Strategies for Diversifying Revenue


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Description: This session will discuss an organizations revenue pie chart and why it is important to have diverse sources of revenue. How to build a better giving pyramid from bottom to top. The risk of dependency on a few large funders will be discussed and the precarious financial position. This webcast will share best practices on how to expand your fundraising using the human and financial resource you have! This interactive webcast will provide best practices to expand your revenue sources.

At the conclusion of the webcast, participants will: Understand why having a diverse revenue streams is important to the long-term growth of your organization, Understand how to strategically upgrade individual donors, Review current grant programs to include private, public and government grants, Learn best practices for corporate partnership, Leverage the current economy to continue fundraising

Facilitator: Barbara Talisman, President of Talisman and Associates, Inc. Talisman Associates, Inc. is a full service consulting firm working with public benefit corporations. The firm provides hands-on fund development assistance and leadership training to non-profits.

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Strategies for Diversifying Revenue

  1. 1. y y Why? v. Why not? Where are you now? Why change? How to change?
  2. 2. Why? v. Why not? v Control revenue Reduce reliance on single source Utilize resources Donor stewardship p
  3. 3. What does yours look like? Lots of government $ One large Foundation? A few good donors?
  4. 4. Giving in America Source: Giving USA
  5. 5. Questions……. Questions
  6. 6. Balanced Revenue Focus on individuals More control over cash flow Show d Sh donors you are committed to stewardship Offers many points of entry for donors
  7. 7. It’s a Process Commitment Plan Pro- Pro-actively seek new money
  8. 8. Commitment Board engagement Cultivation/Solicitation Annual giving Major i i M j giving Corporate giving Foundation giving Time/Commitment
  9. 9. Questions……. Questions
  10. 10. Cultivation Raise awareness Communication Events Ask
  11. 11. Solicitation Annual ask Special events One on one Sponsorship p p Ask others to help
  12. 12. Keep Trying Don’t give up Use many channels Engage in social media
  13. 13. Questions……. Questions
  14. 14. Thank you! 3t li Talisman Blog Making a Difference Radio @BTalisman Facebook
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