If I Knew Then, Tips and Tricks


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  • Overview of areas will cover. Explain that what is posted in presentation is best practices at NNHS, but may vary depending on school. Also, this is for eDocs schools.
  • User Admin is controlled by Site Manager. While attendees may not be able to make changes, can offer suggestions to Site Manager.
  • To access User Admin: Click on ‘setup’ in top navigation bar On new screen, click on User Admin
  • List of users appear. In left hand navigation, click on ‘manage roles and rights’
  • On User Roles page explain:To add a new role (if not listed), click on ‘+Add New Role’ buttonTo update permissions for listed roles, click on ‘manage’
  • To edit permissions for current role, click on ‘Modify Permissions’In order to keep presentation easy to see, will stay on current screenIn My Account, all 4 options on for staff, allowing them ability to keep account up to dateManage Permissions & School Site Admin are only available to Site Manager, for consistency purposes
  • Key Point: Sign in to FC as student (NNHS best practice)Counselor: Yes (to show student how to utilize account)Teacher: No (teachers currently don’t have need to access students’ accounts)
  • Key Point: View School Report forms (NNHS best practice)Counselors: Yes (in order to fill out form)Teacher: No (prevent someone accidentally filling out form)Key Point: View teacher rec forms (NNHS best practice)Counselor: No (not needed when using SR forms)Teacher: No (1st step of 2, to help prevent seeing other teachers forms, help create confidentiality)Key Point: Add & Delete Student Manually (NNHS best practice) Only Site Manager, to keep data clean (duplicate students added, student accidentally deleted)
  • Key Point: Prepare/Submit SR forms (NNHS best practice)Counselor: Yes (to complete & submit necessary forms)Teacher: No (not needed, and to allow sense of confidentiality)Key Point: Prepare/Submit Teacher recs (NNHS best practice)- Counselor: No (not needed, and to allow sense of confidentiality)Teacher: Yes (to complete & submit necessary forms)
  • Colleges: limited to Site Manager, to have one point enter/update all info (prevents errors)View Reports: available to counselors, to check data on students/colleges/careers/etc
  • Key Point: View All/My Recs (NNHS best practice)All: OFF (allows teachers confidentiality from other teachers reading their letters)My: ON (allows teachers to see their own work)Careers: All yesRemaining left for Site Admin to oversee
  • Remaining settings for Site Admin to oversee
  • Daily report useful at NNHS – gives counselors a ‘to-do’ list (nightly – 1am) of what pending apps still need to be completed
  • To access reports: click on ‘reports’ in top navigation barPoint out custom reports on left, and explain that once we create the following report, their custom ones will appear there too
  • Scroll down to College Reports- To begin creating custom report, click on ‘Customize’ in the Applications By Student line
  • On new screen, go to counselor dropdown menu, and choose name of counselor
  • In Columns section under Students, click ‘Remove All’. Then individually add in:Student IDGPAHigh ACT
  • In Colleges section, change Office Status to ‘Pending’
  • Under Columns in College Section, click ‘Remove All’. Then individually add in: Type (Reg, ED, EA, Pri, Roll)Click ‘View Report’
  • On new screen, click ‘Schedule’ button near top
  • In Pop-up decide:Sharing (who will be able to see this custom report)Report Name (see examples on left, under My Custom Reports)Description (explanation of what is in report)
  • In Staff section, select name of counselor to send report to, and click ‘Add’NOTE: ‘Send to me’ is automatically checked – if you don’t want to receive this report, uncheck (good to know for Site Admin)Choose subject & message to send with attachment
  • Choose format of attachment: PDF vs CSVSend It: how often file will be sent (NOTE: if there are no names on list, no e-mail will be sent)Click acknowledge & ‘Schedule’ button
  • View of what report looks like
