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Dsp thrissur acknowledgment


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Transcript of "Dsp thrissur acknowledgment"

  1. 1. < CONTENTS > ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS The “District Spatial Plan for Thrissur” envisages planned sustainable spatial development of the District.The preparation of the Plan was started in March 2010 as part of preparation of the “State Perspective Plan forKerala – Study on Urbanisation in Thrissur District”. Thrissur is one of the district in the state where the project ofpreparation of Integrated District Development Plan (IDDP) and Local Development Plans (LDP) has been ex-tended vide GO (Rt) 354/04/LSGD dated 1/2/07. The data base and initial analysis done for the above study andthat collected for the IDDP have been intensively used for the preparation of this plan. In this regard I am grateful to the encouraging leadership and motivation given by our Department headSri Eapen Varghese, Chief Town Planner to Govt. of Kerala. But for his support and leadership , the plan wouldnot have came to light within a short period. I also express my gratitude for the creative and valuable advice given by Sri. G. Mohanan, Senior TownPlanner, Office of the Cheif Town Planner, Thiruvananthapuram in the preparation of the plan. The report was finalized after a series of discussions, revisions, editing etc. I would like to thank all thosewho have participated in these discussions and plan preparation. The carving out of methodology, using appro-priate planning techniques, data analysis and above all constant and effective monitoring are crucial in thesuccessful completion of any plan. The success of this plan is also the result of efforts taken by a dedicated teamof officers of the Department. In this connection, I am extremely thankful to Sri. Jacob Easow, Senior TownPlanner, Smt.Ushakumari P.R. Town Planner, Sri.K. Baiju, Deputy Town Planner and other staff of State ProjectCell, CTP Office, Thiruvananthapuram for their support, guidance and valuable assistance for materializing thisplan. Last but not the least, I also convey my thanks to the officials of District Planning Unit Thrissur, especially toSri. T.N. Rajesh, Deputy Town Planner and other staff in IDDP/LDP Project cell, Thrissur, for their sincere anddedicated service in preparing this plan. I once again express my gratitude to all those who were associated for successful completion of this planand I believe that it will contribute to the orderly development of the District.Thrissur P.V. Mary19-1-2011 Town Planner, Thrissur << BACK < CONTENTS > NEXT >>