Sap hr training demo


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Sap hr training demo

  1. 1.  Enterprise- Individual or group of people working for a company towards a common goal. Resource – Manpower, Money, Material, Machine, Methodology. Planning – The process of setting goals, developing strategies and schedules to accomplish the goals.
  2. 2.  ERP means maximum utilization of all the resources to achieve the common goal of the enterprise in a systematic and in a planned manner. Data Processing means the process of converting data to knowledge is called data processing. There are various tools to process the data. They are - Human Brain, Abacus, Calculator, and Computer Software.
  3. 3.  Data can be processed manually and electronically. In Manual system, the whole process is very tedious and takes lot of time and expensive But in Electronic data processing helps in reducing the time and cost in processing data, Better and Faster decision making, Can focus on overall business processes.
  4. 4. There are various ERP Packages available in the market. SAP Oracle Baan JD Edward PeopleSoft
  5. 5.  SAP – Systems, Applications and Products in Data Processing. SAP was started by 5 ex IBM’s employees in the year 1972. Earlier they have started with ECC 4.7 now we are working on ECC 6.0 Platform – Net viewer R/3 – Real time 3 tire architecture.
  6. 6.  SAP is a Multi Module, Multi Language and Multi country ERP application software. All the modules can be integrated together based the customer requirement.In SAP, we have 3 Servers – Production Server Quality Server Development Server.
  7. 7. Modules are divided into - Functional Module. Technical Module. Techno-Functional Module. New Dimensional Module.
  8. 8. Some of the Functional Modules are : SAP HR - Human Resources. SAP FICO - Finance & Controlling. SAP SD - Sales & Distribution. SAP MM - Material Management. SAP PP - Production Planning. SAP PS - Project System.
  9. 9. Some of the Technical Modules are –SAP ABAPSAP BASISSAP XISAP PISAP WAS
  10. 10. Some of the Techno-Functional Modules are :SAP ABAP-HRSAP BIWSAP BISAP ABAP CRM
  11. 11. Some of the New Dimensional Module are:SAP HCMSAP SCMSAP CRMSAP MDMSAP SRM.
  12. 12.  Project Preparation. Business Blue Print. Realisation Phase. Final Preparation. Go Live & Support.
  13. 13. 1) Introduction to SAP - Introduction to ERP Overview of SAP SAP modules at a Glance Implementation Tools Navigation Path with R/3 System.2) ASAP Methodology- Project Preparation Business Blue Print Realisation Phase Final Preparation Go Live & Support
  14. 14. 3) Personnel Administration – Personnel Actions in Administration Hire a person User Group and Info groups Info Types Maintain Employee Master Data4) HCM Structures Enterprise Structure Personnel Structure Organizational Structure Pay scale Structure
  15. 15. 5) Enterprise Structure – Client Company Code Personnel Area Personnel Sub Area6) Personnel Structure - Employee Group Employee Sub Group Payroll Accounting Area
  16. 16. 7) Organisational Structure - Organisational Unit Job Positions Person Task Cost Centre8) Pay scale Structure - Pay Scale Type Pay Scale Area Pay Scale Group Pay Scale level
  17. 17. 9) Organizational Management – Creation of Organisation Struture Simple Maintenance Organization & Staffing Expert Mode General Structure Matrix10) Time Management - Allot working timings to Employee Break Schedules Work Schedules Time Data Recording & Administration ime Management Info types
  18. 18. 11) Payroll- Over view of Payroll Components Explain about SAP R/3 payroll basics Wage types Valuation Methods Payroll Run Payroll Driver 12) Recruitment- Maintain Advertisements Maintain Applicant Structures Maintain Applicant Data Selection Process Personnel Actions in Recruitment Hire/ Reject A person
  19. 19. 13) Personnel Development- Overview of Personnel Development Profile Match up with Applicant Career & Success Plan of Employee Qualifications
  20. 20. Thank You...