Thomas Deimel   The World Of Hackintosh
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Thomas Deimel The World Of Hackintosh






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    Thomas Deimel   The World Of Hackintosh Thomas Deimel The World Of Hackintosh Presentation Transcript

    • Thomas Deimel Network Administrator Coverdell & Company The Wonderful World of the “Hackintosh”
    • What’s a Thomas Deimel?
      • Started out with Apple II and CP/M world.
      • Too many years in the IT business mainly support PC’s and small to medium sized networks.
      • Non-management person – don’t take away my toys! (tried it, didn’t work out).
      • I am willing to support just about anything: Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc… staying employed is very important to me.
      • Still learning how to make this stuff work!
    • The “Unofficial” Disclaimer
      • Be ready to enjoy the world of Hachintosh toys…
      • Be prepared to be reinstall a few too many times.
      • Be patient!
      • Be prepared to spend a very few $$$, Pounds, Euros!
      • No four letter words during installation process.
      • Buy a “legal” copy of MacOS. Retail is $129 but you can find it cheaper on Amazon, etc…
    • Why Build a “Hackintosh?”
      • You’re a combatant in the OS culture wars?
      • You like the MacOS.
      • Apple doesn’t build a Netbook yet.
      • The Mac you really want
      • is too expensive.
      • Some Apple apps just work better than Windows apps.
      MAC PC
    • Why Build a “Hackintosh?”
      • You have too much spare time.
      • Kids use MacOS at school but you use Windows at work.
      • Too many Linux distros available.
      • You like to spend time
      • hunting for hardware drivers.
      • You want your iTunes to run everywhere.
      • You want to call Apple for support.
    • What Hardware Do I Need?
      • You can pick and try but here is what I have used:
      • Intel Atom Processor, Duo Core, or similar
      • Intel GMA950 or similar
      • Flash Drive
      • RealTek Wireless card
      • External DVD drive
    • Hardware Extras!
      • Swap Wireless card if you want – Dell 1510 works with MSI Wind and it’s on “Fleabay” for $15 bucks.
      • Will other computers work? Maybe but I haven’t tried them all yet. Check and see if someone else has tried to install on your specific computer. I tried Acer, MSI and Dell.
      • Have a USB keyboard and mouse available for Netbook/laptop installations. Sometimes necessary.
    • Software?
      • Buy a legal copy of the MacOS
      • Kalyway 10.5.x – available from the website or a torrent. Make a donation if you want to but completely illegal.
      • Read next slide….
    • __ ___ ___ _______ ______ The Hunt for Hardware Drivers…
      • MSI Wind – RealTek wrote wireless drivers for the Hackintosh community… isn’t that nice of them.
      • See my “collection” of downloads on the CD.
      • Look for updates.
      • Find smarter ‘Hackintosh’ users who built a better mousetrap.
      • Revisit the driver hunt from your Vista days!
      • This is why Google was invented?
    • Now For the Installation
      • If you have found a guide, try and follow it to the letter and command.
      • Patches from Apple sometimes work ok? Yes and No and it depends…
      • Only reboot “after” you have installed that set of patches, tools or changes.
    • The Installation Continues
      • Read what others have said about their installation experience.
      • Request a $1 fee for every OS installation you have had to do in your life.
      • Get some coffee and donuts or do the installation at the local pub; alcohol solves all computer issues!
      Watch Monty Python’s Dead Parrot Sketch!
    • Finally…
      • Cross your fingers and reboot! A lot!
      • Enjoy the “trial and error” part of the experience.
      • Expect failure!
      • Do your homework to find better solutions.
      • Share your experiences.
      Success? Enjoy your “Hackintosh”!
    • Your Thoughts or Ideas?