our Navy ranks.request that someone contacts you. and anonymous online survey will be available through 30 September 2011 For victim assistance, please contact theThis is a great way to learn about and can be accessed at www.donsapro. Safe Helpline, or call 877-995-5247, oryour new duty station and home DoN SAPRO’s text 55247.before your arrival. And remember –the Fleet and Family Support Center method of assessment will also include(FFSC) has a full staff available toassist service members and theirfamilies with their move and answerany questions. 6
  7. 7. AUGUST 2011 Career Decision Toolkit N Acing the Interview August 16, 8:00 pm EDT N Accept, Adjust, Repeat: Strategies for Transition SuccessWays to Save August 23, 9:00 pm EDTBack-to-school deals are in full effect. N Combat to CollegeBefore you hit the stores, decipher August 25, 8:00 pm EDTbetween the wants and the needs.Make a list, set a budget and stick N Landing a Federal Jobto it. Compare purchases for quality August 30, 7:00 pm EDTover brands. Often, shopping out ofseason can save you a few dollars. Goals, Plan, Succeed. Access on- In addition to career support andMany states have tax-free shopping demand courses via your Career transition assistance, Sailors who aredays. Check your state’s web page Decision Toolkit to help you navigate involuntarily separated may be eligiblefor dates and guidelines. and become prepared for transition for other benefits, and should contact into the civilian workforce. their personnel office for more informa-Joint Services Support tion. Other helpful resources include: Live On-line Learning is available for(JSS) and service members and their families..JSS provides valuable information Attend a session from the comfort ofon benefits, entitlements, events, your home or anywhere broadbandtrainings and more. Making iteasy to stay connected, anytime, Internet and phone are available. Reg- Transitionanywhere with online access, ister for August sessions at http://www. Assistance Programmobile device applications andinteractive voice response. Services Changing Careers? All separating August Sessionsare available to all military branches; Sailors and their family members arefeaturing a community resource N Job Fair Success Strategies entitled to Transition Assistance Pro-locator by state. Go to http://www. August 2, 8:00 pm gram (TAP) services. Resources, training N Building Better Resumes and workshops include resume writing, August 4, 8:00 pm EDT interviewing skills, pre-separation coun- seling, self-employment information, N Why Write a Cover Letter job fair schedules, college and certifica- August 9, 8:30 pm EDT tion opportunities, apprenticeships, N The Art of Career Networking salary and compensation, and financial August 11, 8:00 pm EDT management and investment strate- gies. TAP is available through your local Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC). 7