Cannabis Indica 2014 - The Prelims


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Prelims of The KQA Cannabis Indica 2014 - The India Quiz by Hrishikesh Varma and Navin Rajaram

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Cannabis Indica 2014 - The Prelims

  1. 1. CANNABIS INDICA 2014 The prelims Hrishikesh Varma & Navin Rajaram By Mitesh Agarwal & Navin Rajaram Hrishikesh Varma & Navin Rajaram
  2. 2. Rules • • • • • 36 Questions 11-20 are * questions +1, no negatives Top 8 in finals Sudden death from Qn 1 if tied on *s T ake guesses Cannabis Indica 2014
  3. 3. 1 • In 1990, the govt. announced grand plans to acquire his former residence- Hathipaon (Elephant’s Foot) House that sits just outside Mussorrie, and turn it into a museum. • The house, officially under the Archaeological Survey of India, remains broken down, is completely overrun by vegetation, and is close to a ridge from where one can observe The Chaur. • Another of his abodes, the headquarters of an organization he headed, sits not far from here and the staff still correct you when you mispronounce his name. Name him. Cannabis Indica 2014
  4. 4. 1 Cannabis Indica 2014
  5. 5. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  6. 6. George Everest whose name is pronounced Eve-rest Cannabis Indica 2014
  7. 7. 2 In June 1977, when this dignitary arrived at London, a diplomat at the Indian High Commission was given this list titled “Dietary Preferences of _____”: • Carrot juice: only from the deep pink carrot grown in Northern India • Lunch: 5 pieces of garlic, must be freshly peeled before serving. Cow’s milk (lukewarm). Honey. Fresh paneer slices. • Fruit: banana, papaya, apple, pear, leechi, cherries, apricots and alphonso mangoes. • Dry fruit: cashew nuts, badaam, pista • Sweets: sandesh, pera, rasmalai, rasgoolla One thing that was conspicuously missing was his favourite drink. The diplomat noted that there was no need to write it, as “everyone knew what it was.” Who? What drink? Cannabis Indica 2014
  8. 8. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  9. 9. Morarji Desai Urine Cannabis Indica 2014
  10. 10. 3 • 34 years ago, on Children’s Day, a storytelling contest was organized in schools all over India. • More than 1 lakh students participated and after a tough competition, a 12 year old girl Elaine D’Lima, won the contest. • She was then accorded an opportunity to do something that is shown in this comic panel. What did she get to do? Cannabis Indica 2014
  11. 11. 3 Cannabis Indica 2014
  12. 12. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  13. 13. Launch Tinkle Cannabis Indica 2014
  14. 14. 4 What recent upgrade is because of this lady failing a test nearly a decade after her moment of glory? Cannabis Indica 2014
  15. 15. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  16. 16. Anju Bobby George getting upgraded to a gold at the 2005 World Athletics Meet Cannabis Indica 2014
  17. 17. 5 • In the early 1990s, she found a plot of land outside a city to begin her new enterprise and the locals there began respectfully calling her “_____ - amma”. • She soon realized that they giggled while they did so because her surname in the local language meant loose bowel motions. • Deciding that she couldn't live the rest of her life being called the mother of diarrhoea, she changed her surname after remembering a conversation with her guru: “You have shown a lot of Kali in you. Calm down a little bit. Take on the image of Parvati.” Who? What was the new enterprise she began? Cannabis Indica 2014
  18. 18. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  19. 19. Protima Bedi Nrityagram Cannabis Indica 2014
  20. 20. 6 In a recent Wisden India article about the 91,092 record attendance at Melbourne on the Boxing Day test, R Kaushik noted: “After all, our team plays anywhere in India, at any time of the year. And to think that, at one point, the ____ ______ was India’s answer to Boxing Day. There were no bare chests, fancy dressing or the unchecked flow of beer, but there was no lack of atmosphere either. Long before Sachin Tendulkar had made his debut, long before satellite television was a distant dream, long before malls and multiplexes and Internet and the cell phone, the _____ _______ drew fans by their thousands in just about the only time of the year when cricket viewing in the Tamil Nadu capital was a pleasant experience weather-wise.” FITBs with 2 words. Cannabis Indica 2014
  21. 21. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  22. 22. Pongal Test Cannabis Indica 2014
  23. 23. 7 Someone explaining the story of how, while during a performance in Kashmir, his trademark accessory was acquired. • “As I shivered onstage, I wondered how I would manage to get through the recital. I realised in dismay, when I launched into a number, that I was too numb with cold to sing the notes accurately.“ • It was here that a member of the audience stepped in and reverentially handed over something to him. The effect was immediate. • "And what relief that simple gesture afforded! I was myself again. Now that I was comfortably warm, my confidence soared and the audience responded to my performance with enthusiasm.” Who about what? Cannabis Indica 2014
