Greater Rayala Seema

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The Greater Rayala Seema State should be formed with 6 districts consisting 1. Anatapur 2. Chittor 3. Kurnool, 4. kadapa 5. Prakasam 6. Nellore for faster development of this region

The Greater Rayala Seema State should be formed with 6 districts consisting 1. Anatapur 2. Chittor 3. Kurnool, 4. kadapa 5. Prakasam 6. Nellore for faster development of this region

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  • 1. GREATER ROYALA SEEMA--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------GREATER ROYALA SEEMAThe Greater Royala Seema State should be formed with 6 districtsconsisting 1. Anatapur 2. Chittor 3. Kurnool, 4. kadapa 5. Prakasam 6.Nellore for faster development of this region.My suggestion is that Andhra people should not oppose the formation ofTelangana State. Formation of Telangana State means formation ofAndhra State. If Andhra State is formed it will become number one statein India within five years because there is huge potential fordevelopment. My Suggestion is that Andhra Pradesh should be dividedinto three States for faster development.1. Telangana2. Andhra3. Greater Royala SeemaMy suggestion is that Andhra State should consist of 7 districts namely 1.Srikakulam, 2. Vizianagaram, 3. Visakha, 4. East Godavari,5. West Godavari, 6.Krishna 7. Guntur.The Greater Royala Seema should consist 6 districts consisting 1.Anatapur, 2. Chittor, 3.Kurnool, 4. kadapa 5. Prakasam, 6. NelloreIf Greater Royala Seema was to develop on par with Telangana andAndhra States it should have sea coast districts Nellore and Prakasam. Ramayyapatnam in Prakasam district has supposedly been selected formajor port. With major port and many proposed thermal power stationsat Nellore, this extremely neglected and backward region in thecombined state will be on development track with industrial activity.My suggestion is that Andhra State should have its capital atRajahamundry. Rajahamundry is centrally and ideally located almostequidistant to all 6 districts. An international airport should beconstructed at capital Rajahamundry which will cater needs to the entirepopulation of the State. The 6 lane N H - 5 will limit the journey timewithin 3 to 4 hours from Visakha, Vijayawada, Guntur, Kakinada regionsto Rajamundry. Now people do have to go to Hyderabad to catchinternational flights wasting a lot of money, time and energy.Now people from this region do have to travel long distance by spendinga lot of time, money and energy to go to Hyderabad for all official works.If Andhra State is formed, we will have High court, I.I.T, Internationalairport, film studios, news channels, educational boards, etc., With theformation of Andhra State, people from any part of this state can go toState capital at Rajahmundry for any official work in the morning and
  • 2. GREATER ROYALA SEEMA--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------return back in the same evening. With the sanction of PCPIR with aninvestment of over 3 lakh crore rupees the entire State will be on thetrack of faster development. Since the formation of Andhra PradeshState on November 1 1956, thousands crores have been invested inHyderabad while neglecting Andhra cities like Visakha, Vijayawada,Guntur, Kakinada Etc., and the entire Royal Seema region was neglected.If we agree to the formation of Andhra State it will be a tribute andhonour to the people who sacrificed their lives in the agitation forseparate Andhra State in 1972.If there are 9 Hindi speaking states in India, why we are opposing threeTelugu speaking States?If Andhra Pradesh is divided into three States, administrative wise, itwill become easy for the three State Governments to meet every need ofthe people.It will become easy for State Governments to monitor welfare schemes,health care services, and educational services and it is also easy to checklaw and order problems in smaller States.Planning and implementation of development schemes andinfrastructure projects will become easy in smaller States. It is well known fact that smaller States are developing more rapidlythan the larger States.Elections can be held on single day in the entire State if it is small.My suggestion is that India should have 50 States with population of lessthan 3 crores in each State.The U S A, with population of 32 crores, is having 50 States.There are 230 countries in the world with population of less than 9 crorepeople.Posted by............... VARMA