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  • 1. LACROSSEBy: Tyler Haines Ryan Serio
  • 2. History of Lacrosse• Lacrosse was originally a game to prepare the Cherokee Indians for war• One of the oldest team sports in America dating back to the 17th century• Traditional lacrosse were major events that could last several days• As many as 100-1000 men from opposing villages or tribes would participate• Played in open plains located between the two villages• Opposing goals could range from 500 yards to several miles apart
  • 3. The Rules of the GameTraditional Modern Day• Decided the day before • 10 players on each side (3• Generally no out-of-bounds attackmen, 3 midfielders, 3• Ball cannot be touched by defensemen and 1 goalie) hands • Starts with a face-off• Games began with the ball • Idea is to move the ball as being tossed in the air quickly as possible to score• Tended to involve huge mob of players • Unlike the natives dodging is very important• Passing the ball was thought of as a trick • Four 15 minute quarters• Dodging was seen as cowardly • Team with the most goals wins
  • 4. Purpose of Lacrosse Traditional Lacrosse Modern Day Lacrosse• Played to settle inner- - Physical activity tribal disputes - Being a member of a team• To toughen young sport warriors for combat - A way to receive• Recreational purposes scholarships into and as part of festivals universities• Wagers against other - To make a living (Major tribes League Lacrosse)
  • 5. Cost is an Issue• Very expensive sport• Equipment can be expensive even with the lower lever padding -Helmet: $150-250 -Shafts: $60-215 -Heads: $60-120 -Shoulder/Elbow pads: $60-120 -Gloves: $60-200 - Avg Total Spent: $730.00• Each piece of equipment varies in price due to the amount of weight, durability, brand and style
  • 6. Issue: Lack of Knowledge• Mainly played in the Northern/ East coast of USA and Canada• Beginning to spread to the Western coast• Mid-western has not been introduced to the sport• Lacrosse is rapidly increasing popularity wise
  • 7. NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse Schools
  • 8. Issues: Injury• The range of injuries varies from very mild to sometimes severe• Concussion• Ankle Sprain• Knee Injuries• Bruised Ribs• Broken Bones
  • 9. Population of Lacrosse• Unlike football and baseball, lacrosse has not been mainstreamed as a major sport• NCAA Lacrosse Teams -Division 1: 61 teams -Division 2: 42 teams -Division 3: 179 teams• Major League - 6 teams: Boston, Denver, Long Island, Chesapeake, Rochester and Hamilton
  • 10. - Ticket prices rangefrom $10-$135
  • 11. Weather Considerations• Lacrosse is a sport played rain or shine (except lightning)• Here at Frostburg we play outside in blizzards 80 percent of our practice day with no complaints• Dress accordingly to weather
  • 12. New Project• Denver Pioneers Mens Lacrosse Team• The University of Denver Created a NCAA Division 1 Lacrosse Team in 2010Head Coach Bill Tierney left Princeton University to come coach• In 2011 their 2nd season They won their first NCAA Tournament game 13–10 against Villanova in 2011• Advanced to the Final Four after beating Johns Hopkins University, 14-9 in the NCAA regional• This shows how new programs with the right members can become successful
  • 13. Trends/ Interesting Facts• Lacrosse has begun to grow rapidly beginning in the youth leagues• Native American players would decorate their bodies with paint and charcoal• Players would give their sticks to one know as “the medicine man” who would perform rituals to prepare the players and their sticks• Night before the game players held ceremonies where sacrifices were done• Wore ceremonial costumes and held a special dance
  • 14. References••• ncaa-lacrosse-championship-attendance- lowest-since-2002/