  24. 24. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  25. 25. Manna Dey about his cap Cannabis Indica 2014
  26. 26. 8 Some explanations about their significance: • The first 5 symbolize the human senses/mortal nature of the body, the next 8 symbolize negative human emotions, the next 3 stand for the Trigunas and the last 2 symbolize Vidya (knowledge) and Avidya (ignorance) - overcoming all of these symbolizes victory and complete detachment. • They symbolize the number of weapons laid down, one by one, before a holy merger. • Other theories connect them to the total number of minor and major Vedas and Puranas. In all cases, the total remains the same. What are we talking about? Cannabis Indica 2014
  27. 27. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  28. 28. Pattinettampadi (18 steps) at Sabarimala Cannabis Indica 2014
  29. 29. 9 • Acacia concinna, a climbing shrub, native to Asia, is noticeable for its prominent leaf stalks with glands and thick, flattened pods. • Its bark is high on saponins – a chemical compound that contributes to foaming, cleaning and use as a detergent and also as a marine toxin used for poisoning fish. • The leaves are high on oxalic, tartaric, citric, succinic and ascorbic acids and used in ground chutneys. • The more popular use arises due to its low pH, making it interact well with natural oils and giving its local name that literally means “hair fruit”. What local name? Cannabis Indica 2014
  30. 30. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  31. 31. Shikakai Cannabis Indica 2014
  32. 32. 10 When Kokuyo acquired this iconic Indian brand, best associated with our school days, they made two changes to the logo of the brand: • The first change was the introduction of the Kokuyo name in the brand lettering. • The other, more subtle, visual change symbolized futuristic vision and looking ahead. What change? Cannabis Indica 2014
  33. 33. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  34. 34. The camel switched direction – moves forward instead of backward Cannabis Indica 2014
  35. 35. 11* • The church itself was based on a structure built to commemorate a temporary prayer house that was supposedly built by St Francis Xavier. • When it was decided to house the offices at the church, officials approached the church authorities with trepidationnatural because of its popularity in the locality, and the attachment the local fishermen had to the church. • Enter Rev. Dr. Peter Bernard Pereira, the local bishop. After being briefed about the situation, he spoke eloquently to the locals about the importance of the situation, and got their approval with a resounding “Amen” to the proposal. What was set up thus? Cannabis Indica 2014
  36. 36. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  37. 37. TERLS- Thumba Equatorial Rocket Launching Station Cannabis Indica 2014
  38. 38. 12* • Considered one of India’s first buildings in the Indo-Saracenic architecture, it was built in 1902 after an earlier premise was destroyed in a fire and the department was temporarily hosted near Flora fountain. • Designed by John Begg, the building has a massive central hall with a 120 ft. high ceiling, an external façade of local basalt dressed with yellow stones from Kurla and white stones from Dharangadhara and a conspicuous feature, 60 ft in diameter, inspired from the Gol Gumbaz in Bijapur. What building that usually gets overshadowed by a Gothic marvel next door? Cannabis Indica 2014
  39. 39. 12* Cannabis Indica 2014
  40. 40. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  41. 41. GPO (Mumbai) Next door to VT Cannabis Indica 2014
  42. 42. 13* In 1920, when he visited London, Wilfred Owen’s mother sent him this letter: “My dearest eldest son went out to the War for the last time and the day he said Goodbye to me –my beloved poet son, said those wonderful words of yours – beginning at ‘When I go from hence, let this be my parting word’ – and when his pocket book came back to me – I found these words written– and your name beneath. Would it be asking too much of you, to tell me what book should I find the whole poem in?” Name the author and work (in which the above lines appear), both of whom had achieved world wide fame a few years earlier. Cannabis Indica 2014
  43. 43. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  44. 44. Gitanjali Rabindranath Tagore Cannabis Indica 2014
  45. 45. 14* Whose life story is this documentary based on? Who is the narrator? <video deleted – Mystic India> Cannabis Indica 2014
  46. 46. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  47. 47. Swaminarayan/Sahjanand Swami Peter O’ Toole Cannabis Indica 2014
