Abolish relegation


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Abolish relegation

  1. 1. By Nathaniel Padbury
  2. 2. Who and why?There has been speculation that foreign clubowners in the Barclays premier league are callingto change the rules of the league.The change; to completely abolish the relegationand promotion from the leagues.The reason they want to get rid of relegation?Money, after all that they have invested intothese big clubs they would like to make sure thatit isn’t all lost at the end of a bad season…..prettyreasonable
  3. 3. Clubs involvedAston Villa, Arsenal, Manchester United,Liverpool and Sunderland are all owned byAmericans; these Americans want the EPL to beexactly like the MSL (the American version of theEPL, which is the English premier league).Other clubs like Manchester City, who have Arabowners are involved as well – seeing as Man Citiesowners have put in an approximate of 1.75 billionpounds in and around the football club!
  4. 4. So what’s the big deal?This change would mean that no club was moved up ordown in the leagues which if your team is in the premierleague that’s a good thing!But it completely dismisses everything about our league,it takes away that passion of who will go down or comeup.In the championship (the 2nd highest league) every teamdreams about getting promoted into the premier leagueand that is what supplies that passion.In the premier league it’s the lower teams that are worriedabout relegation that can provide the most entertainingfootball.
  5. 5. So without this passion, without the danger, lowerleague teams wouldn’t be able to dream and premierteams below 6th place would (the ones withabsolutely no chance of winning the premier league)would have no excitement for themselvesLeading to no fans, and I mean NO fans; which wouldcompletely destroy the premier league.Thus sort of ruining the club owners plans of keepinga good return on their money………
  6. 6. What was the reactionAs an avid football fan there was only ever goingto be one reaction, absolutely everyone said no!Chairmen, vice-chairmen, fans, newspapersanybody involved with this has said that if thisnotion goes ahead then it will be the end of theleague as we know it and there is a strong notionto avoid having anymore clubs ‘fall’ into thehands of foreign owners that would back thischange.
  7. 7. So what can I see happening?Well lets face it I thinks it’ll be pretty funny is these successfulbillionaires make a business decision like this and end uplosing their money, but that’s just meI think after the reaction they have faced I highly doubt thatthere would be a change, I would even go as far as to say that Ithink this reaction of national proportions may just about slowdown the amount of foreign owners coming in with thischange in mind.So I think and pray that this horrendous change will beavoided, and Wigan relegated.