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Spanish Conquest and Settlement ♥ (Group 3)
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Spanish Conquest and Settlement ♥ (Group 3)


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  • 1. Villalobos Magellan Legaspi
  • 2. The coming of the Spaniardsand assimilation of the Philippinesto the Spanish rule• Why Spanish came to the orient ? => They admired the wonders of the orient. => They traded with the asian country. => In this trade the venetians enjoyed the monopoly.
  • 3. =>Christians crusaders went to the orient because of the desire to know more about the countries of the orient. * The trade routes *~>developing their trade with orient toEurope. 1. NORTHERN ROUTE *Cities of samarkand and bokhara,the around the caspian sea and the black sea and finally to constantinople in the Medeterranian.
  • 4. 2 CENTRAL ROUTE *started in mallaca in Malay peninsula , thento the indian ocean and the indiansports, then to the persian gulp to bagdad andconstantinople and finally to cairo in themedeteranian .3. SOUTHERN ROUTE * started to mallaca, then in the indianocean and to the ports of india, then to thered sea and finally to cairo in themedeteranian .
  • 5. EARLY VOYAGE THE ORIENT first to sent expedition to the orient. one of the most famous PORTUGESE NAVIGATOR was PRINCE HENRY who was called “the navigator”.AZORES= near the coast of africa about1421.this expedition discovered the island ofMADEIRA & AZORES .They also developed the spanish colonies.They also use instrument
  • 6. Christopher columbus•navigate of genoa , went to spain and offered hisservice to the king and queen.•he also discovered NORTH AMARICA in1492.AMERIGO VISPUCCI•explore to what columbus had found.• the name america is named after him.VICENTE PINZON•discovered brazilNUNEZ DE BALBOA• discovered the pacific ocean.
  • 7. THE DIVISION OF THE WORLD♦ the portugal first sail to the orient and to establishthe colonies.♦the rivalry resulted from the discoveries made bythe spain and portugal♦there is a possibility that the two GREATCHRISTIAN nations might go to war because ofthere rivalry. POPE ALEXANDER VI = he divides the world into two =he said that the east is belonged to portugal
  • 8. The important of the treaty 1. An imaginary line was drawn from north to south at the distance of 370leagues west of the cape verde islands . Lands to be discovered east of this line would belong to portugal and those went would belong to spain. 2. If spanish ships discovered lands east of the demarcation line said lands should be turned over to portugal and lands discovered by portuegese ships west of the line should tuned over to spain. 3. No portuegese ship shall be sent to lands belongs to spain & vice versa for the porpose of trading with them.
  • 9. MAGELLAN EXPEDITIONFerdinand Magellan- a portuegese whowent to spain to offer his service to the king.He had been seen the battle in mallaca&africa. The king ignore him .With the helpof his „father in law & don juan de aranda‟ aman occupying a very high position in thespain.the king was amazed he sent anexpedition in spiceislands under thecommand of magellan.
  • 10. FIVE SHIPS ♥ trinidad ( flag ship) ♥ concepcion ♥ victoria ♥ santiago ♥ san antonioAfter they reached brazil they continue to voyage torio de janeiro and reach the rio deplanta infeb.1520.Magellan crossed the pacific ocean toreach the ladrones island ( samar ) in 1521 .Onmarch 1521 thisis the date when the first spaniardscame to the phil.Magellan also reach limasawa.march 31 has mass celebrated .Father PEDRO DEVALDERRAMA.
  • 11. BATTLE OF MAKTAN ** April 8 1521 the ships harbor of cebu . The cebu chieftain (RAJA HUMABON) welcome spaniards ang soon a blood compact. Across was erected and magellan persuaded the cebuanos to become christians.Magellan presented JUANA an image of infant jesus in the patron of cebu.In the batttle of magellan he wounded in the leg and somewhere in the body .When magellan died the other spaniards came back to spain.
  • 12. THE EXPEDITION OF VILLALOBOS Before the expedition of villalobos start there are 3 failure expeditions this are loaysa,cabot and sayavedra expedition.As we know earlier the spanish and portugal fas quarreled about the lands. The two countries decided to have treaty and it is called TREATY OF ZARAGOZA under which portugal won possesion of the Mollucas.For many years after the cnclusion of the Treaty of Zaragoza,Spain respected its provision.The Viceroy of Mexico chose his brother in law Ruy Lopez de Villallobos tp command the expidition .
  • 13. The six ships♥The Santiago♥Jorge♥San Antonio♥San Cristobal♥San Martin♥San JuanNovember 1,1542-he left the MexicoFebruary,1543-he crossed the vast Pacific andreached MindanaoHe died in Amboina in 1546
  • 14. The Legazpi ExpeditionSince none of the expedition after Magellan fromLoaisa to Villalobos had succeeded in taking overthe Philippines, King Charles I stopped sendingcolonizers to the Islands. However, when Philip IIsucceeded his father to the throne in 1556, heinstructed Luis de Velasco, the viceroy of Mexico,to prepare a new expedition – to be headed byMiguel Lopez de Legazpi, who would beaccompanied by Andres de Urdaneta, a priest whohad survived the Loaisa mission.
  • 15. On February 13, 1565, Legaspis expeditionlanded in Cebu island. After a short struggle withthe natives, he proceeded to Leyte, then toCamiguin and to Bohol. There Legaspi made ablood compact with the chieftain, Datu Sikatuna asa sign of friendship. Legaspi was able to obtainspices and gold in Bohol due to his friendship withSikatuna. On April 27, 1565, Legaspi returned toCebu; destroyed the town of Raja Tupas andestablish a settlement. On orders of the King PhilipII, 2,100 men arrived from Mexico. They built thethe port of Fuerza de San Pedro which becamethe Spanish trading outpost and stronghold for theregion.
  • 16. Cebu for Manila. They found the islands ofPanay and Mindoro. Goiti arrived in Manila onMay 8, 1570 Hearing of the riches of Manila,an expedition of 300 men headed by Martin deGoiti left. At first they were welcomed by thenatives and formed an alliance with RajahSuliman, their Muslim king but as the localssensed the true objectives of the Spaniards, abattle between the troops of Suliman and theSpaniards erupted. Because the Spaniards aremore heavily armed, the Spaniards were ableto conquer Manila.
  • 17. Soon after Miguel Lopez de Legazpi arrived tojoin Goiti in Manila. Legaspi built alliances andmade peace with Rajahs Suliman, Lakandulaand Matanda. In 1571, Legaspi ordered theconstruction of the walled city of Intramuros andproclaimed it as the seat of government of thecolony and the capital of the islands. In 1572,Legaspi died and was buried at the San AgustinChurch in Intramuros. In 1574, Manila wasbestowed the title "Insigne y Siempre LealCiudad de España" (Distinguished and everloyal city of Spain) by King Philip II of Spain.
  • 18. GROUP IIIBermudez Liwanag Ylasco Alcantara