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Week 3 descriptive research design
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Week 3 descriptive research design


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  • 1. Structured S vs UnS Interviewer kembangkan pertanyaan sendiri Unstructured Menggunakan one-way mirror, hidden cameras, inconspicuous mechanical devices (cctv) Disguised D vs UnD Characteristic of OM Respondent are aware that they are under observation Undisguised A structured questionnaire given Observing behavior as it takes places in the environment Survey Method (SM) Designed to elicit specific information Natural N vs C People Disetting situasi dan kondisinya Descriptive Research Contrived Recording of behavioral pattern of.. Objects Observation Method (OM) Systematic manner Orangnya yang melakukan observasi Personal Observation To obtain information about the phenomenon of interest Ex.: AC Nielsen audimeter, on-site cameras, optical scanners Not required direct participation Traditional Ex.: Eye-tracking monitors, pupilometers, voice pitch Mechanical Observation Telephone CATI (Computer Aided Telephone Interview) analyzer, devices measuring response latency Require respondent involvement Classification of OM Observation Methods (OM) DESCRIPTIVE RESEARCH DESIGN: SURVEY & OBSERVATION In Home Ex.: researcher mengatakan "ingin melihat merk apa saja yang ada di kamar" Mall Intercept Audit Personal Ex.: application questioner di ipad CAPI (Computer Aided Personal Interview) Biasa dilakukan oleh orang PR: perusahan dibicarakan positif / negatif oleh media mana saja Content Analysis Mall Interview Classification of SM Diambil data beberapa kali untuk orang yang sama Melihat "rekam jejak radio yang biasa didengar" pada mobil mereka Mail Panel Trace Analysis Incentives Comparative evaluation of OM Mail Survey Method (SM) Return envelope Mail package, related with: Questionnaire Actual behavior Cover letter No reporting bias and potential bias Advantage of OM Outgoing envelope Certain types of data can be collected only by observation If occurs frequently or in short duration, OM can be cheaper and faster E-mail Electronic Internet Little is known about underlying motives, beliefs, attitudes, and preferences Bias in researchers perception can bias data Criteria for evaluating Often time consuming and expensive, and difficult to observe certain forms of behavior Disadvantage of OM Evaluating SM It may be unethical as in observing people without their knowledge or consent Comparative evaluation of SMweek 3 descriptive research design.mmap - 07/04/2011 - Mindjet