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SRCP seminar
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    SRCP seminar SRCP seminar Presentation Transcript

    • Simple Railroad Command Protocol Version 0.8.3 Naveen John Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences
    • Strategies used to select the final test cases • Black box Testing – Boundary value Analysis – Equivalence partitioning – Pairwise testing – Error guessing • White Box Testing – Statement coverage
    • • Boundary value analysis: • Since these boundaries are common locations for errors that result in software faults they are frequently exercised in test cases. Device Group Command Specification GA INIT Valid addresses are (M) from 1- 324 GA INIT Valid addresses are ( N) from 1-511
    • • Equivalence partitioning This divides the input data of a software unit into partition of data from which test cases can be derived Eg: In Device Group GL ( S ) Valid Range Partition ...,-2,-1 Invalid Partition 1 0 , …. 111 Valid Partition 112….. Invalid Partition 2
    • • Pairwise testing – For each pair of input parameters to a system, test all possible discrete combinations of those parameters – Eg : INIT 1 GA 200 N 1 1
    • Metrics used – Severity – Business impact – Failure Impact – Test cost in terms of time (Cost of testing / total cost *100%) – Test Coverage = Number of units tested / total size of the system – Cost to locate defect = Cost of testing / the number of defects locate – Quality of code
    • Reporting FINAL REPORT Tester Naveen John Test cases Planned 75 Test cases Implemented 50 Test cases Executed 43 Bugs found 15 Tests conducted Black Box & White Box Test duration 50 hours Test status Completed on 23.06.2010 Severity High Feedback from Tester Not suitable for production. Bugs need to be fixed
    • Findings on SRCP Specification Command Test observation Test Severity Result All words are case- sensitive. set CoNnectionMode Works well with FAIL 4. Low Commands and replies Srcp coMmand lowercase letters as of the SRCP are always well. written in uppercase letters. Fails to stop the Stops and removes the timer. FAIL 1. Very timer TERM 0 TIME Error message is High displayed Re-initializes the server. Fails to Reset. All devices are set in the RESET 0 Error message is FAIL 1. Very default state. SERVER displayed High
    • Specification Command Test observation Test Result Severity Reports data about GET 0 Does not report the session as 100 SESSION 2 data about the FAIL 3.Medium INFO. session but rather an error Sets the value for SET 1 FB Fails to set the 1. Very High the FB specified 0*222222 0 value FAIL Error message is displayed The concerned bus TERM 1 FB Fails to do so but 1. Very High is taken out of the instead displays an FAIL runing error communication without deleting it from the list of present busses.
    • Device Command Specification Test Test Result Severity Group Observation GA INIT Valid addresses Only 1-256 FAIL 1. Very High (M) are from 1- 324 addresses can be initialized GA INIT Valid addresses Only 1-256 FAIL 1. Very High ( N) are from addresses 1-511 can be initialized GA INIT Valid addresses Only 1-256 FAIL 1. Very High (S) from addresses 0-111 can be initialized GA SET Delay of 0 is Delay of 0 is FAIL 1. Very High not valid valid GA SET ( * ) Sign which Error FAIL 1. Very High means ALL message is known GA , displayed should be valid
    • Device Command Specification Test Observation Test Severity Group Result GL GET Gets information Fails to get the FAIL 3.Medium from the server information & displays an error message GL INIT INIT the kind of Fails to do so but FAIL 1. Very ( Without data transfers and rather displays High optional fundamental an error message parameters) features of the decoder is reported to the server
    • White Box test results Function Bugs Severity *thr_sendrec_S88 usleep is not checked for incorrect result 2.High init_bus_S88 Result from call to ioperm(S88PORT, 3,1) which checks the port 2.High accessibility is not checked.
    • Future Enhancements • Include Cause-effect graphing • Perform Fuzz testing • Increase Code coverage – Decision/condition coverage – Multiple-condition coverage • Perform Stress Testing