Ultan Kinahan Business Continuity & Dr With Virtualization And Doubletake

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  • 1. Business Continuity & DR with Virtualization & Doubletake A view at using Doubletake with VM’s in order to provide Continuity Ultan Kinahan MCITP, MCTS, MCSE, MCP [email_address] http://ultankinahan.spaces.live.com
  • 2. So What Really Constitutes a Disaster?
    • Some Examples;
      • Fire, Flood, Power Loss, Hacker or any Natural Disaster
  • 3. DR Challenges
    • Complexity
      • Management and provisioning
      • Hardware and software upgrades
    • Reliability
      • Complex solutions are hard to test
      • Requires specialized training for personnel
    • Cost
      • Additional hardware
      • Additional tools and training
  • 4. Virtualization - Benefits
    • Hardware independence
    • Hardware pooling
    • Single Step Recovery
    • Faster recovery
    • Hardware availability
    • Simplified administration
  • 5.
    • How many of you use Virtualization today?
      • Types?
    • How many of you use Replication today?
      • Type?
    • Do you have plans to use Virtualization in the foreseeable future?
      • Type?
    What are you doing today?
  • 6. How Do You Handle Your DR?
  • 7.
    • NSI Doubletake
      • Doubletake for Virtual Infrastructure
      • Doubletake for Virtual Systems
      • Many other flavors also…
    • Microsoft
      • DFSR (Distributed File System Replication)
    • VMware
      • Site Recovery Manager
    • Visioncore
      • vReplicator
    • Veeam
      • Backup & Replication
    • Two name a few…
    Products Available To Us?
  • 8.  
  • 9.  
  • 10.
    • Must be running ESX Server 3.0.+ and VMware Virtual Center 2.+
    • Leverages VMware APIs for virtual machine snapshot functionality
    • Snapshots include the entire VM (OS, Apps, Data) and can be used with a non-Windows Guest OS
    • Snapshots are time-coherent across all virtual disks configured for a protected virtual machine
    • Extends staging of virtual machines across geographical boundaries (WAN replication)
    How DTVI Works
  • 11. How DTVI Works Committing (remove_snapshot) Source VM Files Replica VM Files Administrative Client *-delta.vmdk *.vmsd *-delta.vmdk *.vmsd Replicating (SCP) *-delta.vmdk *.vmsd *.vmdk *-flat.vmdk *.vmx Synchronizing (SCP) Source ESX Server Datastore (Source) Target ESX Server Datastore (Target) SSH SSH Web Services *.vmdk *-flat.vmdk *.vmx Monitoring (Time/Size)
  • 12.
    • Protect physical or virtual servers directly into VMWare .VMDK files with real-time replication
    • Protect the entire server including the OS, applications and data
    • Protect multiple source servers with a single virtual target server
    • Failover automatically or manually within minutes
    • Lower TCO with virtualization and many-to-one consolidation.
    Virtual Recovery Assistant
  • 13. Virtual Recovery Assistant FS-System.vmdk FS-Data.vmdk EX-System.vmdk EX-Data.vmdk DB-System.vmdk DB-Data.vmdk C: System.vmdk DT-VRA FS-System FS-Data File Server Exchange Database C: E: EX-System.vmdk EX-Data.vmdk DB-System.vmdk DB-Data.vmdk C: System.vmdk DT-VRA FS-System.vmdk FS-Data.vmdk File Server C: E: EX-System EX-Data C: E: DB-System DB-Data C: E:
  • 14. V2V Disaster Recovery Process Virtual System Disk Data Volume Primary Site Virtual System Disk Disaster Recovery Site VMFS Volumes SAN VMFS Volumes DoubleTake Replication Data Volume
    • Using any file copy technology, copy the virtual system disks to DR site.
    • Doubletake Software continuously replicates the data between the VMs.
    • When disaster strikes…the DR site takes over as primary: No extra config needed
    Primary Site (NYC) DR Site (Chicago)
  • 15. Questions? None… Cool Thanks!