Mobile services survey: summary findings


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Mobile services survey: summary findings

  1. 1. Mobile Services Survey : summary findingsSarah Schindeler, Web Publishing Branch July, 2011The National Library of Australia is aware of growing user demand for mobile service delivery. Services users access via mobileAccordingly the Web Publishing Branch is building a mobile strategy and recently conducted apublic survey to capture a snapshot of user desires, concerns and values in relation to mobileservice delivery. Frequently OccasionallyThe survey was distributed via the online Survey Monkey service on 15 June, with a deadline of Never22 June. The survey was promoted exclusively through online channels: the Library website,social media, e-newsletter and LIS e-lists. A randomly drawn prize (iPod Touch) was used as anincentive for participation. More than 1,700 responses were received.Respondent profileDetailed demographic information was not sought but a number of key respondent attributeswere captured: Day-to- Library Download- apps- Browse-- Read books day services the web- Australian residents (99.5%) services for info- Located within driving distance of the Library (32%) Registered members of the Library (75%) National Library staff or affiliates (3%)The majority of survey respondents (76%) were identified as smartphone owners – suggestingthat as a sample these respondents are generally as mobile engaged as most Australians (79%of mobiles shipped to Australia are smartphones1).1Source: IDC 1│4
  2. 2. Generally, I think that a National Library mobile app... End-user demand 51.8% Could be good - depends on what it does (888 responses) The overwhelming majority of respondents were either unreservedly or reservedly in favour of mobile service delivery (see graphic – left). A significant number of respondents who do not own a smartphone were nonetheless in favour of mobile service development (approx 300). Content and development propositions Respondents were asked to provide feedback on a series of fixed development concepts and then to give open feedback in the form of ‘free text’. Emerging user values included: Better service Use of mobile technology as a means to improve the user experience with existing services, in particular Trove and the catalogue. The ‘cool’ factor In the mobile environment packaging is the key to making users want to have the app and want to show it to other people. 41.1% Would be a great addition to online services - give me that app! The platform wars (705 responses) Android vs iPad vs ebook readers or mobile websites. This feedback draws attention to growing issues of accessibility and brand loyalty in a mobile context. Social networks ‘Ways to express myself and share info with friends’ as a development proposition was not popular (22% in favour), however, a notable segment of respondents requested tools to connect with new communities. Entertainment Games as a development proposition were overwhelmingly unpopular (16% in favour). However, within the free text feedback one of the emerging themes was that of fun, entertaining or amusing. 5.9% I’m not really interested in this type of thing (102 responses) Values and high-use keywords submitted in response to these propositions and as free text 1.2% Other (20 responses) have been depicted in the form of an infograph (below). 2│4
  3. 3. User values High use keywords Notably absent 15% Better Service “Being able to reserve items and quick search function from the app 28.9% Access 0.1% Security Mobile services as a means to improve existing itself, to save having to do it through services – quick, easy access from anywhere, at any time. the full website.” Negligible concern expressed for security of personal data input or stored by a mobile app. “A pop up message letting met know “Order and access copies of when the items I have ordered from documents etc from copies direct” the catalogue are ready for collection.” “A fast way to search the catalogue “Wherever I go I could access your while on the move.” service to carry out my research.” “Its impossible to move the newspaper page around if I access “Ask a Librarian - similar to what you have on the website” Trove from my iPad or iPhone. So, any app that helps me read Trove pages 10% Books would be very welcome.” “I can search through the catalogue and hopefully order things before I “Easy, clean collection search that can get to the library.” be done on a mobile.” 0.1% Other languages 9.8% Search Negligible interest expressed for service delivery in languages other 7.9% The ‘cool’ factor "Information about a location in a than English. A desire for things that are new, attractive, innovative, cool format on my mobile device." creative or exciting. 8% Trove "Take the time to make it look good "It needs to be creative and include a so people want to use it." drawcard that will make the app desirable." 7.9% Information 6.2% The platform wars 6.7% Research “Make sure it runs on Android.” Access via specific modes of service delivery. “I would prefer a website for mobile 6.3% Catalogue “Make it for iPad2.” phones be developed, so it doesn’t 0% Privacy matter what kind of mobile you have.” No noted privacy concerns pertaining 5.4% Easy to collection of personal data, or transparency of collecting practices. 5.1% Social networks "Create a collaborative space within 5.3% Digital/Digitisation Tools to connect with friends or new communities. the app where friends, peers and team mates can share information." "Put people with similar research 3.7% Geolocation interests in touch with one another." 3.4% Genealogy 3.4% Simple 3.7% Entertainment "Make it interactive and info based... An interest in things that are fun, entertaining it should also be fun so people will 2.3% Pictures or amusing. want to use it." 2% Free 0.9% Music
  4. 4. Appendix – survey questions 1. Generally, I think that a National Library mobile app... 4. Do you have a mobile device (phone, mp3 player, tablet etc) that lets you access the Would be a great addition to online services – give me that app! web? Yes Could be good – depends on what it does No I’m not really interested in this type of thing 5. I use my mobile device to... Other (please specify) Every now Nup All the time n/a and then Access day-to-day services online 2. If I could pick the content for the National Librarys next mobile app, Id include... Access library services Not my Good Do it Download apps from an app store (e.g. Not sure Maybe thing idea now! iTunes, Android) Access to online / digital resources… Browse for the web for information books, journals, pictures etc using my mobile Information about the Library… news, Read books on my mobile events, open hours, transport etc 6. I live within driving distance of the National Library Exhibition guides / tours Yes Ways to express myself and share info with friends No Games or stuff I can play with 7. I have a National Library card Yes Search and discovery services… library catalogue, Trove, Libraries Australia search No Ways for me to organise my information / 8. I am an Australian or New Zealand citizen or resident. research Yes Correct Trove newspaper text No Education or tools of learning... history, literature, research skills etc 9. I am a member of staff at the National Library. Yes Other (please specify) No 3. My brilliant idea for a National Library mobile app is: 4│4