Minimizing Paper, Maximizing Productivity


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Minimizing Paper, Maximizing Productivity

  1. 1. Minimizing Paperwork, Maximizing Productivity Managing the College Process Using Naviance Jessica Monterastelli and Darryl Tiggle Friends School of Baltimore
  2. 2. Getting to Know Your Students Create your own survey •Size/location/atmosphere •Personal triumphs and challenges •Community service •Have access to your student’s own words for your recommendation
  3. 3. Getting to Know Your Students Create a resume •Ready for interviews and coaches •Ongoing project Prospective college list •Indicate their level of interest •Indicate level of competitiveness
  4. 4. Getting to Know Your Parents Import parent data •Can link multiple students to same parents Separate parent survey •Can share information that may not be shareable in a family meeting •Parent perspective on their child •Understand family dynamic
  5. 5. College Communications • Student, Parent, or both • SAT and ACT Reminders • Can send to specific groups • Assigned counselor • Specific college • Completed/hasn’t completed a milestone • Has not signed FERPA • Set up templates
  6. 6. Journals and Documents • Quickly add a journal entry when you meet with a student, speak with parent or teacher • Make a journal entry and link multiple students for news articles • Upload initial college lists in documents for reference for future students with similar profiles/interests
  7. 7. Managing College Applications Pro/Con of students adding schools •Don’t need to come see counselor every time adding a school •Cannot delete if school materials sent •Should be most current list
  8. 8. Managing College Applications Class of 2013 was first to add their own schools •Initial request was made in person to alert counselor and teachers •Student signed contract stating they understood they were to manage their list and outlined student/counselor responsibilities •Students were more active on Naviance, but tapered off after applications were submitted
  9. 9. Managing Teacher Recommendations Option 1 •Create account for each teacher •They can see the student accounts for anyone who they are writing for •They upload and complete the necessary forms Potential pitfalls: •Status becomes “In Progress” not “Complete” •Teacher submits wrong/incomplete/late materials •Teacher sends all the recommendations
  10. 10. Managing Teacher Recommendations Option 2 •Create “fake” teacher accounts •Counselor has control over what is uploaded and submitted •Counselor is on top of deadlines •Can create a single deadline for all recommendations Potential pitfalls: •Counseling office is clearing house for all materials •Have to follow-up with teachers to get materials •Teachers have to share their recommendations
  11. 11. School Forms Common Application Schools •Transcript, counselor recommendation, and secondary school forms are bundled together •Required teacher recommendation form •All forms must be completed prior to submitting
  12. 12. School Forms Other electronic submission schools •Can send items as they are complete •Have to complete a non-Common Application SSR • NACAC form is preloaded • Upload completed form of your own creation
  13. 13. Transcripts Upload using eDocs printer •Has to be installed •Initial/Midyear/Final Additional transcripts •Make a multi-page file (pdf, Word) and upload as usual 1st Quarter grades •Same process as additional transcript •There is no page limit, just a single file
  14. 14. Sending Materials Deadline-driven •Send materials close to deadlines •Allows time in case student changes mind •Able to add newer grade information, transcripts, etc. •Requires constant management •More frequent views of student accounts to view new schools, fee waiver requests
  15. 15. Sending Materials All-at-once •Less management •Not able to add additional pages to initial transcripts •However, can upload an additional grade report directly in eDocs tab •Student cannot delete a school once materials are submitted
  16. 16. Advocacy Using Naviance Blast email college contacts to set up advocacy calls •Need to keep contacts up to date •Need to run report beforehand so only email current class colleges •Cannot include the name of applicants in the blast emails
  17. 17. Advocacy Using Naviance • Take notes during counselor calls and tag all students discussed for easy reference for other counselors • Able to note trends in admissions for future counseling
  18. 18. Some Suggestions • Contact area/county schools to create a resource group • Have at least one person who is the office “guru” and truly knows the ins and outs • Participate in UXR sessions
  19. 19. Open Discussion • What challenges do you have using Naviance in the college process? • What are some of your school’s best practices? • What tricks have you figured out?
  20. 20. Contact Information Jessica Monterastelli 410-649-3254
  21. 21. Your Feedback Matters! Thank you for attending the Naviance Summer Institute 2013! We greatly appreciate your feedback, please complete a brief evaluation for this session at: