Australian GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) and Creative Commons


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Delia Browne, National Copyright Director, National Copyright Unit, Australia outlines the potential for open access and Creative Commons licences for the GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) in Australia

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Australian GLAM sector (Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums) and Creative Commons

  1. 1. The Australian GLAM sector and Creative Commons<br />1<br />
  2. 2. National Library of Australia and Flickr<br /><ul><li>The National Library of Australia (NLA) is facilitating the collection of public contributions to its picture archive (PictureAustralia) through Flickr.
  3. 3. The NLA is encouraging donors to use Creative Commons licences and mentions the CC BY NC licence.
  4. 4. The NLA established three Flickr groups:
  5. 5. ‘Picture Australia: People, Places and Events’ :
  6. 6. ‘Picture Australia: Ourtown’ :
  7. 7. ‘Re-Picture Australia’:</li></ul>2<br />
  8. 8. State Library of Queensland and Flickr<br />3<br /><ul><li>State Library of Queensland is actively collecting images that document the 2011 floods and natural disasters in Queensland.
  9. 9. The library is aiming to build a permanent photographic collection for Queensland’s memory available under CC licences:</li></li></ul><li>State Library of NSW and Flickr<br />4<br /><ul><li>The State Library of NSW has created a ‘Public Library Services’ Photostream’ containing photographs of NSW public libraries .
  10. 10. These photographs are licensed under a CC NC SA licence:</li></li></ul><li>Queensland Museum and Wiki Commons<br />5<br /><ul><li>The Queensland Museum is uploading high resolution images from their collection under a CC BY SA licence on wiki commons:</li></li></ul><li>Powerhouse Museum and Flickr<br />6<br /><ul><li>Powerhouse Museum is uploading photographs taken by its staff of events and exhibitions at the Powerhouse under a CC BY NC ND licence:</li></li></ul><li>7<br />Play at the Powerhouse<br />The Powerhouse Museum has developed a variety of art and craft resources for school kids all licensed under CC BY NC SA licence:<br />
  11. 11. 8<br />Australian Centre for Moving Image<br /><ul><li>The Australian Centre for Moving Image has created an online creative studio space titled ‘Generator’:
  12. 12. Generator is a space for students and teachers to access and engage with screen content.
  13. 13. The downloadable media resources on Generator are licensed under a CC BY NC licence.</li></li></ul><li>9<br />CC and ABC Pool<br /><ul><li>The ABC has just launched a new CC-friendly social media space titled Pool.
  14. 14. Users create profiles and upload and download material which they can share with other profile owners and the public.
  15. 15. Pool contains music, text, images and animations available under Creative Commons licences.
  16. 16. ABC is also releasing material from its archives onto Pool under Creative Commons licences.</li></ul>Check out ABC Pool:<br /><br />
  17. 17. Australian GLAM sector and The Commons<br />10<br /><ul><li>The following galleries and libraries have contributed photographs to ‘The Commons’ on Flickr:
  18. 18. State Library of New South Wales
  19. 19. Australian Maritime Museum
  20. 20. Australian War Memorial
  21. 21. Powerhouse Museum
  22. 22. State Library of Queensland</li></li></ul><li>Australian GLAM sector and The Commons<br />11<br /><ul><li>These photographs carry the ‘no copyright restrictions’ tag. This means that:
  23. 23. The photograph is in the public domain because copyright has expired; or
  24. 24. The institution is not aware of any copyright restrictions on the photograph.</li></li></ul><li>State Library of NSW and The Commons<br />12<br /><ul><li>The State Library of NSW is home to one of Australia’s most significant historical and heritage photographic collections in Australia.
  25. 25. The library joined The Commons to share photographs from its extensive archival collection:</li></li></ul><li>Australian War Memorial and The Commons<br />13<br /><ul><li>The Australian War Memorial is uploading hundreds of archival photographs to The Commons to help Australians remember and understand the Australian experience of war and its impact on Australian society:</li></li></ul><li>Australian National Maritime Museumand The Commons<br />14<br /><ul><li>The Australian National Maritime Museum has joined The Commons to share its vast archival collection of photographs documenting the maritime history of Australia:</li></li></ul><li>Powerhouse Museum and The Commons<br />15<br /><ul><li>The Powerhouse Museum is uploading its archival collection of glass plate negatives to The Commons. These images go up without alteration or cropping:</li></li></ul><li>State Library of Queensland and The Commons<br />16<br /><ul><li>The State Library of Queensland holds a diverse photographic collection dating back from 1859 to the present day. The library has made a selection of these photographs available on The Commons:</li>