Faith, Hope, Love


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Discussing the Realities of Faith, Hope and Love

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Faith, Hope, Love

  1. 1. Thrive in Christ Ministries Coach Nikolai
  2. 2.  Writer of Hebrews defines it in the eleventh chapter of Hebrews as the substance of things hoped for, the evidence not seen. Greek-Pistuo (Pistis) Strong Conviction Hope is an expectation of something to happen Substance in the Greek, hypostasis, means “Assurance, Foundation, Setting”. Evidence in the Greek, eleghos, means proof, conviction
  3. 3. Defined as the Foundation of things hoped for. It is an assurance of things hoped for. Confidence of things hoped for.Assurance (Present)  Hope (Future)In their heart, they are assured of a hope and strive toward it, like they already have it. Their mouth and actions follow suit.It is a firm foundation for anything. It is how everything was made. Everything in this world created by faith.Ex. The Book gives a foundation and assurance of the hope of a house of cards being supported.
  4. 4. The foundations of the earth were created.(Worlds were framed)The Unseen Created the SeenThe Substance cannot be seen since it isbased on the unseen.Faith is operating in the unseen to createthe seenApostle Paul is trying to tell us thateverything in existence was created byfaith. The unseen created the seen.In Genesis, Moses said God created theheavens and the earth, by speaking thingsinto existence out of his heart.
  5. 5.  A Person is composed of spirit, soul, body, faith, hope and love. We all have faith, hope and love working in us. God wants us to use it properly. We are all creatures of love since God created us in his own image We were created to have faith, hope and love. We were created to walk by faith and not what you see Feelings and Sight is not always reality.
  6. 6.  Comes by hearing the word of God vs 17 Believed in the Heart vs 9-10 Released with the Mouth vs 9-10 Released with your actions James 2:14-24 Faith of God: Doesn’t try to get Jesus back from above to help us vs 7 Or try to crucify Jesus Again vs 8 Believes it is already done in Jesus Name 2 Peter 1:3 Releases The Power 1 John 5:4 Strives for the hope of it being done 1 Timothy 6:12
  7. 7.  Its total assurance in your heart Bible says to love God with all of your mind, heart and soul With Everything, believe in him The substance is not just in your mind, its in your heart, mind and soul
  8. 8.  Evidence will happen as a result of faith + patience (Hebrews 3:14, 24) But one must believe that God will already provide the evidence, that the evidence is there, before the evidence can be displayed. “Evidence of things not seen”. It is the outward evidence of things not seen. Faith is present view of things to come. You already got it, so keep believing as if you already have it, and you will see the evidence.
  9. 9.  Exhibitted by how one presents his life, in word and deed Confidence will strive to produce actions overtime. This is a universal fact. Why: In your heart, you already see the evidence. So you will do anything to make that a reality in your life. Faith without works is useless, its just meaningless, without substance. It cannot be faith, and it cannot save. Knowing the truth is good will not save you or have evidence, but believing its for you will cause you to act upon it
  10. 10. Walking by faith requires diligence and patience. It’s a new sight in their heart.It works through love, and love causes us to endure, protect, seek God and humble to God.Assurance (Present)  Hope (Future) = Results
  11. 11. Galatians 5:6
  12. 12.  Basic Definition: Affection, Good Will Different Types: Phileo (Brotherly Love) Agape (Unconditional Love) Phileo can be translated into Brotherly Kindness. It is the stepping stone to Agape Love. Faith works in Love…Faith is useless without Love. 1 Corinthians 13:2 James 2:14 Personification: God
  13. 13.  Patient Kind Not Envious Not Boastful Not Arrogant Rejoices and Operates in Truth, Not Iniquity Is not easily provoked Seeks God and Others, Not Selfish Seeks no ill will to his neighbor Unfeigned Thinking No Evil (Not taking record of wrong) Not Rude Believes all things (Godly) Endures all things (Godly) Hopes all things (Godly) Bears all things (Godly) (Protects) Covers Sins (1 Peter 4:8)
  14. 14. Humbles to God and to People. Like a waiter submits to her manager while serves the customers.God gave his children a brand new identity so they can serve him and serve others.Jesus humbled himself to his father for guidance and to People for his ministry so we can learn to do the same Phillipians 2God is love and he wants us to live in the world conflict free. God wants us to represent him on the earth, showing peace, his light and grace. That’s the essence of Love.I will take you through all the attributes so you will know what I mean.
  15. 15.  With Self, a person believes on the Lord Jesus Christ, and out of Love, Seeks God First (Ask, Seek, Knock) Matt 6,7 Follows his guidance Does not want his own way or his own “reputation” (Remember, Jesus was of no reputation), but wants Gods way Is not puffed up or conceited in his own knowledge Is Secure in knowing who he is in Christ. Knowing God is there for him, and knowing what Christ made him. For God loved us, we respond with love back to him. We also fear, or revere God and worship God for who he is Makes him lord because he is our father and protector We seek to enhance his kingdom, because he loved us. We respond by out of love doing things for him, submitting to him. Since we truly love him, we will see him as the ultimate source of truth. We Honor God and Respect God and Serve him with what he has given us, all because he loves us so. Love God with all our mind, heart and soul (Matthew 22:37)
  16. 16.  Like faith, we are to love others with our: Heart (Central Source) Mind (Strength of a Man) Soul (Entire Being) Renew Your Mind to Him Give it All to Him Since God loves you, he wants you to give it all to him.
  17. 17.  Love Serves People by caring for them and doing what it takes for them to succeed. Love puts others needs before their own, unless its vital for their needs to come first Love seeks others for guidance, under God’s authority since God placed people in our lives to care for us and other things. Love respects, honors people Love Accepts People for who they are Love believes the best out of people Love covers people’s sins. Love seeks to always serve the customer the best way he or she can.
  18. 18.  Loving Neighbor as Yourself Matt 22:39 Making Others better, but still meeting your needs as well. Love puts an emphasis on people and not on self. But Self is still managed, because it is given to God (Matthew 6:35)
  19. 19.  Love is always Patient with people and God. Love Always is Patient in tribulation, in good times, and in the bad times. People will do what it takes for the people they love. Faith in God’s Love will cause someone to be patient until God comes through Patience needs to be demonstrated to people to show God. Love Endures All things. It always endures people knowing there is a promise at hand. Hebrews 10,11
  20. 20.  Love always displays affection towards people Love is always Gentle (Matthew 22:39) Love is always Generous (Matthew 5-7) Love is always Tenderhearted (Ephesians 4:32) Love is always soft when needed (Proverbs 15:1) Love always seeks the needs of others Love always gives attention to others above what you think Love does what is best Love seeks the rights and feelings and well-being of others and serves it. Examples of Kind Behaviors: 1. Looking at other people’s point of view 2. Seeking the Welfare of others 3. Going by the pace both want in relationships 4. Seeking to Understand Others Ephesians 4:29-32
  21. 21.  Love does not seek to go out of bounds concerning standard conduct with other people Love does not want ill will towards its neighbor Love does not act pushy towards other people Love does not seek to provoke its neighbor to wrath (Razzing, ETC) Love will always conform Love ALWAYS operates in respect to other people Love never tries to coerce any view on anyone. Love always operates in respect to God Does not overcome evil for evil Does not try to manipulate, harass. Love always strives to be Godly Love always strives to respect other’s cultures, groups KEY: Love submits to God, and to people’s rights, feelings, and well-being, whatever they are Love is not rude in places. It abides by the norms and rules of the places, for the other’s well being. Love never challenges authority, or challenges a culture, or challenges a person unless its for faith purposes. Love does not act like a jerk Love does not “want to understand what I want to understand” and quarrels and steps over people as a result and harasses people as a result. Romans 15:1-2
  22. 22.  Does not seek to be like others Always is secure in God Does not fear man, but fears God Prov 29:25 Worships God, Not Man Fears God We become what we worship, so we strive to be like God. It strives to be what God made you. James 4:1-8
  23. 23.  Does not seek to boast itself/oneself One Boasts because they think they have it all, when they don’t, or are ungrateful. Does not seek to try to “do things themselves” so they can boast about it later. Fools are known for their words, and dead actions Jesus Rebuked Pharisees Purpose of this is so God can get all the credit James 2:14-24 2 Corinthians 11 Ecclesiastes 7 Does not Boast in Works, but Boasts in God
  24. 24.  It doesn’t try to establish self as the source of knowledge, wisdom It is not puffed up in itself It doesn’t attack, criticize others because of “something on the inside of them”. All Cares and Identity is in Christ, Not in itself. Children of God live in their new identity, living for God and for Others. It doesn’t think it’s the way, the truth and the life. It doesn’t operate in the Almighty “I” The Ego attaches itself to money, knowledge, etc and needs to be dealt with. Fears God Romans 12:3, 1 Peter 5:6
