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Venture lab.secondassignment.musicrepublic

  1. 1. Venture LabSecond Assignment April 23rd, 2012
  2. 2. IntroductionThe business is a online music shop focused in the non mainstreammusic. Our goal is not to sell a million songs from ten musicians, ourgoal is to sell one song from one hundred thousands musicians.The idea is that users can pay a monthly subscription to listen to allmusic. Users will pay if we offer them all the music in the world.
  3. 3. Customers1. Musicians and little Record Companiescan upload music online to sell it. They canto share for free some song if they want, topromote their music. If they want, can to puttheir music for a “music pool”, where theusers can hear it paying a flat rate. Themusic owners obtain money of this flat ratewhen his music it´s listened.2. Personal users can buy the music, or paya flat subscription to hear music without ads3. Professional user are business that wantto have music in their offices. They canchoose the type of music, to have apersonalized music ambient.
  4. 4. Offer ValueOnline music shop (PC andApp) which allow to music bandsand independent RecordCompanies to distribute theirmusic, and let to users to knownew groups based on otherrecommendations. It also enableto discover songs based on yourprofile.
  5. 5. MarketingUsers can to share the music thathave purchased in Facebook, thegoal it´s that the most people can tolisten your music.Musicians and Records Companiescan to share for free some songs orextras to promote their works.The online shop will be integrated inFacebook, and will have an app forsmartphones and tablets.
  6. 6. FeaturesThe users (consumers and business) The music band and Recordcan: Companies::● Post a comment about group ● They can create an album and/or song ● Have their own official● They can share it with friends. webpage/blog or link it here.● They can ask for similar groups. ● They can inform about● The user can also add tags to the concerts, new album... music groups and indicate if they ● They can contact fans sound like any other group ● They can sell tickets for concert● The user can save group and ● They get money from ringtones songs as favourites, create (shared with website and playlist and albums records company)● The user will get news from the music group and communicate with them
  7. 7. RevenueThe company gets money from:● Advertisement● Ringtones based on hits.● Selling tickets for concerts.● Sell songs and albums.● Flat rates of music for personal users.● Flat rates of personalized music for business.
  8. 8. Thanks for your attention