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Win Customers, Influence Markets and Unlock Opportunities
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BFE Consulting - Our Better, Faster and Easier Services


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BFEconsulting provides 3 types of services.

BFEconsulting - a service that focuses in creating better, faster and easier business results for your small to medium size business.

BFEmarketing+sales - a service that focuses in creating better faster and easier sales to your business. We specialize in building sales processes that maximize reach and conversion rates.

BFEinvestor relations - a unique service that takes our marketing + sales services into a publicly traded company. We understand that IR is very similar to marketing, but by combining time-tested marketing and sales methods with an IR angle - we create a service that provides superior value to our publicly traded partners.

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BFE Consulting - Our Better, Faster and Easier Services

  1. 1. Better, Faster and Easier Business Results Win Customers, Influence Markets and Unlock Opportunities How we leverage knowledge to create opportunities. Turn find out more Why do some businesses flourish, grow and thrive while others fail? Have you ever wondered, as I have, what makes this kind of difference? Imagine your business 5 years from now. Where is it? What are you doing and why are you better than your competitors? Do you truly believe your business will still be operating in 5 years? How about in 10 years? What if I told you that you could know … with absolute certainty where your business would be 5 years from now, would you believe me? What if I told you that success has nothing to do with native intelligence, drive or talent or how much money your competitors have? What if it actually has less to do with all those things and actually has more to do with something everyone has, but no one uses? Well, what I’m about to tell you could be true… Can you afford not to know?
  2. 2. | +1 (604) 563 5028 | +1 (604) 563 5028 Making things better, faster and easier isn’t a matter of native talent, it’s how you use and leverage knowledge to fundamentally change the way you do things. It’s about knowing where to put your time and effort, under- standing how your environment operates and devising strategies to develop an advantage. This is exactly what BFEconsulting delivers to our clients. We help you achieve superior business results by analyzing your current environment and optimizing your business to outperform. More importantly, we do this by taking time tested methods that have helped our clients achieve their desired outcomes. Our Philosophy Our Services Find Out How Our Services Win Customers, Influence Markets and Unlock Opportunities... Whether developing long term strategic planning, or offering suggestions to help improve day-to-day opera- tions, Nathan Yeung offers practical, thoughtful and efficient guidance to improve your business. I've had the pleasure of working with Nathan during the past year, and he's been instrumental in adding depth and additional insight to our management team. I highly recommend Nathan for any company's strategy, busi- ness development or general operational management needs. Chief Operating Officer, Rich Izzo In today’s fast paced technology driven world, Nathan stands out as someone who takes the time and effort to develop working relationships and understand your business goals. He provides valuable insights and unique perspectives beyond his current project, and eagerly contributes to the company’s success at all lev- els. His dedication, work ethic, and commitment make him a valued addition to any team, and I recommend his services without hesitation. – Senior Director of IT Services, David Westgate I've known Nathan Yeung for just over 4 years and every year he is constantly improving his knowledge base. His relentless search for knowledge is clearly fueled by his passion to help others and their business. As a consultant, Nathan brings his dynamic personal- ity to the table and adds value by creating solutions to problems that take into account multiple business per- spectives. His hands-on experience and understanding of finance, accounting, operations, and marketing and sales makes his solutions uniquely realistic. I'd highly recommend Nathan to any business that is seeking a fresh perspective. – President, Antonio Millares Nathan is one of the hardest working and knowledge- able individuals I have had the pleasure of consulting with over the years. He has demonstrated expertise in a multitude of areas in growing businesses from internet technology to latest digital marketing tactics to high-level corporate strategy and he isn’t afraid of getting his hands dirty and executing in operations. Nathan is extremely driven and is passionate about finding creative solutions for each of his client's unique needs. – Corporate Tax Specialist, Jean C Our company engaged Nathan to help grow our busi- ness and provide strategic guidance for short and long- term planning. Nathan immediately added value by first evaluating the opportunities in the marketplace and helping prioritize these as it relates to our plans for the future. Nathan has vast knowledge across many verticals and also has a strong network of con- tacts and resources. He is very thorough, analytical, hardworking, honest and overall a pleasure to work with. – Chief Financial Officer, Jon Weiss These days it is hard to find entrepreneurs that have knowledge, vision and drive. Nathan is one of those individuals. He has both a great 50,000 ft view of an idea, and also an understanding of working details. He is not shy to use experts in areas where he has limited knowledge in and can then quickly learn from those experts and re-apply that knowledge in other areas. Nathan is an individual who will make waves in the business community at large in the coming years! – Chief Technology Officer, Michael Preradovic What People Have to Say About Us CEO & President Nathan Yeung Turn find out more
