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ReadMe - The future of reading in a digitally enhanced world
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ReadMe - The future of reading in a digitally enhanced world


Published on

by Domus Academy Master in Interaction Design & …

by Domus Academy Master in Interaction Design &
Business Design 2012 / 2013

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. MASTER IN INTERACTION DESIGN & BUSINESS DESIGN 2012 / 2013 READ-METhe future of reading in a digitally enhanced world
  • 2. datacollection
  • 3. Sources newstex - libraries.pewinternet - gigaom - economistgroup 62% 50% 64% americans use smartphones or tablets read news on smartphones read news on tablets 70% 19% 60% from 4% e-reader of ownership in 2010 to 2012 e-book sale rise in Amazon still prefer ‹print-like› experience in tablet
  • 4. Sources oclc, libraries in Germany 2012 - national endowment for the Arts 71% 42%28% 62%online library use will increase top initiatives today are e-books & e-resources fiction readers
  • 5. WHEREare we TODAY?
  • 6. TOUCHINGSTORY-INTERACTIVEFILM AIGORE'SOURCHOICE ideofutureofthebook WIREDIPADMAGAZINE uses-cineprint-and-ipad/ CinePrintbylexusLAYARAUGMENTEDREALITYPLATFORM Media Integration Augmented Print Spatial Navigation Augmented Text Manipulable Plot Connected Book
  • 7. WHEREare we "TOMORROW"?
  • 8. What if the book is more than paper? the book is alive? the book becomes hyper-physical? the reader is active? the reader is unique? reading experience is fragmented? reading experience becomes social? reading is exploring?
  • 9. What if the book is more than paper?
  • 10. A concept of book with printed buttons on pages. By simply touching, the reader could dive into an immersive digital experience, surrounded by music and videos . An augmented visualisation of the book, with dynamic references and updated caption that could pop out by browsing the pages. BLINK ConceptbyCollectivevisual Sensorial Enhancements / Mediascape Visual Caption / Dynamic Updates
  • 11. The user casts spells by drawing shapes with the PlayStation Move controller. The book uses augmented reality technology to enhance the digital contents. Software developer Mike Matas demos the first full-length interactive book for the iPad -- with clever, swipeable video and graphics and some very cool data visualizations to play with. The book is “Our Choice,” Al Gore’s sequel to “An Inconvenient Truth.” BookofSpells MikeMatas:Anext-generation Bookstage / Enriched Content (in)-tangible Animations / Haptic Interaction / Living Diorama
  • 12. What if the book is alive?
  • 13. Transforming phone activity into tactile feedback with Electroactive Active Polymer (EAP) - Transformable material ProverbialWalletsbyMITMediaLab VITRO-TactileiPhoneCase Tangible / Haptic / Data Materialization Tactile Phone Case / Tactile / Mobile Case / Data Materialization Proverbial Wallets turn your financial information into tangible feedback in order to remind user about their online spending behavior.
  • 14. Bookr is an interactive book cover that visualizes progress of reading experience. YesYesNo design studio turns running data from Nike+ into art works BookRbySVA Nike+PaintWithYourFeetby YesYesNoQuantified Reading / Dynamic Cover Qualified-Self / Data Visualization / Artwork
  • 15. Ubooly is an interactive toy. It can tell story, and the story moves according to the user action Ubooly Interactive Toy / Reading Companion / Storytelling
  • 16. What if the book is hyper-physical?
  • 17. To create a souvenir of your digital reading experience, bookcube turns book cover, reading date, and number of bookmark into a paper cube. Little Printer prints out timely personalized mini-newspaper. BookcubesbyJamesBridle LittlePrinterbyBerg Reading Souvenir / Hypercover / Meta-Data Personalized Paper / Cross-Media / Content Syndication
  • 18. Oksu is a digital data printer that print out images that embedded with NFC technology. People can easily retrieve data back from the print by tapping it on their devices. OKSU Print Media / Enhanced Paper
  • 19. conductive-ink-video/ Leah Buechley from MIT Media Lab draws a circuit with conductive ink on paper. Sketchingelectronics Smart Tags / Embedded Circuits / Programming Behaviors OPPO SmartTag is used to turn on specific preset on your phone by scanning the tags. OPPOSmartTag Smart Tags / Embeded Circuits / Programming Behaviors
  • 20. What if the reader is active?
