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Avenged sevenfold conventions
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Avenged sevenfold conventions


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Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. Avenged Sevenfold Conventions
  • 2. Logo • The band will use their logo in most of their music videos, this is due to the promotional aspect of the video. By putting their logo out there, they will become more noticed and effectively become their own brand. Another reason that whey will choose to put their logo into the video could be as a filler, so it can complete the frame.
  • 3. Dear God – Avenged Sevenfold A Little Piece of Heaven – Avenged Sevenfold Beast and The Harlot – Avenged Sevenfold
  • 4. Religious Iconography • Within the majority of the lyrics and the music videos, religious aspects come into play, this could be because the style of the band (heavy metal/ metalcore) is stereotypically sacrilegious, by going against what a typical religious person would believe in, examples would be: demons, blood and gore, fire. The use of these religious icons in the music video are to show a “change in heart” as all of the times they are used, they are often not doing what is correct to their faith.
  • 5. Almost Easy – Avenged Sevenfold Hail to the King – Avenged SevenfoldA little Piece of Heaven – Avenged Sevenfold
  • 6. Afterlife This shot here is of a man (silhouetted) with a white background, this links to the title, as a stereotypical “afterlife” consists of a heavenly, whiteness. The use of the white symbolizes peace and contentment, as you see just white behind the character. As he is silhouetted, it can show that maybe there is still a darkness, or something still left in him, rather than letting himself go. This use of greyscale is used lots within the rock genre, because they try and make is seem devoid of all form of emotion, which is then contrasting with the song, that contains lots of different problems. This shot contains two members of the band, with their instruments, the colours are black and white, which can link with the good/bad confliction that is associated with the genres lyrics, but also modern day problems, this then could be used to “combat” that stereotype. The use of lighting at the back shows that the location of the set may be in some form of warehouse, as the lighting isn’t bringing out anything in particular, it is there to help highlight the band as a whole. The use of a spider on the face helps to show the element of fear, as fears are a huge part of the lyrics and music videos in the rock genre. The shot has connotations of nothing to fear, as the person has no fear of the spider on their face, and is embracing it, this can link with “afterlife” as it is saying that “whatever happens now, there won’t be anything like that in the afterlife”. The use of greyscale again also shows that there is no emotion there, which would always be there when somebody is scared, in this case, nobody is scared of the spider.
  • 7. This shot of M Shadows shows him with a cross around his neck, this shows a confliction between his faith, and what he often sings about. It has connotations of religion, and the use of 3 doves helps portray that, as a Dove is seen as a holy animal, because God became a dove, and used it to represent peace. This also links to the title of the song, as “afterlife” has connotations of peace, hence the use of the doves. Again, the colours on this are mainly greyscale, possibly showing that M Shadows may be between two emotions, possibly his faith, and what he feels in the natural world. Again, the background is black, showing that he is surrounded by his fears, or as an extended metaphor, the world, as the afterlife is seen as something, mainly that religious people believe in. The connotations of this shot show a freedom, as he is letting the dove go, it is a metaphor for letting all his fears go away, possibly because he is going to the afterlife. The dove, again symbolizes religion, because this time it is a single dove flying off, possibly symbolizing God. In this shot, it shows a transition between two shots, one from an original shot in the warehouse, to another, that is depicting the afterlife. This is shown as the warehouse is black, and is a metaphor for emptiness, and what they feel in the real world, but then it transitions into the white of the afterlife, that is showing peace, and then belonging. The band then change their clothes from white to black, possibly to show they are still holding onto something in the afterlife, and links with the lyrics “I don't belong here, we gotta move on dear, escape from this afterlife.” This shows that they are not ready for the afterlife, and is mimicked in the apparel of the band.
