Ogio Communication Strategy


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a low-budget ogio communication strategy with potential to make a difference for the brand.

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Ogio Communication Strategy

  1. 1. A bit of the scenery: Ogio came to Brazil in 2007 and I was lucky to be able to do my final grad paper focused on it. A full marketing and communication plan for 1 year. It was a real challenge because even though the brand’s been considered the best backpack in the world several times, people barely knew it here, so we had to start from scratch. The paper turned out great and I’ve developed a very nice relationship to the brand and the company here. A few months after my graduation, they’ve asked me to do a very simple communication plan for their first year’s investment on that. I had to do it very quickly (2 days) and it is indeed quite simple, but a nice brand to work with.
  3. 3. Consumer Behavior Before you say anything, you must know who you’re talking to.. .
  4. 4. Urbans
  5. 5. Connected
  6. 6. Enjoy life
  7. 7. Value Freedom
  9. 9. Grown Up Kids
  10. 10. In an archetypical definition, the sum of the actions, expressions leads to an attitude that can be defined as:
  11. 11. The Outlaw
  12. 12. The comparison of archetype outlaw, with the brand, must be very subtle and specific, special y because the word “outlaw” by definition, might lead to something bad and / or wrong.
  13. 13. But OGIO’s connection to it, takes only the good aspects, such as freedom, not being afraid to be different and sometimes wanting it. Being daring, being loved and a natural leader. In a way it’s the translation of an ideal youth, non-conformist, that fights for what they believe and wants to be noticed for it. “ A bit Robin Hood, a bit Mini Cooper, a bit Johnny Depp”
  14. 14. How? to reach them
  15. 15. “Breaking the rules of the game”
  17. 17. A special breakfast to introduce the staff to the new path and show them their importance in every aspect
  18. 18. READY, SET, GO!
  19. 19. How can a company such up to date as Ogio, not focus on the online world yet?
  20. 20. > > We can have a low budget and the necessity to focus on one place only, but through the internet and the mobile world, we can reach the entire country, the world, the universe.. That’s how important it is to be, literally online.
  21. 21. WEB Brand Experience MOBILE
  22. 22. The first thing to do, is create a local website, so that people can really interact with the brand, its values, its concepts and of course, the products.
  23. 23. The Brand needs to embrace the 2.0 platform dience had e brazilian au 42% of th tent in 2007 d online con e already shar •! 3% to relate to friends 3 •! % to show their work 7 •! % to comment on news and gossip 5 •! % others 2 !! The majority of the content producers are male, 44%. !! Most of them, from the Northeast, with 48%. North and Central represent 41% and South and Southeast 40%.
  24. 24. So the site wil also be the center of many strategy paths, with the goal of being useful and “favorited” by those who identify with the brand and its image.
  25. 25. Basic website Map Strategy
  26. 26. The insertion of the brand in the main social networks is “a must”, so that it can talk directly at and with right audience in a language they’ll understand, identify and interact.
  27. 27. An official Youtube page with the products, events and special y Team Ogio, the sponsored athletes, doing their things around the globe.
  28. 28. How to generate flow and make people come back frequently: .UPDATED and Interesting content .Well written and very visually appealing newsletters talking not only about OGIO, but about the OGIO Universe (things to do, places to go) .Intelligent usage of 2.0 platform, allowing the visitor to feel at home .Frequent promotions, contests and ways to interact
  29. 29. BUZZ
  30. 30. The official teaser A sequence of happenings around Sao Paulo to draw attention from the main target and also mainstream, in order to generate spontaneous media and buzz.
  31. 31. A group of urban artists that have the city as their creative space. Digital Grafitti in ceters of mass concentration wil tell people the coordinates in order to find out the brand’s soul A cellphone numer that when dialed wil lead you to an enthusiastic mesage and a number to look up on google. There, the first link wil lead to the New Brand Concept (Breaking the Rules of the Game) hotsite
  32. 32. New Brand Concept Hotsite
  33. 33. Alex Atala: surfer, skater, grafitti artisti, world famous chef and a Ramones fan.
  34. 34. A bag adequate to his lifestyle wil be sent with a letter and a pen drive talking about the brand and how it’s got to do with his life. The purpose is to send the pack to influential people that have something to do with the brand, for them to use it because they really relate to it.
  35. 35. gueril a
  36. 36. Everything wil be filmed to become website content.
  37. 37. front door> exit > A way to talk to the people in big events, without the need to use a fortune is to talk to them before they get in and after they leave.
  38. 38. A photo booth wil be strategically placed around the events. People wil be able to take pictures with cool backgrounds and print them right there or get them by e-mail It’s way to take the brand home and leave residual thought.
  39. 39. “We’re not the loss or the victory. We’re the jeopardy.” Magnetic “stickers” wil be put in people’s cars on the parking lot. They’ll have nice messages for people to wanna take them home, and once again, cause a brand residual.
  40. 40. Athletes wil use the parasol on professional events - a way to protect from the sun, draw attention to the brand and get spontaneous media.They’ll also have led light t-shirts on, saying “breaking the rules” and www.ogio.com.br
  41. 41. BMX BMX Sponsored riders wil go out at night doing tricks in crowded unusual places with led lights in their tires, saying “ogio, breaking the rules of the game”
  42. 42. OGIO Sponsored surfers wil go to the beach in groups of at least 20 people wearing suits and ties, they’ll open the Parasol and go surfing, in their suits and shorts. The parasol wil divulgate the website
  43. 43. Lockers in colleges, high schools and gyms wil have giant stickers with OGIO’s Locker Bag’s image saying: “To be able to break the rules, you can’t waste time worrying about organizing your locker”
  44. 44. In parks great open events and gyms, personalized bottled waters for the divulgation of the website and brand image: “H2Ogio, helping you to surpass your limits and save the world. Re-use this bottle.” The main thing is in the name, it’s fun and light and also the message has an appeal for people to take it home and use the bottle at least one more time. Taking the brand home.
  45. 45. ma n i f est yo ur OGIO Team Blogs regularly updated, from the staff and athletes, with news, challenges, personal and inside info, taking the visitor inside ogio universe. He’ll also be able to comment and create his own blog.
  46. 46. As an analogy to the space and compartments of the OGIO Backpacks, lockers wil be placed in parks, malls and unusual places, with giant Ogio stickers saying “Space for everything you need, when you need it. Breaking the rules of the game”. And again, the website as a signature.
  47. 47. Enhance the partnership with “Life is a Loop”, a world known electronic music+percussion trio. On their world tour they’d have a blog inside OGIO page, daily updated, telling about the concerts, tips about the cities they are at, like restaurants, museums, street art, etc.), and also surprise concerts and exclusive information and pictures. That would reach a new range of consumers and generate flow to the site. Most people don’t now they’re sponsored by ogio
  48. 48. That’s a strategy for the first year of the brand communication’s investment in Brazil. So, it’s based on enhancing the knowledge of the brand among its target. The strategy was focused on share of mind, visibility and presenting the brand and its true identity to the Brazilian audience, with the concern of budget adequacy and the usage of all the direct means to talk to this public.