Getting the most out of LinkedIn


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This is a presentation we gave to the AMA Iowa chapter on 2/18/2010, explaining how individuals and business can get the most out of using LinkedIn.

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  • Getting the most out of LinkedIn

    1. 1. Nathan T. Wright . Hillary Brown . Lava Row
    2. 2. Today’s hashtag: #AMAiowa photo via sicarr /
    3. 3. @nathantwright
    4. 4. @hillabean
    5. 5. What specific LinkedIn questions can we answer for you today?
    6. 6. Quick stats 60 million users 54% male / 46% female Average age: 43 51% earn more than $100k annually 23% earn more than $150k annually Over 77% have a college degree 32% are middle management or above photo via victoriapeckham Source: Nielsen Online @Plan, Summer 2009
    7. 7. LinkedIn’s international reach <ul><li>170 countries represented </li></ul><ul><li>LinkedIn claims 4 million users in India </li></ul>
    8. 8. LinkedIn users are highly engaged. Snapshot of LinkedIn unique visitors over time vs. &
    9. 9. LinkedIn users are active online. Source: Nielsen Online @Plan, Summer 2009
    10. 10. How you can use LinkedIn: Get found Create a good first impression Augment your rolodex Showcase your reputation & expertise Make valuable business connections
    11. 11. Have you Googled yourself lately?
    12. 12. “ Your reputation is shaped by ten blue links on a white background.” - Andy Beal
    13. 14. Your profile is a first impression
    14. 19. Profile summary: Your headline = elevator speech Use a photo (be approachable) Hit up status updates Write your summary to get hired Use add-ons like blog RSS & Slideshare Tailor work history to now & future Don’t underestimate your alma mater
    15. 20. Augment your contact database
    16. 21. How’s that rolodex? Average person will hold down 7-8 different careers in their lifetime. - U.S. Department of Labor Average person has 3 email addresses. - Direct Marketing Association Email addresses change at a rate of 31% per year. - Direct Marketing Association photo via lisa_yarost
    17. 22. Conclusions: Email addresses tend to rot out Use LinkedIn to supplement your contacts data New CRM integration features on the way
    18. 23. Exchange contact info instantly via LinkedIn’s iPhone app
    19. 24. Your “reputation engine”
    20. 26. Summary: How to start your reputation engine Don’t blindly ask for recommendations Go write recommendations for 10 people Many will return the favor Recommendations make you impossible to ignore
    21. 27. Showcase your expertise
    22. 30. Summary: Use LinkedIn as your expertise platform Get active in Q&A – it is free advertising The “Best Answers” green star is street cred Be involved with industry-specific groups (Or just create your own.)
    23. 31. Make valuable connections
    24. 32. Get your “starter pack” of connections by searching your email contacts, sending personal invites, or browsing by past employer and/or alma mater.
    25. 34. LinkedIn compares social graphs and shows you the mutual connections. (Six degrees of separation!)
    26. 35. Summary: Use LinkedIn to connect and generate leads Searchable by employer, alma mater & industry Use (and pay for) InMails for direct messaging Get introduced to leads via trusted connections
    27. 37. [email_address] [email_address] @nathantwright @hillabean 515.554.0502 Thanks. See you on LinkedIn!