  25. 25.  Love is not selfish This is not saying, it doesn’t take care of ones needs It doesn’t try to do things on their own It seeks God in daily lives It seeks Others and loves others It humbles to God and to others, meaning, it seeks to serve others It strives to put ones needs above their own It strives to understand the other person and accept the person for who they are It sticks to the plan God has for him or her It seeks GOD’s FACE Does not seek to do things themselves Does not fear Philipians 2:1-15 KEY: Love others as you love yourself
  26. 26.  Is not easily offended Note the adjective “Easily”. Many churches are now teaching to never get offended. That is a false doctrine. It is slow to anger, slow to wrath. It is not easily set by anything. For Love believes all things. It is unmoved. It Endures All things It is secure in the arms of Christ Matthew 10:14 James 1:19-20
  27. 27.  Love does not have evil associate with it Love does not OPERATE in iniquity, but operates in truth When we love people, we do not want to operate in any beliefs other than Christs. It covers sins (1 Peter 4:8) It rejoices in the truth of all things, not sin It does not rejoice in “sin”. It does not take pleasure in sin. It Thinks, Feels, Acts, Speaks NO EVIL Its ALL GOOD!
  28. 28.  Covers Sins Protects People Cares for People-Fulfilling the Law of Christ If by their side It protects all things with people and not try to expose, harass, etc It seeks to protect people’s rights. It protects everything in God’s house It protects people’s reputations and lives There are exceptions, if its going to cause danger to anyone else. Remember, love does not seek ones own.
  29. 29.  It always has faith in the person that they are going to be great. Depending on the level of relationship is how much faith and hope you have with a person But overall, believe the best for everyone and be hopeful Do not doubt for a second that God saved you from your sins and that he is real. This is not saying be all-believing and open minded, this means, with Christ, believe the best out of them. Through Action, show you truly believe in them.
  30. 30.  Hope is future expectations It hopes the best of everything Has a hopeful attitude, through and through It never gives up, it always endures Here is where patience is It never loses hope, it never fails LOVE NEVER FAILS Most importantly, it keeps confidence in the word being the source.
  31. 31.  You see, when a person believes on Jesus for the remission of their sins, they are saved. God rebirths them, and they have the power to believe God for anything. Their actions will follow, since their debt has been paid. Since they now have a father who loves them, they will do anything to please him and faith in his love will cause them to please God. Out of fearing God, they will want to be diligent to the end of their lives in faith, unless sin gets in their lives and that can be deadly Faith and Love go together. They both compliment each other. Love is what causes us to believe in anything. If we do not love, we cannot have faith. Forgiveness is tied in with it. Make sure you have forgiven everyone. Your affection for God will drive your faith.
  32. 32.  Love causes faith to operate, it energizes your faith. Hatred stalls it It is by loving God and loving people that we begin to put our trust. We love God because he first loved us We are to forgive people, as an act of love In our love for God, we begin to put our trust.
  33. 33.  Must be in God’s love Cannot be for selfish intention Cannot be mixed with doubt Or unbelief Cannot go against another man’s free will Has to believe that he is and that he is a rewarder. Believing Inwardly, Outward Display through the mouth and actions. Forgive People for their sins beforehand Heart Sight, and Goals. No Wavering or Doublemindedness Must be based on the Word of God Knowledge must be there
  34. 34.  Abraham loved God, so he gave sacrifices, he saw the outcome, stirred up his emotions and trusted in God’s love to work it out. Abraham gave his son, since he saw in his heart that God will provide a lamb. Faith involves a feeling. It is not merely a feeling though. Faith does not go up and down as feelings doo. Abraham felt God’s peace. Trust his love. Trust that he will do it for you. Hebrews 11:6 says that you must believe he is and that he will reward you for dilligently seeking him. In your heart, see it come to pass, feel his presence, trust God’s love---Focus on God’s face.
  35. 35.  See his face everyday even if you have to picture it Every Time you believe something, see his face When Simon Peter saw God’s face, he knew he was in the Son’s Presence. When we are in the face of people, our countanence changes See the face of God, so our countanence changes and we can honor and respect him. Believe that he is who he is Imagine talking to him face to face. It will change your countanence.