  48. 48. 15* • This project at IIT-Bombay, a collaborative effort of 46 artists, is seeking to map these unsung names from around 80 years ago. • One of the problems has been getting the faces right, for which the team reviewed many books and periodicals, sought help from research institutes, pored through video footage and interviewed surviving family members and friends. • There was also confusion on the exact number which was initially thought to be 78 but later revised to 80 when 2 more names – Kharan Singh from Nepal and Satish Kalekar from Maharashtra were identified. What is the claim to fame of these 80 names? Cannabis Indica 2014
  49. 49. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  50. 50. The Dandi Marchers Cannabis Indica 2014
  51. 51. 16* What tradition, that involves perpetual maintenance, and is seen more often during exhibitions of Southern classical performance art in large auditoriums, owes itself to the fact that early versions of such performances were in temples in honour of a deity? Cannabis Indica 2014
  52. 52. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  53. 53. Keeping a lamp lit on stage for the duration of the performance Cannabis Indica 2014
  54. 54. 17* • Mahatma Gandhi and the ______ Sabha is a play about a fictional encounter between Gandhi and these people in Benares. • It briefly touches upon the largely unknown history of these individuals while also detailing the encounter in the early 1920s when they responded to Gandhi’s call for HinduMuslim unity and resolved to sing patriotic songs. • An outraged Gandhi is said to have lashed out at their “obscene manifesto” and said he would not accept their donations or them as Congress workers unless they gave up a vocation that made them worse than thieves. What occupation that takes its name from the Arabic ‘tafi’ meaning group? Cannabis Indica 2014
  55. 55. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  56. 56. Tawaif Cannabis Indica 2014
  57. 57. 18* • Established in 1958 in Ghaziabad, the governing body of this sport in India was exclusively a defence forces’ association when it began, but as of today it manages 25 state associations, with presence in 3 Union Territories and nine official annual tournaments. • The weight categories start at 480 kg and go all the way up to 680 kg – the weights referring to a drum filled with mud and stones placed on a contraption that is designed to rise. • Typical contest durations are 4-5 minutes, but a rematch is usually decreed if they go beyond 6 minutes. What sport, that is yet to become a professional one in atleast 58 countries, including India, that play it? Cannabis Indica 2014
  58. 58. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  59. 59. Tug of War Cannabis Indica 2014
  60. 60. 19* • This 26 Jan, 1950 photo shows Ms. Basanti Devi, wife of a famous revolutionary, inaugurating production at a facility that was established in 1947 close to Mihijam railway station in Burdwan, West Bengal. • The facility, one of the largest of its kind in the world, produced its first output on November 1, 1950 with Rajendra Prasad dedicating it to the nation. • Over time, the town Mihijam has changed its name to that of the freedom fighter as well and since 1974, the facility only produces more environment friendly outputs, having discontinued older models . What facility is this? Cannabis Indica 2014
  61. 61. 18* Cannabis Indica 2014
  62. 62. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  63. 63. Chittaranjan Locomotive Works Named after Chittaranjan Das Cannabis Indica 2014
  64. 64. 20* • Many years ago, Durga Puja was celebrated only by the rich and powerful families of Bengal. • It is said that in 1761 or 1790 (years disputed), 12 Brahmin friends in Guptipura, Hooghly, decided to institute a community puja by raising subscriptions from friends and neighbours. • Over time, such community festivals came to be known by a term that originated from the “12 Friends” who started the tradition. What term, that is now used interchangeably with sarbajanin (meaning all inclusive)? Cannabis Indica 2014
  65. 65. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  66. 66. Barowari from Baro-Yari Cannabis Indica 2014
  67. 67. 21 • The man in question is one Mr. Kapasi who acts as a tour guide on Fridays and Saturdays. • It is on one such tour that he meets the Das family and is attracted to the wife, who encourages him to talk about his life and in turn tells him her terrible secret, imploring him to give her a remedy. • When he asks why (he is no doctor), she reminds of his full-time job where he uses his linguistic skills to help people. So, what is Mr Kapasi’s full-time occupation? Cannabis Indica 2014
  68. 68. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  69. 69. He works as a translator for a doctor. In effect, as an Interpreter of Maladies Cannabis Indica 2014