  • 8. Almost Easy The opening shot is of a horde of bats escaping from cave, this has connotations of “escape” as the title “almost easy” indicates that something is happening, that can be done, it becomes almost easy, so the idea of escape comes from the bats leaving the cave. The bats are symbolic for the band, as the logo is of a deathbat, so the use of bats are quite common in their music videos. With the light in the centre of the screen, the focus then is on the light then drowning out the dark, and helps emphasize the good/bad battle. This shot here shows a deathly stare from M Shadows, this has connotations of anger and fear, this then links with the genre of music, and the lyrics within the song “I feel insane every single time I'm asked to compromise” This is shown, as the look in his eyes help show that he is possibly insane, as they seem to be 3D on the screen. The use of fire helps to mimic the feeling of anger from the eyes. With the use of a black shadow and darkened background, it helps to show that in this video, the whole thing is going to be about darker thoughts than afterlife. The glasses here seem to be reflecting a girls shoes, which in the previous shot, linked with fire, can have connotations of desire and lust. This can link with the genre, as the artists often have a rugged, badboy look about them, and showing what they desire is often seen to be devious, so links well with the song, it also connects to the title, as because of being a rockstar, getting what they want is “almost easy” so effectively, M Shadows can get what he is looking at, in this case it is a woman.
  • 9. In this shot, you can see that behind the live band, there is some sort of demonic creature. It follows stereotypes of having a blood red eye, and decaying grey skin, to help emphasize that this isn’t a human creature, this helps to represent a darkness and also how the genre revolves around very deep and depressing lyrics, often that happen to members of the band, or speaks in general for the global market. The use of a band is used in the majority of their music videos so it is a convention that they follow, and so do all the other members of the genre. Again the fire makes an appearance, this can be to show that things may be “heating up” and that something big may be about to happen, but it can also show pain, and possible sacrifice, so the creature behind the band may be that of a “God” that is needing some forms of sacrifice, and again links to “almost easy” as people are willing to do things for what they believe in. Here, it is showing lots of different people, from tall-small, black- white ect. This can be used as a “sample” for the worlds population, and in this shot, it has lots of them moving towards one place, this can be a metaphor for everbodys dream, as many people may share the same dream at times. This then is in contrast to the title, as most of the time, dreams are far from easy to achieve, but possibly, from this shot, it can show that the dreams may have been reached, and they are now on their way to it. This shot here is of a fire explosion, as fire is an element, it links to the theory of rock songs using the elements as if they were connected. With the huge fire explosion, it can signify desire, and links to that “Dream” because they have reached it, but it can also signify pain and suffering, and linking to the “creature” image, possibly linking to religious iconography, with the entrance to hell, and these people are seemingly walking into it.
  • 10. Nightmare The first shot of the music video is of the bands logo of the deathbat, however it has a difference, because it has hair, the use of the hair is a reference to the Drummer – The rev, as this album was dedicated to him after his death. As the deathbat is in the form of a tattoo, it is showing respect by having him as a constant reminder on the skin. It also shows that possibly, the rev was the “heart” of the band, if they have adapted their logo to have him as their main piece. The tattooed arm is within some sort of shackles, like they are restrained. This can symbolize guilt, and not letting go of it, instead letting it pin you down, this could possibly be the feelings of the members of the band when The Rev died. On this, it has a doctor, this is a sign of professionality, as a doctor is seen as a noble profession, and with the action of putting the glove on, it shows that he means some kind of business and aims to do his job, however doctors can be associated with fear, and with the “tying down” in the first image, instead this could possibly be some form of “mental” doctor, because some people may not be comfortable with it. With the doctor wearing white, it can act as a mask of innocence. The faded edges to the screen can act as if the viewer is under some form of anaesthetic, so they are part of the music video. This shot here has the main guitarist playing, as you can see, the shot is heavily composed of the colour black, this use of darkness can help show and emphasize fear. It also links to the title of the song, because a nightmare is often considered darkened. The redness in the guitarist hair shows pain and suffering, that often happen in nightmares.