  36. 36.  Feel his joy and peace when you are in his presence Experience his Goodness Do not get too emotional Experience God
  37. 37.  Trust God’s love, knowing that he will provide. Trust that God will reward you your request and much more when you dilligently seek him Trust his faithfullness and dilligence on his part Trust that he loves you, so you can worship and love him back.
  38. 38.  Quenches ALL fiery darts of the enemy Useless without the rest of the armor Belt of Truth comes first (Operating in Truth) Then New Nature: Faith, Hope and Love. Then Shoes for the preparation of peace Helmet of Salvation (Renewing Mind)* Your Mind has to be renewed . Sword of the Spirit (Need the Word of God) You have to have a conviction in God’s love, to not let circumstances, and people and other satanic attacks to get to you. Its boldness in who you are in Christ that will quench all fiery darts of the enemy. Keep the shield up.
  39. 39. [Keep] adding to Faith:1. Virtue (Morality)2. Knowledge (Knowledge)3. Discipline (Self-Control)4. Perseverance (Continuance)5. Godliness (Godly Character)6. Brotherly Kindness (Affection-See kind slide)7. Love (See Love Slides)Keep increasing in Virtue, Knowledge, and keep maintaining discipline, and a perseverant heart and Godliness, Kindness and Love will shoot out. Keep doing it and never slip.
  40. 40.  Add to your assurance virtue. Striving For Excellence Courage Be Dilligent Strive to be dilligent Faith is present assurance for future hope One has to be diligent to get it To be excellent, to be made better To have a desire to be Godly and to do everything for God To use everything for a Godly purpose
  41. 41.  Add to virtue knowledge To be knowledgeable Any Knowledge Example, Being a Pianist, you have to have faith you can do it, and want to excel and do it right, and add knowledge to that Make sure you have a desire to excel in that knowledge. Make sure it is the correct knowledge Make sure to know how to handle that knowledge Knowledge is applied and used in many different ways. Its like Art, you have to know how its presented, how it fits and how it can be used. Critical Thinking is Assured A perfect example is that in school, they teach you manners, so you can learn how to be virtuous and be good in what you do.
  42. 42.  With virtue and knowledge, you can be disciplined in it Self-Control is discipline according to knowledge and virtue. If you learn virtue and knowledge, in its correct light and order, you can be able to be disciplined in it well. Self-Control and Discipline takes a lot of time. When an engineer knows what he is doing, he will conduct himself in a manner to it. Remember, everything has a color, order so make sure it is done a certain way. You will be trained to apply knowledge and virtue in certain situations. Make sure you dilligently use self-control. Virtue and Knowledge has applications, know how to apply yourself. Self-Control is knowing how to control yourself in situations and being under the power of God. Keep on growing in virtue and knowledge and being disciplined in that. Remember to have the right knowledge and virtue, so your self-control can be right When a person believes, they need virtue, and knowledge, so they can grow in the faith, and discipline will propel them forward. James 1, tongue, mind, actions need to be controlled
  43. 43.  When you know how to control yourself under God, you need to know how to “continue”. Know how to persevere in the things of God But you have to be disciplined and apply it to your life Continuance means to keep doing it in the midst of trials and tribulations We are commanded to persevere, not so we can “go to heaven”, but to enjoy all of what Christ has for us in heaven (Rewards Sakes) Hebrews 3:14.
  44. 44.  When you persevere, you can add Godliness to that. Godliness is knowing how to be Godly. One must strive to excel, know how to be godly, learn how to be disciplined in that, and persevere so Godliness can be performed. Godly men persevere, are full of knowledge and virtue and are disciplined in it. Godliness comes from operation and perseverance in Godly knowledge and virtue. You cannot form godly traits unless you know how to do all of this. Godliness comes out of Godly behavior. Its conforming to Godly Character. Is done through reverence to Christ and God God begins training in Godly Character, by applying virtue, knowledge, discipline, and perseverance.
  45. 45.  Being Kind to them Being Generous Being Affectionate All Religions work on people being kind to one another. Only after someone applies virtue and knowledge and develops godly character and patience that one can be kind to one another. Kindness can only be established over time, it doesn’t happen automatically. One cannot properly show brotherly kindness unless they show virtue, knowledge, self-control, perseverance and Godliness. It just will not work properly, or else, Jesus would of never included after these things. It takes discipline in virtue and knowledge and godliness and perseverence to develop kindness. Brotherly Kindness is being affectioned towards one another, tenderhearted. It is not as the same level as love, but it’s a step down. Ephesians 4:32
  46. 46.  Faith works through love Faith alone will not make you productive Love is more than brotherly affection, where you are kind and generous It’s a self-less love. It seeks to serve God and to serve Others. After “brotherly kindness”, you can love everyone by serving them and serving God. You have to learn how to be virtuous (excel), and know knowledge, and be disciplined in it, and persevere and be Godly and be kind, before love can fully manifest.