  • Wanted ability to ‘shutdown’ transcript/recommendation requests over winter break to give counselors deserved breakAlso prevent last minute requests prior to Jan 1st deadlineWill also utilize this in Summer for next year Seniors, until Senior/Parent program, when all info will be presented at once
  • Two Main Parts: transcripts & recommendations.Start with transcripts:From ‘Home’, click on ‘transcripts’ in sub navigation bar
  • In Transcript Manager, click on ‘settings’On Settings page, click on ‘edit’
  • Within edit, 2 options:Don’t display any transcript request infoDisplay request status (but don’t allow requests) - (NNHS best practice)Save updated settingsNext setting to change: click on ‘recommendations’ in sub navigation bar
  • In Recommendation Manager, click on ‘settings’
  • Within settings, go to Student Requests:Change to ‘Students cannot request…’Save updated settingsOne more additional step (optional) – click on ‘connections’ in top navigation bar
  • On new page, click on ‘Family Connection”
  • On new page, click on ‘Select & Update Optional…”
  • On new page, scroll down to ‘Student Edit Permissions’
  • In Student Edit Permissions section, ‘uncheck’ Add & Edit active applications (NNHS best practice)After we initially ‘shutdown’ other two sections, students were still adding to ‘colleges I’m applying to’, thinking it would get sent outRemoved ability to add schools, to avoid confusion for students/parentsSave updated settings
  • If I Knew Then, Tips and Tricks

    1. 1. If I Knew Then: Tips & Tricks Brian La Porte Counselor Naperville North High School (Naperville, IL) Thursday, July 11th 2013
    2. 2. “If I Knew Then”: Tips & Tricks I. Overview II. User Administration III. Daily ‘Pending Applications’ Report IV. ‘Shutdown’ Transcript / Recommendation Requests V. Questions & Answers
    3. 3. “If I Knew Then”: Tips & Tricks II. User Administration • Different User Role Types • Managing Role • Understanding/Modifying Permissions
    4. 4. User Administration
    5. 5. User Administration
    6. 6. User Administration
    7. 7. User Administration
    8. 8. User Administration Counselor: Yes Teacher: No
    9. 9. User Administration Counselor: Yes Teacher: No Counselor: No Teacher: No No to All Except Site Admin (duplicates)
    10. 10. User Administration Counselor: Yes Teacher: NoCounselor: No Teacher: Yes Counselor: Yes (If this is off, you can’t see Apps & Transcript Manager.)
    11. 11. User Administration
    12. 12. User Administration ** NOTE **
    13. 13. User Administration
    14. 14. “If I Knew Then”: Tips & Tricks III. Daily „Pending Applications‟ Report • Accessing Reports • Customizing Reports • Scheduling Report Deliveries
    15. 15. Daily „Pending Applications‟ Report
    16. 16. Daily „Pending Applications‟ Report
    17. 17. Daily „Pending Applications‟ Report
    18. 18. Daily „Pending Applications‟ Report
    19. 19. Daily „Pending Applications‟ Report
    20. 20. Daily „Pending Applications‟ Report
    21. 21. Daily „Pending Applications‟ Report
    22. 22. Daily „Pending Applications‟ Report
    23. 23. Daily „Pending Applications‟ Report
    24. 24. Daily „Pending Applications‟ Report
    25. 25. Daily „Pending Applications‟ Report
    26. 26. “If I Knew Then”: Tips & Tricks IV. „Shutdown‟ Transcript / Recommendation Requests • Change Transcript Settings • Change Recommendation Settings • Change Family Connection Settings
    27. 27. „Shutdown‟ Transcript / Recommendation Requests
    28. 28. „Shutdown‟ Transcript / Recommendation Requests
    29. 29. „Shutdown‟ Transcript / Recommendation Requests
    30. 30. „Shutdown‟ Transcript / Recommendation Requests
    31. 31. „Shutdown‟ Transcript / Recommendation Requests
    32. 32. „Shutdown‟ Transcript / Recommendation Requests
    33. 33. „Shutdown‟ Transcript / Recommendation Requests
    34. 34. „Shutdown‟ Transcript / Recommendation Requests
    35. 35. „Shutdown‟ Transcript / Recommendation Requests
    36. 36. “If I Knew Then”: Tips & Tricks V. Question & Answer Brian La Porte Counselor, Naperville North HS blaporte@naperville203.org
    37. 37. Your Feedback Matters! Thank you for attending the Naviance Summer Institute 2013! We greatly appreciate your feedback, please complete a brief evaluation for this session at: http://go.naviance.com/evaluations