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SEO Copywriting for the web
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SEO Copywriting for the web


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SEO and Copywriting for the Web. A guide on writing for online audiences

SEO and Copywriting for the Web. A guide on writing for online audiences

Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Writing for the Web
    SEO and Online Copywriting
  • 2. How Do Search Engines Work?
    Crawler-Based Search Engines e.g. Google
    Human-PoweredDirectories e.g. The Open Directory, DMOZ
    "Hybrid Search Engines" Or Mixed Results e.g. MSN search
  • 3. How Do Search Engines Work?
  • 4. What is SEO?
    A form of search engine marketing
    Connects your brand/ product to the users searching for it
  • 5. Why is SEO Important?
  • 6. How Do Pages Rank?
    Google checks through list of pages in Index for pages containing matching phrases and / or synonyms
    Of those pages containing this phrase, Google checks for:
    Highest keyword density within the copy on the page found
    Matching keywords in Heading tags on page
    Matching keywords bolded on page
    Anchor text links formed from these keywords on the page and on links to this page
    Matching keywords in the page title tag
    Matching keywords in the page description tag
    Matching keywords in the page keyword tag
    Further instructions for robots to follow & valid HTML layout
  • 7. Meta Tags
  • 8. Why are Meta Tags Important?
  • 9. Other Page Rank Factors
    Google also checks for off page factors associated to the page including:
    Number & Quality of Incoming Links
    Incoming anchor text links
    Page load time
    Page size
    Google Page Rank
    URL Structure
    Many more
  • 10. On Page SEO Factors
    On page factors YOU have direct control over
    Control of the content (and meta tags) on pages = huge SEO influence
    Pages should be optimised individually
    Focus on 2-5 keywords max to optimise a page for
  • 11. Writing for the Web is Different
    The visuals of reading from the monitor i.e. the resolution, the colour contrasts, the light all make prolonged reading less comfortable online.
    Hyperlinks - Placing hyperlinks throughout web text has conditioned Internet users to jump pages and topics in the middle of a paragraph.
    Competition with the click of the "back" button, searchers have a list of links to your competitors and there is no guarantee they'll return.
  • 12. The Rules
    Include the keywords and phrases (and variations) as many times as naturally possible with the copy, with the most important of the keywords as close to the beginning as possible
    Grab the reader. Tell them what they want to know. That's going to mean throwing out many of the conventions of "good writing" that you learned in school i.e. NO introductory paragraph.
    Short paragraphs. Even single sentences set off with paragraph spacing-are most effective on the web because they can be differentiated and skimmed at a glance. Visual formatting is a key aspect of effective copy on the web.
    Most writing aimed at the general public should be geared toward a secondary school reading level.
    Don’t use formalistic language Never say "formulated a plan" where "planned" will do"
  • 13. The Goals
    Tell the readers everything you want them to know RIGHT UP FRONT and include most important keywords
    Make the copy readable enough-and compelling enough-that readers want to continue to the end
  • 14. Example 1:
    Thanks for visiting our website!
    We're Bob and Carol Jenkins, and we've been in business at the same location for more than thirty years. Make yourself at home, take a look around the site. We think you'll enjoy the many handcrafted products available for online order or in our shop.”
  • 15. Example 2:
    “Share a piece of your childhood with
    your grandchildren!
    For more than thirty years, Craftiques has handcrafted toys and collectibles with an old-fashioned feel and old-fashioned quality--at a fraction of the price you'd pay for antique toys.
    Browse our web catalogue or drop by our shop in downtown Carlisle to see our hand-carved spinning tops, custom-built dollhouses and furniture, hand-sewn rag dolls.”
  • 16. Example 3
    Old Fashioned Handcrafted Toys and Collectibles from Craftiques!
    Craftiques has handcrafted toys and collectibles with an old-fashioned feel for more than thirty years!
    Our handcrafted toys – all reasonably priced - include hand-carved spinning tops, custom-built dollhouses and hand-crafted rag dolls. Buy our collectibles online or visit our Carlisle store.
  • 17. Writing for The Web Overview
    Write Like a Journalist.
    Keep it concise.
    Make your text visually accessible.
    Break up the Text and highlight important keywords
    Ensure the language is natural and flows well.
    Check your spelling!
  • 18. Making Text Visually Accessible
    Plum Grove Acres Horse Riding Centre offers:
    Horseback Riding
    Riding Lessons
    Stable Rental
    Grooming Services
    Picnic Areas
    Horse Riding Amenities
    The horse riding centre is situated close to Wimbledon Village, and caters for disabled riders, children and more advanced riders by offering basic and advanced riding lessons including dressage and horse show training.
  • 19. Remember!
    Content is King
    SEO is important to get your page up there on the first page of Search Engines
    SEO should be seen as a hybrid of techy elements and good marketing messages
    Remember to address messages to the end customer
    Only your customers own credit cards- not Google (yet)!