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This is the visual resume for Nathan Young and the Geek Alabama blog. If you know of someone who is hiring, go to: or e-mail me at

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Nathan Young Visual Resume

  1. 1. Visual Resume Nathan Young
  2. 2. This is my visual resume No paper resume here
  3. 3. About Nathan Young Hello geeks and nerds; let me introduce you to what I am. Nathan Young does a lot of wonderful things in the media world, from writing, photography, videography, and social media. My current home is the blog and website Geek Alabama. There I do everything from geeky/nerdy talk, event coverage, reviews, cooking, community coverage, promotions, and anything else to give any geek and/or nerd an organism. If it’s anything any geek and/or nerd would care about, I am usually talking about it. From conventions, gaming, crowdsourcing, tech, movies, TV shows, comics, books, food, videos, apps, and more. If you are looking for articles anyone would love reading, you have come to the right place! If you are looking for someone who can cover events with pictures and videos, cover products and shows, speak at events, cover your products, or attend your conventions, consider me! Every geek and/or nerd from trekkies, whovians, and even bronies, already has! The most interesting fact about me, I draw roads! #Aspie proud! #ASD
  4. 4. Not to mention, where I live…
  5. 5. East Alabama is one of the poorest regions in America Russell cuts over 10,000 jobs Avondale Mills closes and burns Anniston / Oxford top worst performing metro Broke gentlemen on national television Gadsden the 4th poorest city in USA Talladega the 5th poorest region in USA
  6. 6. Why am I looking nationwide? I have helped out many people from charities, local events, small businesses, other media like the TV stations, promotions, and more! Most people I have helped have said they would love to pay me for my time, and they wish they could. The problem is, East Alabama is one of the poorest regions in America, that means money is very limited and tight. People do not have the option to pay me, and it’s okay because I understand the situations. I am taking my job search nationwide so I can get paid for what I do very well! That’s photography, videography, event coverage, interviewing, publishing, and writing!
  7. 7. I have lived in many places across America
  8. 8. Was born Around here
  9. 9. My Early Childhood Yrs
  10. 10. My middle Childhood Yrs
  11. 11. My middle Childhood Yrs
  12. 12. My Teenage Years Alexander City, AL
  13. 13. My Young Adult Years
  14. 14. My Young Adult Years
  15. 15. My Young Adult Years
  16. 16. Where I Live Today
  17. 17. Every State I Have Visited (25)
  18. 18. Skills Writing Photography Videography Reviews
  19. 19. What I like to do Nature ComputersRoads Drawing Pictures WritingAwarenessTrains Weather Media Animals Conservation Cooking Television
  20. 20. What it means to be a geek/nerd On my bio on all social media sites, you see that I am a big Road, Weather, and News Junkie Geek/Nerd. And that is all very true! I just love roads so much that I draw them and collect road memorabilia like traffic lights. I love weather so much that I do a daily weather forecast on social media and will warn people when weather threatens. And yes, I have chased storms during severe weather. I am also a news junkie geek and pay attention to the daily news, although I am more partial to technology and geeky/nerdy news. Being a geek/nerd is cool! Road Geek Weather Geek News Geek
  21. 21. 7 Things About me I love trains and watch them go by. I love Saturday morning cartoons! I love the Christmas season! I love being a foodie! I love following weather! I love roads and collecting stuff! I love pets and animals!
  22. 22. Did I mention I love and draw roads?
  23. 23. Autism / Asperger’s Awareness Some people know that I have Asperger’s Syndrome / High Functioning Autism. The mainstream media has linked violent crimes committed by people with Autism in the past. People with Autism or Asperger’s are not violent people! We just want to be given a chance to succeed!
  24. 24. Parts of Geek Alabama
  25. 25. About Geek Alabama  Started in April 2012 by Nathan Young  Geek Alabama talks about the culture and events in Alabama, Georgia, and the Southeast.  Geek Alabama also talks about and covers events in NE Alabama, NW Georgia, Alabama, and the Southeast.  Geek Alabama also talks about current topics and topics that carries a geeky/technology tone to it.  Geek Alabama averages 1000-1500 views every day!  Geek Alabama regularly gets social media contacts or e- mails wanting promotion of shows, projects, products, or events from around the country! Geek Alabama Intro Video on Next Slide
  26. 26. Companies Worked With
  27. 27. Media Featuring The Blog
  28. 28. Plus e-mails, social media messages, phone calls, to promote and talk about products and events!
  29. 29. Geek Alabama Features
  30. 30. Animation Monday Animation Monday talks about anything in the animation world! TV shows, movies, political car., comic books, videos, etc.
  31. 31. Kickstarter Tuesdays Kickstarter Tuesdays talks about Kickstarter/Indiegogo projects that deserves to be talked about, and family friendly!
  32. 32. Roadscapes Wednesdays Roadscapes Wednesday talks about roads and infrastructure in Alabama or across the country. My road drawings are featured!
  33. 33. Music Thursdays Music Thursdays talks about bands/artists and shows off their music in the form of photos and videos.
  34. 34. Good News Fridays Good News Fridays celebrates something good that happened or is happening and it deserves a post on the blog.
  35. 35. Weekend Events Weekend Planning/Roundup features event coverage of local events across Alabama, Georgia, and the southeast!
  36. 36. A Guy’s Cuisine A Guy’s Cuisine features all types of recipes that anyone could do, especially guys. Popular feature on the blog.
  37. 37. Business Reviews Geek Alabama does local business reviews to promote small businesses within the community!
  38. 38. Product Reviews Geek Alabama also does product reviews from anyone around the world! The blog has done a variety of reviews.
  39. 39. Game of the Week The Game of the Week always features a local high school sporting contest once per week! HS football is popular!
  40. 40. Weather Coverage Geek Alabama and Nathan Young does weather coverage when severe weather happens. I also go storm chasing!
  41. 41. Geeks and Nerds Of course, Geek Alabama also talks about some of the biggest geeky and nerdy stories happening in society.
  42. 42. TV / Movie Reviews Geek Alabama has done numerous reviews on popular new TV shows and movies. Many people come for the reviews!
  43. 43. Christmas Coverage Each December, Geek Alabama goes into Christmas mode where Christmas events and other stuff are featured!
  44. 44. Traffic Light Pixels Traffic Light Pixels is the official photo blog from Geek Alabama sharing the best photos from events and stuff!
  45. 45. Geek Alabama Videos Geek Alabama does videos of events, roads, reviews, recipes, sports, interviews, and The Southern Geek vlog series!
  46. 46. The Geek Alabama Segments
  47. 47. Future Geek Alabama Stuff More gaming reviews / videos Science experiments / videos Geeks Helping Others charity Geek Alabama PodcastMore computer / tech stuff Geek Alabama is a part of many media companies and the blog regularly gets contacted to preview TV shows, movies, products, businesses, and books before they are released. The blog also gets contacted to cover conventions, events, sports, music, arts, and more! If you have something that you want covered on Geek Alabama, contact me Nathan Young at! I Have Been To A Lot Of Places From festivals, concerts, sports contests, events, conventions, celebrity appearances, and many other places and things. I have been established as one of the top people who is contacted by others, not only to cover their happenings, but also talk about them as well! Nathan Young has many contacts and many people knows about him. If he is this well-known, he would fit in at any establishment and help them immediately and right off the ground!
  48. 48. Social Networks I Am On = Free Advertising!
  49. 49. Why should you hire me? I can help anyone turn around any failures >>> And help anyone be successful! >> Already have helped numerous people online I can help you with whatever you need online!
  50. 50. Why should you hire me? Creative Skills Team Player Driven Dedicated Idea / Goal Setting Consistent approach to media/writing
  51. 51. Problem Solver Ambitious Dependable Creative Communication Self-Starter Innovation Logical Thinking Encouragement Motivator I’m on a geeky/nerdy mission to make things better and awesome!
  52. 52. View my Portfolio and bio at:
  53. 53. Let’s Connect! Visit Geek Alabama by scanning the code!
  54. 54. Presentation Brought To You By: Presentation Created By: Nathan Young
  55. 55. Many photos in this presentation were taken by me, Nathan Young! Photo Credits Other photos were taken from Flickr and Creative Commons. Other photos from Fox, CBS, NBC, Disney, Hub Network, Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Discovery, Microsoft Clipart, and respective companies. Produced by: Nathan Young PAGES 57 View this presentation, other presentations, infographics, and other great stuff from Nathan Young at: Enjoy other awesome presentations!