World of Differently Abled

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Join the movement, to support(empowerment)the differently abled!

Join the movement, to support(empowerment)the differently abled!

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  • 1. v-shesh is a social enterprise that connects organisations with rural markets and v-shesh educated first time livelihood seekers with opportunities opportunity to ambition Enabling diversity at Work Place Hiring People with DisabilitiesP Rajasekharan Rashi Soman Shashaank
  • 2. Context• About v- shesh• Disability & employment – relevance• Business proposition in hiring differently-abled• How does it work?• Getting started » Who are we working with? » Next steps
  • 3. About v-shesh• We serve » Educated, first time job seeker in rural / non-metros » Differently-abled youth across all geographies » Women and other disadvantaged livelihood seekers• Services to clients » Employment services - provide staffing, training s and sensitization services » Market access services - connect organizations with rural market• People » Founders (3) - Business/ sector leaders at JICA, ABN AMRO, TVS Group » Team members (20) - prior experience at Citigroup, NIIT, Fullerton etc » Advisors - board level experience at institutions like India Post, ITC » Livelihood centers – Chennai, Varanasi, Bhopal, Bhubaneswar; Mumbai, Bglr » Partner networks pan-India
  • 4. Why consider hiring differently-abled• Disabled in India (2001) » 20+mln (2001 census) (2.13% of population); 70+ mln (WHO)• Employment of disabled population » Public sector - 0.54% of the disabled » Private sector - 0.28% » MNCs - 0.05%• Value proposition » Disabled are as productive in certain job functions & more stable » As equal opportunity employers, attract better talent & widen base » Positive rub-off on other employees, customers, stakeholders » Fiscal benefits (Provident Fund contribution subsidized)
  • 5. Clear business proposition• Productivity and effectiveness » As productive (or more) in some processes • Visual impaired for transcription/ Hearing impaired for back office positions » Hungry for opportunities less churn since they are stable as employees » Surveys reflect that attendance of disabled is often better » Enhances diversity and creates healthy working environment• Cost implications » Some minor changes at work place and in on-boarding process » Subsidy from Government re employers contribution to PF• Diversify talent pool base » By working with a set of committed institutions
  • 6. Diff. abled in IT Positions (Source: Enable India) •Programmer •Production Support •Service Coordinator •Tester •Graphic Designer IBM programmer (blind)Aztec Programmer (physically disabled) IBM Service coordinator (physically disabled)
  • 7. POSITIONS ITES Positions (Enable India) •BPO non voice executive •Telemarketing Executive •Help desk executive •Medical Transcriptionist •Verifier@BPO Accenture BPO executive (Hearing impaired)Teamlease back office execs (hearing impaired) CBAY Medical transcriptionist (blind)
  • 8. POSITIONS Shared services Positions (Enable India) •HR executive •Trainer •Finance Executive •Training Coordinator Sasken Training coordinator (blind) People equity HR consultant (blind) IBM finance exec (low vision)
  • 9. Some recent work @ v-shesh Chennai HI – BPO batch HI – Café Coffee Day batch HI – Flextronics batch HI – Café Coffee Day batch
  • 10. How does it work?• Mapping employer’s requirements » Identify positions for PwD, map requirements & develop JD• Reach out to a suitable pool » v-shesh mobilizes, identifies and pre-screens suitable candidates » Counseling/ orientation session with guardians and candidates » Run tailored training programs to prepare candidates• Facilitate meeting and interview by company » Provide information about company and the job; answer questions » Facilitate interaction with and interview of shortlisted candidates » Facilitate on-boarding• Post-recruitment » Sensitization workshop » On-boarding support for initial period – arranging interpretation services, etc
  • 11. Client team• Rashi Soman » 7 years of development sector experience, working with disadvantaged » NIIT Hole in the Wall, AMEX, » ISB, DSE » ; +91-99625 78926• Shashaank Awasthi » Commercial & corporate Banking experience » Enterprise building experience » Tata Group, IDBI Bank, ABN AMRO » ; +91-98410 71043• P Rajasekharan » Development Banking, Public policy & Project finance experience » IDBI, JBIC / JICA » VJTI, NMIMS, Carnegie Mellon » ; +91-96000 30311• Execution Team / associates » Joseph – MSW with 5 yrs exp » Alifia – Trained counselor / sign language interpreter with 2 yrs exp » Smriti – Life skills trainer with 2 yrs exp » Network of execution support associates at various locations
  • 12. Next steps: Getting started1. Discussions and agreement on engagement terms 1. Information on identified jobs – requirement, location, numbers, comp., 2. v-shesh’s fee: Fixed Retainer fee Variable per-hire fee 3. Signing of MoU2. Plan for program launch 1. v-shesh delivers operating plan 2. Agreement on dates for launch, phasing plan etc3. Launch, feedback, and scale-up 1. Launch Train and Hire at one location 2. Improve on delivery model based on feedback 3. Document learning; scale-up / roll-out to other locations Page 12 Confidential, for Samsung
  • 13. Chennai Varanasi Bhubaneswar BhopalContact www.v-shesh.comChennai - 10, Nowroji RoadMumbai - ChennaiBangalore - +91.44.6515 3506