  47. 47.  Building on Your Faith, praying in the holy spirit This is essential and needs to be a daily thing Keep praying in the holy spirit Get Baptized in the Holy Spirit Jude 20
  48. 48.  You will be increasing in those things so you will be faith. But remember, it takes time and effort, keep growing in Grace. Remember, who trusts in the lord, shall be like a tree planted by the rivers, and shall not worry when heat comes, or be anxious in the year of drought, but his leaf will be dry, neither will he cease from giving fruit Jeremiah 17:7-8 St. Peter promises that if you do those things you will not be unfruitful.
  49. 49.  Love (1 Cor 13) Joy (Nehemiah 8:10) Peace (John 14:27) Patience (Heb 10,11) Kindness (Ephesians 4:29-32) Gentleness (Timothy letters) Self-Control (Sober-James 4:1-8) Faithfulness (Hebrews 11, Mark 11) Meekness (1 Peter 5:6-7) Remember, the kingdom of God is righteousness, peace and joy in the holy spirit Romans 14:7.
  50. 50.  Walk in the spirit, and you will not fulfill the lusts of the flesh Romans 8 Out of love, surrender yourself to Christ, and follow your new nature Believe that it will work out for you and God will reward you for it. If you walk in the spirit, your emotions cannot control you. It is daily “guided” practice. Spend time with God You will eventually produce fruit if you do walk in the spirit It takes faith in God’s love.
  51. 51.  Enoch (Genesis 5) Moses (Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy) Rahab (Joshua 4-7) Jesus (Phillipians 2) Noah (Genesis 6-8) Abraham (Romans 4, James 2, Genesis 15- 22) Hall of Faith-Hebrews 11 All could not see with their eyes, but in their heart, they believed anyways and saw the evidence come to pass before it did.
  52. 52.  Make sure you believe on Jesus for your sins, that he has paid off you debt. Have faith, or an assurance that you are justified, are being sanctified, and will be glorified, act like you already have it. Believe on Jesus that he is your payment for your sins, confess him as your personal savior with your mouth and believe in your heart. Turn from your sins and turn to God. Turn from the power of sin. The gospel is about removing you from the bondage of sin unto a new life in Christ. It is trusting that Jesus is the way the truth and the life. When you believe on him, you accept him as father, lord and savior. Its not a mere belief, you believe in your heart that he has saved you from your sins. You will want to live in reality of that.
  53. 53.  Abraham believed God and it accounted to him for righteousness His Works soon followed out of continual obedience to God. Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart. Only faith in Christ is essential for salvation, God will give you a new life and you will want to live it out in him. Can Not be undone, but one can stray from the faith.
  54. 54.  Believe that one is already sanctified Believe that one will be sanctified by the renewal of the mind by faith Believing that God will finish the work in you that is started Believe that your soul will be redeemed Sanctification is freedom from the world, not freedom from Hell. Being Set Apart from the world The issue isnt heaven, its rewards One must persevere, hold fast faith so you can get your rewards. Hebrews 3:24. Perfected forever those who are being sanctified (everyone who is justified) Hebrews 10:14 Drawing Back will have consequences. God will not be pleased. Keep pressing forward, keeping the faith. Soul Salvation Premature Death to those who draw back or stray. James 5:19-20
  55. 55.  God promises to glorify our body He that is justified is glorified God sees the end from the beginning. God will glorify all that he is justified. God will complete the work in you and give you a glorified body.
  56. 56.  Knowing God Will Provide Knowing Everything Will Work Out Doing What it takes Start where you are at Use What you Have Do what You can Do everything out of love and for God
  57. 57.  Eternal Security is not a false doctrine Thoroughly taught in scripture Hebrews warning are those of believers losing reward People fight the good fight of faith, knowing they have eternal life, laying hold of it. Ephesians 2 says we are already seated in heavenly places We are already present with God That should motivate you on earth to be more like God, for rewards sake The reward is not heaven, its abundance in heaven.