  • 11. ON here it has the shot of a spider on a drum kit, with the drums again referencing The Rev, as he was the drummer of the band. The shot of the spider shows that there is still some form of fear behind the drum kit, because the new drummer may have a lot to live up to. The spider is also the same one that is in Afterlife, that is walking on the Revs face. This then may be an extended metaphor for the rev, as it was his spider. The use of the spider also links with nightmares, as there are many people that are scared of spiders. With a highly white frame, it contrasts with the stereotype of a nightmare, but also links with the idea of “under anaesthetic” because everything then is more dreamy, rather than a nightmare. Most of Avenged music videos tend to include some form of religious iconography, in this instance, there is a vicar, who seems to be “blessing” the person on the bed, from this angle, it seems like the vicar is “blessing” the viewer, by looking directly at them, it gives the video a 3D feeling. Again, the frame has a blurred outline, helping to show a hazy effect, like the person is in some form of nightmare. The act of blessing can be in contrast to the title of the song, by trying to prevent the nightmare, but as most of the lyrics are sacrilegious, it can possibly show that this religious aspect does not work. Within this shot, it contains a man hitting his head on the window of a door, this can help portray a form of insanity, that can be a side effect from excessive nightmares. The use of blood helps to show the extent of the insanity, and the door helps emphasize that there is no escape. It then changes the location from an actual hospital, to one that may be for mental patience. The blood signifies pain and fear that is within a nightmare. A metaphor of insanity can link to the Rev , as insanity is a side effect of one of the things that he overdosed on.
  • 12. Here, we have two girls bouncing a ball in blood, you have one girl who is wearing all white, this can by symbolic of innocence and of purity, however in contrast, you have the other girl completely in red, showing death, pain and suffering, the use of the blood in the centre, and the ball boucing between them, can show how the girl in white is becoming less innocent, because she is getting covered in blood. So the idea of a nightmare is seemingly spreading from one person to another. The shot is also very open, as you see a door behind either side of the girls, it could be to show that there is an exit, but it is difficult to get to, because the nightmare has consumed them so much. The lighting for each door is different, as behind the girl in white, the lighting is blue and very promising, but behind the girl in red, the lighting is yellow and ominous, much like the colouring for the rest of the mental hospital, this can symbolize that there is two different ways out from this nightmare. During this shot, there are many people that are seemingly “insane” because you have them wandering all over the place like they don’t know what is going on, and you have one sitting on the floor, possibly in a stray suit, to refrain the person from doing any form of damage. The walls seem to be a very monotone colour, this can be to symbolize the lack of emotion and life within the place, possibly because within a nightmare, there is no life and no escape. The cracked wall, and change of colour at the top of the screen shows that the place is very run down, and often like what may be in a nightmare. The use of a medical bed can show that the doctors are pulling them through the nightmare, however it could be seen to take them to their cell place. Again, the high use of white is used, possibly to show that everyone is innocent, and that they are victimized by a nightmare, because they can’t do anything to escape what is going on.
  • 13. On this shot, it is of the person on the medical bed looking up at the ceiling, and seeing people crawling across the floor, this can be used to show that there is a different form of nightmare for different people, and the see through ceiling, shows how people can see into other peoples nightmare, but because of the gap, there can be no help for them. With the man crawling across the floor, it can be symbolic that they have had all strength sapped from them, as they cannot seemingly walk properly. There is also still the use of white patient clothing, to show that they are powerless, it contrasts to the song as the nightmare seems to be from the perspective of the singer on the medical bed, rather from the perspective of others in the video. This shot has a contains a skeleton, which is very stereotypical to the genre of music, because they often use death and the undead as part of the lyrics, also a skeleton deathbat is used as the logo for the band, so a skeleton used helps to promote the band. It could also be an extended metaphor for the Rev, as he was “dancing with death” and ultimately lost, so this scene can be in respect to the rev and that he sadly lost his life. The white again helps to show innocence, and that the rev didn’t deserve to die, and was innocent to the fact it was all going on. The final shot in the music video, is of the drum kit, this is the final respect to the rev in the music video, as it is a shot of his drum kit, and how he would set it up. The use of the light behind the drums is symbolic of the revs spirit, and it is still behind the drums no matter what. The logo is on the kick drum of the kit, also helping to sell the band, as it has become a well known logo. The colour of the room is different to that of the hospital, this could be because this is the ultimate nightmare for M Shadows, and it is more a reality of not having one of his best friends in the band, or there in his life anymore.