  • 21. With the latest update on Flipboard, users can create their own magazine through curating from Flipboard content. Kindle can show sentences with popular highlight. FLIPBOARD2.0 KINDLEPopularHIGHLIGHt Content Feeds / Personal Curation Living Annotations / Readers Tracks
  • 22. A children’s book recorder that can be used by parents when they are reading a book together with their children. The device can be attached to any children’s book. Livescribe is a pen that automatically records and transfers your drawing and audio to your computer. SpecialMoments-bookrecorder LIVESCRIBE Recording Voices / Re-telling Stories Pencasting / Audio Enhanced Sketches
  • 23. A documentary oral history project that records stories and memories told about specific geographic locations. All members of a community are encouraged to participate and contribute. “Crowdsourcing is the act of taking a job traditionally performed by a designated agent (usually an employee) and outsourcing it to an undefined, generally large group of people in the form of an open call.” Jeff Howe’s definition of ‘Crowdsource’ [murmur]atFortYork CROWDSOURCINGPUBLISHING Seeding Memories / Local Contributions Crowd Power / Networked Edition / Indie Authors
  • 24. What if the reader is unique?
  • 25. The next time you find yourself with more content than time... just put it in Pocket. Mobile app that reads aloud any text: inspired by dyslexic needs POCKET web2go Read It Later / Procrastinated Reading Reading Aloud / Book Listening
  • 26. B009XH5W8Q#reader_B009XH5W8Q Longreads allows reader to search article based on amount of time it takes to read A Science Fiction Thriller with a unique twist (Winner, 2012 Publishing Innovation Awards).You can shuffle the seven stories as you will shuffle songs in your iPod. LONGREADS SHUFFLE Timed Content / Just in Time Shuffling Stories / Universal Player
  • 27. What if the reading experience is fragmented?
  • 28. “We are the new customers: The new readers, the new writers, the new publishers. The Magazine is indeed cheaper, simpler, smaller, and more convenientthan most other publishing apps.” Craig Mod, “Subcompact Publishing” TheMagazine Subcompact Publishing / Mobile Format
  • 29. For an hour a day, for five days, readers could watch the story appear in front of their eyes and chat about it with friends Yourplaceandmine Pop-up Stories / Time Window A horror story by Toby Litt, took place over two blogs and Twitter feeds and allowed readers to become part of a family’s slow descent into madness. SLICE Micro-publishing / Narrative Chains
  • 30. What if reading is social?
  • 31. is a content curation service. It enables people to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily. Goodreads is the world largest site for readers and book recommendations. Goodreads Customized Magazine / Serial Publishing Digital Library / Social Reviews
  • 32. dotdotdot is a social reading application for ebooks and long- format webtexts. Readers can follow what others are reading and comment on their highlights. YouVersion is an free online Bible where readers can annotate and share their thought on specific phrase in Bible. They can also form and join reading group. doTdotdot YouVersion Easy Reading / Public Highlights / Long-Term Reading Social Annotations / Reading Groups
  • 33. Readmill allows use to share highlight and recommend book. Lendle is a platform that lets readers lend and borrow Kindle books. Readmill LENDLE Social Recommendations / Sharing and Discovering Digital Book-crossing / Lending Platform
  • 34. What if reading is exploring?
  • 35. provides-5643-square-feet-of-laffs#5 balpe_1072 5,643 square feet of jokes, monologues, and one-liners The plot takes place in a two dimensions space, the reader can wander in the fictional space of the novel as his characters wander in the geographical space of the city, and he is discovering a psychological space. ComedyCarpet FICTIONSD'ISSY Walkable Book / Choreographic Reading Distributed Text / Wander Reading
  • 36. Cardiff explores the spatial nature of sound and shapes visual experience to create complex artworks that put into play narrative and the mechanisms of the brain. Places exploration around the world through 360-degree street- level imagery. Location mapping has went from paper mapping to paperless mapping. janetcardiff GOOGLESTREETVIEW Locative Fiction / Enhanced Reality Photo Maps / Story Location
  • 37. The Google Art Project aims to give more people access to art by removing barriers like cost and location. GOOGLEARTPROJECT Remote Immersion / Space Exploration
  • 38. PEOPLE Claudio Moderini Koki Nomura Natalia Sourdis Sandeep Gajula Natt Phenjati Rayane Hazim Nima Gazestani