Nlw And Rock Habits


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This overview was done for a group of EO members at a recent event to demonstrate how NationLink has implimented this into it\'s culture.

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Nlw And Rock Habits

  1. 1. Rockefeller Habits NLW’s experience
  2. 2. ROCK habits at NLW Private and confidential 18% in Q4 2009 over same 2008 25% in Q1 2010 over same in 2009 April up 120% over same in 2009 2 things - #1 One software platform #2 ROCK habits and culture Local press about ROCKS and how we use the process in business. Hosted 9 different companies in our huddles (local and out of state) Spent 3 half days peers from other regions on ROCKS Hosted clients in a 4 hour ROCK Habits session
  3. 3. How have ROCK habits effected you in your workplace AND at home? How would you feel if NLW “stopped” the ROCK habits process? What impact would it have on you personally (positives and negatives) What is your favourite part and least favourite part about ROCK habits? What our people said! - handout Private and confidential
  4. 4. Verne in for a training in 2005 Started with the one-page plan and management alignment Incorporated the team with huddles and meeting rhythm shortly after One-page plan Private and confidential One year from frustration to EASY!
  5. 5. Core Values – Purpose Private and confidential MAKING WIRELESS EASY. e3 EASY - make it easy for clients to do business with us and easy for us to do that business EXPERT - ensure that we have the knowledge, tools and solutions to be experts in our field ENTHUSIASTIC - be enthusiastic in everything we do and make it fun To have EVERY client say “you made that easy” when they do business with any NLW person.
  6. 6. Stated simply Private and confidential Yearly - 360 reviews set the “BIG” annual ROCKS Quarterly - One-Page is set with each persons Priorities and KPI’s Bi-Weekly - ROCKS meeting with manager is every two weeks. ROCKS are measured and new ROCKS created Weekly – Top Priority is reported and aligns with the ROCKS Daily – KPI’s are reported that support the completion of the priorities Clearly displayed Where everyone sees It!
  7. 7. Meeting rhythm Private and confidential Yearly – one day off site with all managers and a facilitator Quarterly – half day with managers and facilitator Monthly – 3-4 hours with managers Weekly – all team members - 8:03 – 9:00 (see card) Daily – all team members - 8:03 – 8:18 (see card) Weekly – managers 9:03 – 10:00
  8. 8. Data drives it Private and confidential
  9. 9. Data drives it Private and confidential
  10. 10. Themes Private and confidential Quarterly planning – THEME and REWARD
  11. 11. Rewards Private and confidential Quarterly planning – THEME and REWARD
  12. 12. ROCKS docs... Private and confidential TOP 3 things to move your business forward in the next two weeks – conversation is key. Direct reports for one hour Quarterly ROCKS at the top to draw from for bi-weekly ROCKS Printed and displayed where they see them “all the time” Copy in the packet.
  13. 13. Rock habits around NLW Private and confidential Q2 Theme Board in Studio A Managers ROCKS for Q2 posted where “all” can see
  14. 14. Rock habits around NLW Private and confidential DISC and ROCKS docs in plain view Entire ONE Page Plan in the Bistro
  15. 15. Bistro and Studio A – help to spread the MOJO vibe Private and confidential
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