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Year End Storage Planning and Budgeting
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Year End Storage Planning and Budgeting


Published on

It's that time of year again. Ah, the holidays: being with friends and family, giving and receiving gifts, great food, and storage planning and budgeting.

It's that time of year again. Ah, the holidays: being with friends and family, giving and receiving gifts, great food, and storage planning and budgeting.

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  • 1. Year-end Data Storage Planning and BudgetingWith Aprigo NINJA
    You know you’ve been looking forward to storage planning all year.
    What could be more fun?
  • 2. Woohoo! Storage Planning!
    It's that time of year again. Ah, the holidays: being with friends and family, giving and receiving gifts, great food, and storage planning and budgeting.
    Storage planning?
    Though its definitely not as enjoyable as the other end of year activities, planning and forecasting your storage needs for next year is just as inevitable. And we've found a free way to make your storage planning a lot easier: Aprigo NINJA.
    Did I mention it’s free? Oh. Yep. I did.
    Clipart guy LOVES planning storage needs for next year.
  • 3. How Can Aprigo NINJA Help Me?
    We’re glad you asked. If you didn’t, this would be a very short presentation, and not very valuable.
    The First Steps In Storage Planning
    Understanding what you have currently
    Know your growth rate
    See how much storage is being consumed byusers and groups
    The Aprigo NINJA dashboard: Making unstructured data understandable since 2009.
  • 4. Understanding What You Have
    Download NINJA (free registration is required), scan your data environment, and you'll be able to see how your storage is being consumed today. You’ll see:
    Files that don’t belong- That mp3 share used by the sales guys? On your expensive storage?
    Old files- You really plan on keeping files from 1999?
    Large Files- You’ll see which files are taking up the most space
    At this stage, you’ll be able to find out which data can be deleted, archived, or moved to cheaper storage.
    Now that you know what you have, let’s look into the future.
    Is this what your data environment looks like? You know, figuratively. Not literally. That would be absurd.
  • 5. Know Your Growth Rate
    Aprigo NINJA Free lets you keep up to five 500 GB scans, showing you how data is growing over time. By calculating your growth rate, you’ll be able to see how fast your data environment is growing, and how much more storage you’re going to need.
    With Aprigo NINJA Pro, you can keep up to five 1 TB snapshots of your data environment, for auditing, comparison, and reporting.
    With a clear understanding of your current data and your growth rate, you’ll now want to factor in any other planned IT projects over the next year. Now you’ve got a good estimate of what you’re looking at.
    “I see an additional 50% data growth rate in your
    future. Now pay me.”
  • 6. Storage By Users And Groups
    With Aprigo NINJA Free, you can drill down through
    directories to see the top owners and groups both by
    size and by number of files.
    Knowing which users and groups are the biggest storage
    consumers will help in estimating future storage needs based on:
    • New hires by department
    • 7. New projects that will require additional space
    • 8. Changes in retention or archiving policies by users and groups.
    One more step…..
    The Aprigo NINJA Top Owners View
  • 9. Assign A Cost To Your Data
    Aprigo NINJA’s built-in cost calculator lets you assign a
    cost-per-gigabyte figure to your data, showing you how
    much your data costs you:
    • By size
    • 10. By file type
    • 11. By owner and group
    • 12. By file age
    • 13. By modification time
    • 14. By combine file type (audio, video, image, document, backup and VM files)
    All right. Now you know what you have. You know how much your data is growing. You know how much your users are consuming. And you’ve got cost figures. Not a bad start.
    “Life ain’tnothin’ but data and money”
  • 15. That’s It.
    Though it may not be as exciting as Thanksgiving dinner or a gift-wrapped brand new gadget, Aprigo NINJA will definitely save you time and money. Because hey, who wants to spend their holidays thinking about storage?