  70. 70. 22 • Dubbed the “Lady of the Lake” and “Queen Mother” by the media, her re-appearance in February eased much heartburn among her fans, who had assumed the worst, having not seen her for a month. • Named after a fish shaped mark that appears on the left side of her face, she was jointly awarded the 2009 TOFT Award for Lifetime Achievement, being directly responsible for over $100 million in tourism revenue since 1998. Identify this legendary resident of a famous locale in Rajasthan. Cannabis Indica 2014
  71. 71. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  72. 72. Machali, the Ranthambhore tigress Cannabis Indica 2014
  73. 73. 23 • One of the many incomplete works of Franz Schubert was the work ________ . • As late as 2000, it was the one and only Schubert stage work of which not one note had been performed for the public. In 2002, Karl Aage Rasmussen managed a reconstruction of it, and the opera itself debuted in early 2010 to mixed reviews. • The subject of the opera, which counted Goethe amongst its admirers, first came to the attention of Europe via a famous 1787 translation. Name the opera/what was it based on? Cannabis Indica 2014
  74. 74. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  75. 75. Sakontala/ Abhijnanasakuntalam Cannabis Indica 2014
  76. 76. 24 From an interview conducted as part of a survey by the Indian Cinematographic Committee in the 1920s into the state of the silent movie industry: When the scene changed, a rumble would erupt in the audience and people would be talking to each other. But some theatres had this man, always standing there, explaining the film. He is a very clever fellow, who knows the entire story and when a scene came on, he would explain it, for example, in Telugu or another language. He stands there throughout, he is a lecturer. Why were such official readers employed, even for silent films? Cannabis Indica 2014
  77. 77. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  78. 78. Silent films had subtitles in limited languages and not everyone could read Cannabis Indica 2014
  79. 79. 25 • S. Hussain Zaidi’s first book “From Dongri to Dubai” chronicled the rise of the Mumbai mafia from its humble beginnings in a chawl in Dongri to the fiefdom run by Dawood out of Dubai. • His similarly titled sequel “From ________ to ________” chronicles the lives of the new contenders - Chotta Rajan, Arun Gawli and Ashwin Naik with similar beginnings from a South Bombay area popular for its animals to an Asian capital, where the Rajan-Dawood rivalry reached a peak. Fill both blanks. Cannabis Indica 2014
  80. 80. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  81. 81. Byculla, Bangkok Cannabis Indica 2014
  82. 82. 26 • She is the original sleeping beauty of Hindu mythology, who, on not being able to accompany her husband on a dangerous mission, asks him how else she can be of use. • When her husband is approached by Nidra, the Goddess of Sleep, he strikes a deal with the deity where she (the wife) will absorb the burden of his necessity to remain an insomniac. Who is this? (Full names might take you down the road of a KQA quizzer) Cannabis Indica 2014
  83. 83. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  84. 84. Urmila (Lakshmana’s wife) Cannabis Indica 2014
  85. 85. 27 • This landmark, the largest of its kind in the country, is also known as the Galden Namgyal Lhatse meaning “celestial paradise in a clear night”. • The popular belief of how it got its name is from an incident where a celestial horse chose this site for Merak Lama, who was following the wishes of the 5th Dalai Lama. • Thus its name is believed to originate from two Tibetan words meaning “Chosen Horse”. What landmark? Cannabis Indica 2014
  86. 86. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  87. 87. Tawang Monastery Cannabis Indica 2014
  88. 88. 28 • While the objects you see spread from China to the rest of the world during the Song dynasty, historians believe that the items arrived into China from India first. • These timekeeping devices had bodies with specialized censers (fire pots) that contained specially manufactured and calibrated material with a known rate of combustion to indicate minutes, hours or days. • Early variants, found in Chinese shrines/temples have been known to have Devanagari carvings on them as opposed to local calligraphy. What clocks, that took their name either from what was used inside or the pleasant after-experience? Cannabis Indica 2014
  89. 89. 28 Cannabis Indica 2014
  90. 90. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  91. 91. Incense/Fragrance Clock Cannabis Indica 2014
  92. 92. 29 • Reis Magos is a village located on the northern bank of the Mandovi river in Bardez, Goa opposite to Panjim. • The Reis Magos church, named after the village, holds an annual festival on January 6, in which locals go around the village from the church, reenacting a journey. Whose journey? Cannabis Indica 2014
  93. 93. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  94. 94. Three Magi/Three Wise Men Reis Magos is Portuguese for Three Kings Cannabis Indica 2014
