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M62 rihanna

  1. 1.     Real name: Robyn Rihanna Fenty Born on February 20th 1988 Born in Saint Michael, Barbados Occupation: Recording Artist, Actress, and Fashion designer  She started recording and writing songs in 2004  Her Genres are: R&B, Pop, Regge, Hip Hop, and Dance  Currently dating Chris Brown.
  2. 2.  Debut Album: Music of the Sun – 2005  Followed by: A Girl Like me – 2006  Good Girl gone Bad – 2007  Reloaded – 2008  Rated R – 2009  Loud – 2010  Talk that talk – 2011  Unapologetic – 2012
  3. 3.  Twitter: @rihanna  Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rihanna  YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/RihannaVEVO  Instagram: BADGALRIRI  Myspace: https://myspace.com/rihanna  Rihanna is very active on all her sites, she frequently posts pictures on Instagram, all her music is posted on her YouTube channel and MySpace page and she is a constant twitter as she has over 8,808 tweets!.
  4. 4.  Rihanna has definitely found her audience and she has found a big fan crowd!  Her twitter account has over 34.2 MILLION followers  Her instagram account has over 11.91 MILLION followers  Facebook has over 85,477,416 likes  YouTube has 12,987,196 Subscribers to her channel
  5. 5.  Her audience is mainly young teenage/adults  To be specific – ages 18-24  the music produced is directed towards young energetic individuals  Rihanna’s fashion – dressing style is very chic and modern and very daring, her target being young female adults  Rihanna’s music is mainly R&B and Hip Hop – so targeting an audience that has a taste for that kind of music  With the outstanding amount of followers she has on her fan pages goes to show she has found her audience!
  6. 6. Twitter  Please keep the people of Venezuela in your prayers! Devastating to see!  R.I.P. To one of our fallen soldiers, brutally murdered yesterday in Brazil! 14 year old Thiago, will forever be in our hearts! #Navy  Me and Latin Queen  Buy Shakira's "Can't Remember To Forget You" feat. Rihanna on iTunes http://itun.es/i6FZ3q2  Through Twitter Rihanna posts statues about things happening around the world, showing her concern and sympathy towards others. she also posts about her upcoming events or songs promoting her brand to her fans. She mixes both her work and personal life which gives a good mix.
  7. 7. Instagram/Facebook  On Instagam and Facebook Rihanna posts pictures and statues of her Albums (a way of promoting her music) and recent activities that she has been apart of and enjoys doing. This way not only is she selling her brand but is also relating to her fans around the globe!
  8. 8. YouTube/Myspace  Through YouTube and Myspace Rihanna advertises her music and music videos. All her music videos are posted on her channels, this way her fans are up to date with her latest music and is a way for her to promote her music. ****
  9. 9.  Rihanna is engaged with her audience effectively though majority of her tweets, pictures and videos.  By sharing her work she is engaging with the audience by show casing her talent. Fans are always on the look out for the latest Rihanna fashion trends or where she is going to be next. By sharing this content she is engaging with her audience indirectly.  By posting when her next tour is, or next release of a song is also another way of engaging with her audience.
  10. 10. What she does NOT do  One thing she does not do is have full conversations with her fans over her online sites, which is understandable because talking to millions of fans would just be way to time consuming – let alone impossible  Another thing I feel she does not do is encourage other fan members to spread the word – whether it be about her next tour or album release.  You see some rewetting happening on her account, but not so much in mu opinion.
  11. 11.  One of the most frequent ways I hear about Riahnna is through the Radio. 92.5 or 99.9 FM Radio station are always giving free tickets to her shows when she is on tour, “Call now for a chance to see Rihanna”  I believe this is a very affective way because there are numerous amount of people who are listening to the radio while stuck in traffic or at home though live stream. Giving them a free ticket is only promoting Rihanna’s music as well as the radio station.
  12. 12. *…….….*  I sometimes see advertisements on MTV promoting her songs or latest tours, however I’m not much a TV watcher, therefore it may be affective to others, but not so much for me.  Another big one is magazines! When you go grocery shopping or any store and stand in line to check out, a bunch of magazines are placed in the aisle. Usually at times like this i browse through them and see many advertisements about Rihanna in there. This is a great way to promote her music and herself because majority of people waiting in line scan through these magazines as well.
  13. 13.  This ties into the content that Rihanna posts and shares with all her fan members through her various sites. She consistently tweets everyday – even re tweeting her fans posts at times with her own comment  Looking at instagram, people comment on her pictures she posts and she replies in a friendly manner to their comments.  She is always engaging with her audience one way or another – whether it be through pictures, posts, or sharing her music!
  14. 14. *……*  In the picture to the right, you can see that Rihanna replied to her fans by thanking them for all their support. This was a picture of a status that she posted on Twitter.  This shows how engaged she is with her fans consistently.