  • 14. Digipacks The image has many references to death on the front cover, the first of which is the symbol of the grim reaper in the back, but the difference is, he has the wings of the deathbat, this is symbolic of the rev, as it was saying that he was taken away. The next symbol of death is the gravestone that says “forever” on it, this may only be a theory, but the word “forever” contains the letters “R-E-V” in order, so again it could be a reference to the drummer that was lost. The use of a girl in the foot of the graveyard can be symolic for innocence, so can be saying that it was an innocent man in the rev thatt died, the girl is also resting at the foot of the gravestone, so it could be to show respect to the rev, by having the girl sleeping at his gravestone. The thorns in the foreground are symbolic for the pain that both the band, fans and the rev went through in the time of his death. The railings at the back can be symbolic for been trapped, as the rev may not have had anybody to go to in his time of need, and felt as is he was constricted. With the use of dark colours and of a full moon, it can show the genre in its full light, as they are conisdered to be dark with its lyrics and with the theme of the rev running through the album, most of the lyrics may be quite heavy hitting. This digipack is the single for Nightmare, rather than the album, so this has a different theme., however the symbolism of the rev is still there, as the skull seems to have hair much like his, so the skeleton could be said to be that of the drummer. The use of blue skeletons leaving the mouth can show the spirit of the rev still living on, that will be through the use of the band, and the album. The cracks on the upper jaw, above the teeth can be symbolic of the marks left behind of the revs death, but also of the pain that he had to suffer, to die at such an early age. The background is of a dark colour, again helping show the sort of lyrics and genre that the album is, as stereotypically, darkness and skeletons are associated with a metal/rock genre, because the lyrics may be very satanic and sacrilegious.
  • 15. Website The website contains many conventions of the band itself, one of which is the black and white colour scheme, to show confliction between good/bad. This is a theme they have gone with throughout their career as a band. They also have used the comical style font for the title “Avenged Sevenfold” this font has been used on their new album “Hail to the King”. It contains many forms of media together as one, for example, it gives you the option to share the website on certain formats, such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, but it also has the option to find the band on the certain places, as they have a Youtube logo in the top right corner, so you can click that and it will take you to their youtube page. There are links below to different elements of the website, and they’re the most popular things to do with the band at the current time. Home: because that is where it will say all of the current information about the band. Tour: as every single one of their followers are going to be interested on when they are touring, and how to get their hands on tickets. Store: as currently, band merch is seen as a fashion trend, so having as much of it as possible really makes you stand out amongst friends, and other people. The websites design is very simple, because it has minimal tabs, and easy click through icons. It has simple language, so that anybody can use it, and it is very easy to access. It follows many conventions of websites, by having the ability to connect with Facebook, and also with the simplicity of the layout.
  • 16. Posters The first poster has lots going on in it, but it seems to be a Christmas themed tour, this is shown with a reindeer at the front of the poster, and also with “death” riding a sleigh behind it, however it does contain many conventions of Halloween, with the carved pumpkin heads across the poster, and with bats flying everywhere. The colour scheme is very full, as it contains lots of dark colours associated with a darkened and disturbed genre, but also contains many reds, to signify pain and suffering especially danger. But there are shades of white, this can possibly show that there is some form of goodness underneath all of the bad stuff that is going on within the poster. The use of houses makes it seem like the band is very homely, and welcoming, maybe a family band, but the rest of the poster shouts out “High Maturity” because most of the lyrics would be very inappropriate for younger ears. This poster doesn’t seem to be as hectic as the last one, instead it seems more civilized, around the table, you have each member of the band, but in a skeletal form, this is to show mortality of the band, especially because they say that “music will live on” but obviously the people can’t. On the poster, one of the band members is the rev, but in the bottom right corner, you see they are promoting the sale of their nightmare album, so this poster must be in remembrance of rev, as the album wasn’t released or completed till after his death. Spider webs surrounding the members help to show that they are part of human nature, and link back to the “earth” element because they seemingly are at one with animals. The green background can symbolize “life” but it is more life after death, because the members in the poster are skeletons.