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  2. 2. BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF CHANAKYA• Chankaya is the greatest known kingmaker, strategist, andthinker in the history of our nation• Born around 350 BC and died around 283 BC• Chankaya was born to Rishi Chanak in Patliputra, Maghadh which is currently Patna, Bihar in India• Name at birth was Vishnugupta but was later known asChānakya and Kautilya
  3. 3. BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF CHANAKYA• After completing his education, Vishnuguptabecame a professor of political science at TaxilaUniversity. Here he got the names Chanakya andKautilya due to his fame and wits.• Later became Prime Minister of EmperorChandragupta Maurya
  4. 4. WORKS• Chanakya Nitti• Chanakya Sutra• Artha Sastra
  5. 5. QUOTES FROM CHAANAKYA NEETI“If you were to choose between evilperson and a snake to keep companywith, opt for the snake Because a snakewill bite only in self-defense but an evilperson can put a bit for any reason andany time or always.”
  6. 6. QUOTES FROM CHANAKYA NEETI“You can win over; a greedy by offer ofmoney, a proud person by coweringbefore him, a fool by agreeing withhim and a scholar by speaking thetruth.”
  7. 7. QUOTES FROM CHANAKYA NEETI“Do not live in a country that does notallow you; self-respect, honor, means ofliving, a family, kith andkin, friends, well wishers, ways ofeducation and self-development. Quitsuch country. It is not fit for living. ”
  8. 8. ACCORDING TO CHANAKYA SUTRA Before you start some work , always askyourself 3 questions: Why I am doing it, whatthe results might be, and will be successful.Only when you think deeply, and findsatisfactory answers to these questions go ahead. Once you start a work on something, don’t beafraid of failure and don’t abandon it. Keepworking sincerely
  9. 9.  The biggest guru mantra is : Never share secretswith anybody, It will destroy you. If a person is an expert of a particular field, heshould be employed in doing work in that areaonly. Take all the decisions on the basis of acquiredknowledge and past experience.
  10. 10. VERSES RELATED TO MANAGEMENT TOPICSIN “KAUTILYA’S ARTHASHASTRA”WEALTH CREATION“Wealth will slip away from the foolish person, whocontinuously consults the stars; for wealth is thestar of wealth; what will the stars do? Capablemen will certainly secure wealth at least after ahundred trails”
  11. 11. CORPORATE GOVERNANCE“In the happiness of the subjects lies thebenefit of the king and in what is beneficialto the subjects is his own benefit”
  12. 12. SELECTION OF EMPLOYEESAppointment of traineesA „trainable‟person is the one who has the followingqualities1.Desire to learn2.Effective listening ability3.Ability to reflect (think from all angles)4.Ability to reject false views5.Intentness on truth not on any person
  13. 13. HANDLING EMPLOYEES Sama (counselling) Dana (offering of gifts) Danda (Punishments) Bheda (creating a split)
  14. 14. SIX STRATEGIES TO DEAL WITHCOLLABORATIONSANDHI: Sandhi means to get into the contract for peaceful running ofbusiness and not to harm each other. An organization should not indulgeinto any controversy because it affects the image of the organization .While entering into the agreement, the party should not include any ofthe clause which is not acceptable by the other partyVIRAHAM: Viraham means war or competition, this strategy tells thatthere should be competition between the organization but thesecompetition should not be unethical i.e one should upgrade the qualityof the product to give competition but should not counter attack on theother partyExample: Rin v/s Tide
  15. 15. ASANAM: Asanam means waiting for proper time. A businessmanshould wait for the proper time to act upon the situations. Becausedoing right things at the wrong time is considered wrong.Example : MC. DONALD’S, it was failed to build goodwill becauseMC. DONALD’S first started with non-veg foods which was notaccepted by Indian people at that time.SHARANAM: Sharanam means providing shelter. As shelter is oneof the basic need of human so as an organization it should provideshelter to their employees to motivate them towards the work.Along with shelter, an organization should also provide additionalbenefits like allowances, bonus etc.
  16. 16. YAANAM: Yaanam means acquiring new territories. An organizationshould always think about acquiring new business or to expand theexisting business. As expanding of business will provide high profit aswell as security, if one branch is unable to make profit then otherbranch which is running in profit it balance the organization.DWAIDHI BHAAVA : Dwaidhi bhaava means dual policy. Resorting topeace with one and war with another is dual policy. According to thisstrategy one should make good relationship with one competitor andindulge into war with other competitor. Because if there will be anyproblem going to occur in the near future then he should have someoneto help him for surviving in the market.Chanakya applied, practiced and succeeded in each of these strategies indealing with Alexander, Nandas, Malayakethu and many otherleaders. With the help of these strategies he assured victory.
  17. 17. THANK YOU