  3. 3. | +1 (604) 563 5028 | +1 (604) 563 5028 BFEmarketing+sales focuses on your marketing and sales process and transforms how your business is attracting and converting leads in your business. We help your small to medium size business develop or optimize your existing sales pipeline to ensure that your business has maximum reach and maximum conversion rates. We specialize in developing a meaningful experience for your customers. BFEconsulting focuses on cultivating value by driving corporate wide strategy and implementation. We help your small to medium size business evaluate your current strategic position and assist in planning, developing and executing your strategy. The purpose of this service is to help you attain a sustainable competitive advantage that will accelerate your organization’s growth for a period of 5 years. We Help You By... • Establishing your vision and mission statement to drive corporate wide direction and momentum • Researching, developing and implementing your strategic plan to stop competitors and establishing year over year sustainable growth • Assisting you in writing your business plan to instill a level of responsi- bility and accountability to measure progress • Conducting industry and market research around your business to iden- tify opportunities and weaknesses in your competitors to gain market share • Business process outsourcing to decrease your overhead and increase your organization’s work output • Evaluating operations and optimizing your business processes to unlock value in core operations • Establishing a work culture that makes your organization irresistible to “A” talent The Purpose of This Service Is To... 1. Get more people that don’t know about your company, to know that you exist 2. Get more people that know about your company, to be interested in your company 3. Get more people that are interested in your company, to buy from your company 4. Get more people that have bought from your company, to buy more and to tell others to buy from you 5. And get more people who have never bought from your company, to sin- cerely enjoy any of their experiences with your company and tell others about their positive experiences. Our marketing+sales services were created because they were services that typically followed during or after consulting projects. Knowing this and wanting to provide the best value for our clients, we made the decision that breaking out this service would make this service a better fit for people like you and your business. Why Only Plan for 5 Years? Ideally, you would always want to plan for a longer periods of time… Who wouldn’t want to have a suc- cessful plan period of 50+ years? But realistically we know that the world changes. Take for instance the world of technology. Looking back in the last 5-10 years, it’s hard to miss the disrup- tive technology that has taken away market share or in some cases have broken markets completely apart. Planning for a period of 5 years develops a mindset that you must always be flexible, while remaining focused on achieving your near term goals and outcomes. Ask Us Why We Don’t Believe in Sales Funnels You’ll never want to use that term again when we tell you what we found out.
  4. 4. | +1 (604) 563 5028 | +1 (604) 563 5028 BFEinvestor relations focuses on developing “alternative” investor relations campaigns that stray away from traditional cookie cutter campaigns. We follow a systematic approach that is better suited for new investors because we follow a step-by-step approach to nurture and educate your potential investors. We specialize in working with micro and small cap companies to get in-front of new investors and increasing your company’s market exposure. How Do We Do That? • Discovery Phase – First, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement to understand your business and key objectives. We then evaluate your company using the same process* that we use in our consulting services to provide feedback. In parallel, we will also review your current opera- tional timeline. • Preparation – We take your company story and transform it into a retail friendly message. We then package that message into multiple formats. • Exposure – using the same techniques we use in our marketing+sales services, we help you get more people that don’t know about your com- pany, to know that you exist • BFE investor autopilot – using our automated process to follow up with potential investors, we’ll warm up cold leads then direct those leads to your internal investor relations team Get 200+ Social Cold Calls a Month Our Learning Materials - powertips *the level of due diligence and research during the evaluation period is limited and is not meant to be as detailed and comprehensive as our consulting services Contact us and ask us about our “Social Cold Calling Service” Follow Us (clickable links) - @BFEconsulting We always respond within 24 hours