Naveed Lalani's LinkedIn Case Study


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Created for "Managing Your Professional Identity and Growth with LinkedIn" Webinar for IPN Global.

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Naveed Lalani's LinkedIn Case Study

  1. 1. A LinkedIn Case Study By Naveed Lalani i am linked in
  2. 2. About Me Serial Entrepreneur Community Builder Thought Leader
  3. 3. Profile Snippet Views Graph
  4. 4. Stats 2,874 Connections link me to 19,438,485+ professionals 53,780 New people in my Network since March 20 37 Recommendations Received 7 Recommendations Given 13 People have viewed my profile in the past 3 days 73 Times I have shown up in search results in the past 3 days 1% Most Viewed LinkedIn profiles for 2012
  5. 5. Yes, I am a LinkedIn addict, but why?
  6. 6. How LinkedIn Helps Me Serial Entrepreneur
  7. 7. Summary Background “Who are you?” Experience
  8. 8. DonorNation Company Page Company Page “Tell me more about your past companies.”
  9. 9. Recommendations Received Recommendations “Are you legit?”
  10. 10. My Endorsements Endorsements “Who else likes you and for what.”
  11. 11. Mutual Connections Cross-Checking Connections “Whom do we both know?”
  12. 12. Search Results Finding Connections “I need to talk to xyz company.”
  13. 13. Get Introduced Asking For Introduction “I want to connect with xyz person.”
  14. 14. How LinkedIn Helps Me Community Builder
  15. 15. Community Service Profile Volunteer Experience & Causes “What else are you up to?”
  16. 16. IPN LinkedIn Group My LinkedIn Groups “I want to mobilize my community.”
  17. 17. “Muslim” Groups Search Joining Other LinkedIn Groups “I want to outreach to other groups.”
  18. 18. Finding A New Speaker Through 2nd Degree Speaker Connections “I need to find speakers for an event.”
  19. 19. How LinkedIn Helps Me Thought Leader
  20. 20. My SlideShare Presentations Professional Portfolio “I want to see some of your presentations.”
  21. 21. What I’ve Written Publications “Where can I read your thoughts?”
  22. 22. Where I Have Spoken & Been Recognized Honors & Awards “Has anyone else recognized him?”
  23. 23. Who Influences Me Influencers “I want to learn from others.”
  24. 24. Recommended News LinkedIn Pulse “What do I need to learn today?”
  25. 25. Let’s Connect! Add me on LinkedIn: Follow me on Twitter: Email me: