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5 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity - BFEexecutivePowerTips - Issue #1
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5 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity - BFEexecutivePowerTips - Issue #1


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Managing the people inside of your business is one of the most crucial activities that you and your managers must face on a daily basis. …

Managing the people inside of your business is one of the most crucial activities that you and your managers must face on a daily basis.

Knowing how to effectively communicate and bond with employees is a critical success factor. Deploying it skillfully will help you boost morale, trust and overall productivity.

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  • 1. 5 Ways to Improve Employee Productivity and become the most influential manager Issue # 1
  • 2. +1(604) 563 5028 | e-mail: t 1 They are People Sometimes it’s the most simple ideas that create the most profound impact. Always remember that your employees are people. Treat them the way they want to be treated, not how you think they want to be treated. Following the old saying “treat others the way you want to be treated,” can cause miscommunication.
  • 3. +1(604) 563 5028 | e-mail: t 2 Manage by Strengths People aren’t perfect, so don’t force them into perfection Have you ever been asked to complete a task you’re strong at? There’s a sense of ease and accomplishment that boosts morale. Maximize your employee’s productivity by focusing on their strengths and their weaknesses later. High levels of morale will give them the motivation and active will power to tackle tasks or skills that they consider difficult. Development can come with time.
  • 4. +1(604) 563 5028 | e-mail: t 3 Manage by Outcomes Delegating a task is not delegating an outcome Assigning a task communicates that something needs to be done. For example, completing a deliverable. Delegating an outcome, communicates that something needs to be done and why it needs to be done a certain way. Delegating outcomes empowers your employees. Let them be responsible and accountable for their work.
  • 5. +1(604) 563 5028 | e-mail: t 4 Acknowledge Frequently Symmetrical acknowledgement, balance both good and bad. Are you balancing how much negative and positive feedback you’re providing? Try acknowledging your employees outcomes whether good or bad. It’s easy to forget that when they do a good job, that you should let them know that they have. Make sure you never embellish your comments. Be truthful.
  • 6. +1(604) 563 5028 | e-mail: t 5 Manage Expectations Unrealistic expectations damage morale and trust Set expectations that are clear and realistic. There’s a difference between ideal expectations and what your employees can deliver. Failing to adjust expectations can damage morale and trust between you and your employees. Effective communication starts here.
  • 7. Secret Tip 6 Casual Conversations Casual conversations can cultivate strong relationships Do you have one person in your life that only contacts you when they have a problem? Or when they need something from you? It’s quite possible… that’s how some of your employees feel as well. Cultivate relationships by having casual conversations. Ask them how they’re doing during critical times to break the tension and relieve stress.
  • 8. Communicate effectively and improve employee morale and trust. That’s how you drive productivity and become the most influential manager. “ ”
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