  95. 95. 30 • One of Bihar’s delicacies, it is often confused with the closely related Baati from Rajasthan but is completely different in preparation. • Balls of wheat and sattu – ground lentil/gram are formed into balls with spices, baked/fried in ghee and then eaten with a brinjal bharta or mashed potatoes called chokha. Name this preparation. Cannabis Indica 2014
  96. 96. 30 Cannabis Indica 2014
  97. 97. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  98. 98. Litti Cannabis Indica 2014
  99. 99. 31 • The Rohet Garh, a classified Heritage Hotel near Jodhpur, besides promoting its cuisine and setting, also has something to say about its contribution to the literary world. “The peace and tranquillity of the environs have drawn writers from around the world”, it says, and highlights two famous brushes with literati. • One of them was in the 1980s, when Bruce Chatwin stayed here for a few months and wrote The Songlines.” • The other instance was in the early 1990s, when a young Scottish writer started writing about a year of living in an Indian city. Name the author and book that resulted. Cannabis Indica 2014
  100. 100. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  101. 101. William Dalrymple, City of Djinns Cannabis Indica 2014
  102. 102. 32 • In the Devi Bhagavatam, there is a story about how Agni, the fire god, warns Rama in a dream that Sita will be kidnapped by Ravana and a fake Sita – Mayasita – can replace the real Sita, who stays with Agni for protection. • Mayasita is kidnapped by Ravana, who is then killed by Rama and Agni returns the real Sita to Rama after the war. • The confused Mayasita, now abandoned by Rama, prays to Lord Shiva for a husband, but when Shiva appears, she is so excited that she expresses her heart’s desire one too many times. Who was she supposedly reborn as? Cannabis Indica 2014
  103. 103. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  104. 104. Draupadi Mayasita supposedly asked for a husband 5 times Cannabis Indica 2014
  105. 105. 33 • One of the stories behind how it got its name is that when an Indian diplomat visited a certain European capital in 1973, he noticed that the city had roads named after Gandhi and Nehru, and went into a nationalist fit of rage about roads back home being named after despots like Aurangzeb. • This man suggested that Lytton Road be re-named _______ ____, after the great scientist whose quincentenary was being celebrated in the country at that time. • After a few strings were pulled, this proposal went through but rather disappointingly, Piotr Kłodkowski’s office is not located there. What road apparently got its name thus? Cannabis Indica 2014
  106. 106. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  107. 107. Copernicus Marg Cannabis Indica 2014
  108. 108. 34 • The term originally referred to multiple sects of wandering dervishes, the most famous one founded by Yusuf-al Andalusi of Spain, that migrated to Central Asia and later India to escape persecution by the Almohad Caliphate. • The musically inclined in us might be familiar with the term since it is part of the title of an Amir Khusro composition, later modified by Bulle Shah, where the ecstasy of a certain Hazrat Lal Shah _________ is glorified – one that has been rendered by many people over the years. What term/sect, now prevalent in the form of a honorific given to men of extreme spirituality? Cannabis Indica 2014
  109. 109. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  110. 110. Kalandar/Qalandar As used in Dama Dam Mast Kalandar Cannabis Indica 2014
  111. 111. 35 • ____ __ _____: The Three Deadliest Words in the World is a 2012 documentary set primarily in India and China and focuses on a problem that is especially prevalent in these two countries. • Sometimes referred to as a secret genocide, cultural practices such as dowry in India and China’s one child policy have been cited as major reasons for its prevalence. Complete the title of this documentary, that is possibly used in happier circumstances to announce an arrival. Cannabis Indica 2014
  112. 112. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  113. 113. It’s a Girl - The film is on female infanticide Cannabis Indica 2014
  114. 114. 36 • The Valiyasala Street settlement in Thiruvananthapuram is currently under threat because an under construction mono-rail/metro threatens to cut across this street. • Residents are protesting that this centuries old settlement must be preserved as a heritage zone, by virtue of holding an unverified record of being the longest in the list of such settlements, that are often compared to garlands around a temple site. What word, that comes from Sanskrit for ‘conglomeration of varnas/castes’ or ‘first/foremost collection of houses’ is applied to such settlements? Cannabis Indica 2014
  115. 115. 36 Cannabis Indica 2014
  116. 116. 36 Cannabis Indica 2014
  117. 117. Answer Cannabis Indica 2014
  118. 118. Agraharam Cannabis Indica 2014
  119. 119. FINALS IN A SHORT WHILE! Cannabis Indica 2014