Information Overload: BarCamp Nashville (#bcn10)


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Nate Baker and Chip Hayner present at Barcamp Nashville 2010.

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Information Overload: BarCamp Nashville (#bcn10)

  1. 1. BARCAMP NASHVILLE 2010 INFORMATION OVERLOAD Why and how you should filter out noise to unearth relevant and meaningful information #bcn10overload
  2. 2. WHO WE ARE Nate Baker Director of Technical Support SiteMason @nathanTbaker Chip Hayner Director of Production Centresource Interactive Agency @chayner #bcn10overload
  3. 3. IT'S NOT A PARTY TILL IT HAS A HASHTAG Feel free to discuss, share links, and ask questions using the hashtag: #bcn10overload Ex: "By the beards of Nate and Chip! Do you feel that surge of knowledge in the room? #bcn10overload" We'll preemptively answer one FAQ: Yes, our beards are awesome. They help establish our credibility. And no, it's not just facial hair, it's a lifestyle. Next. #bcn10overload
  4. 4. THE STREAM OF INFORMATION #bcn10overload
  5. 5. WHY IS INFORMATION OVERLOAD BAD? How much information do you really need? The truly important information can get lost Too much information at once can become indigestible and can freeze you. You’re less interesting when your cultural lens runs as deep as a day. Get off Twitter and read a book. #bcn10overload
  6. 6. DEEPER WAYS TO THINK ABOUT INFORMATION OVERLOAD from 5 people smarter than you
  7. 7. DEEPER WAYS TO THINK ABOUT INFORMATION OVERLOAD Neil Postman What we needed to know about cars —as we need to know about computers, television, and other technology—is not how to use them, but how they use us. Via “End of Education” #bcn10overload
  8. 8. DEEPER WAYS TO THINK ABOUT INFORMATION OVERLOAD 37Signals Recognize and combat barriers to efficiency in the traditional workplace Minimize interruptions Meetings are toxic #bcn10overload
  9. 9. DEEPER WAYS TO THINK ABOUT INFORMATION OVERLOAD Chris Anderson “Inventory is 'non-rivolrous' on the Web and the ratio of good to bad is simply a signal-to- noise problem, solvable with information tools. Which is to say it’s not much of a problem at all.You just need better filters. In other words, the noise is still out there, but Google allows you to effectively ignore it. Filters rule!” Via “The Long Tail” #bcn10overload
  10. 10. DEEPER WAYS TO THINK ABOUT INFORMATION OVERLOAD David Allen Your mind is not an efficient storage device. There are better places to put information. Is what you are doing right now tied to one of your goals? (website project, loving people, re-energizing...) #bcn10overload
  11. 11. DEEPER WAYS TO THINK ABOUT INFORMATION OVERLOAD Merlin Mann You should eventually get to the point where your productivity system is like your coffee cup and you're thinking much more about drinking the coffee out of it rather than the cup itself.  Via “43 Folders Podcast” #bcn10overload
  12. 12. DEEPER WAYS TO THINK ABOUT INFORMATION OVERLOAD Don't worry...  We'll be posting links and recommending reading online: #bcn10overload
  13. 13. FULLY TURNING OFF THE SPIGOT ...and how you can still survive!
  14. 14. TURNING OFF THE SPIGOT Tech fasting! Why you would turn off a technology? Understand a technology's positive and negative affects. Create time to explore other technologies or to focus on meaningful things. Learn from experimentation and see things from a different angle. #bcn10overload
  15. 15. TURNING OFF THE SPIGOT How to Tech Fast: Examples: 1. Select a Technology I'll turn my phone off 2. Define the fast during meals on the 3. Set the frequency weekend. I'll not use Facebook and Twitter outside of work Do it. I dare you! for the first week of every Get started at month. #bcn10overload
  16. 16. TURNING OFF THE SPIGOT Never forget that being away from things often gives you the energy to do the thing you’re taking a break from. #bcn10overload
  17. 17. SLOWLY TURNING THE SPIGOT BACK ON... Being highly efficient with information consumption while keeping a life / work balance
  18. 18. SLOWLY TURNING THE SPIGOT BACK ON Set aside “time zones” for different activities Develop processes and strategies around receiving thoughtful / filtered information Create filters so the information you consume is the information you care about #bcn10overload
  19. 19. PRACTICAL APPLICATION Processes and Strategies
  20. 20. PRACTICAL APPLICATION TWITTER / FACEBOOK: LISTS Lists help organize and filter your streams Categorize by people group or topic Focuses reading to reduce “stream schizophrenia” Examples: Coworkers / Family / High School Friends Sports Feeds / News Feeds / Marketing Gurus #bcn10overload
  21. 21. PRACTICAL APPLICATION TWITTER / FACEBOOK: TEXT NOTIFICATIONS Send your “always read” posts to your phone. Reduces the need to have streams constantly open Depending on your phone settings, you could “collect” these texts until you have a chance to read them, or just read them as they come. Note: Unlimited texting plans help! #bcn10overload
  22. 22. PRACTICAL APPLICATION EMAIL INBOX: BACN FOLDER "Bacn" is better than spam, but not as good as a personal email. (Via PodCamp Pittsburgh, 2007) Create a "bacn" email filter for email you want but not right now: your social media notifications, newsletters, and Google alerts... #bcn10overload
  23. 23. VOLUNTEER ACTIVITY Anyone willing to help out quickly?
  24. 24. PRACTICAL APPLICATION EMAIL INBOX: SUPERNICK / PRIORITY INBOX Limit the amount that you view your inbox Prioritize / filter emails based on importance and response required Original Post: Have separate views for each priority level #bcn10overload
  25. 25. PRACTICAL APPLICATION GOOGLE READER Setup: Find blogs that interest you, but don’t overlap too much in content Categorize blogs based on topic Set to “list view” #bcn10overload
  26. 26. PRACTICAL APPLICATION GOOGLE READER Scanning: Scan headlines for interesting posts, previewing items to see if they’re short enough to read quickly Star items that can’t be read quickly “Mark all as Read” (Shift-A) #bcn10overload
  27. 27. PRACTICAL APPLICATION GOOGLE READER Reading: Go to your starred items Read all items, moving through items with [j] (next) and [k] (previous) When finished, you can unstar [s], share [shift-s], add a note [shift-n], or send it somewhere (Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Email, etc) [shift-t] #bcn10overload
  28. 28. PRACTICAL APPLICATION GOOGLE READER: ADD-ON APPLICATIONS Reeder (iOS Devices) $2.99 iPhone / $4.99 iPad Syncs with Google Reader Fast “swipe to star” Easily share, send to Twitter, etc #bcn10overload
  29. 29. PRACTICAL APPLICATION GOOGLE READER: ADD-ON APPLICATIONS Instapaper (Web, iOS, Kindle) FREE / $4.99 “Pro” App Greatly simplifies reading environment by removing ads, etc. Syncs for offline reading (great for iPads on flights) Integration with many apps NORMAL INSTAPAPER #bcn10overload
  30. 30. YOU’VE GOT QUESTIONS? (We’ve got answers...)
  31. 31. CONTACT US! Nate Baker: @nathanTbaker Chip Hayner: @chayner Presentation Slides and Notes: #bcn10overload