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Research and Development of the Zeplin

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  1. 1. t=d/s d=s/t ‘to win you must seek to do what others will be doing tomorrow’ s=d/t Agility powerthe wise win before the fight, quickenesswhile the ignorant fight to win.’ balanceSun Tzu Art of Warprivate and confidentialprivate and confidential
  2. 2. private and confidentialprivate and confidential SportSpeed physical intelligence
  3. 3. Rugby Union & League shaped medicine balls 3kg 3kg Over the years of training teams, I have always believed that when you train you must train specific to your chosen sport, whether that be in the gym, on the beach, or at the oval! I am always thinking of ways to be more specific in my training methods, and using products that relate to the game you play benefits 10 fold in competition and makes for concentrated and more effective training. Our goal is to simply market and shape the current round medicine ball into oval shape. I have over 50 drills that can be done with rugby shaped ball and i am sure strength and conditioning coaches, PE teachers, personal trainers gym owners and exercise enthusiasts will see the beneifits and develop their own techniques. Rubber coated is the key to selling the new shape!
  4. 4. Selling Points• increase your hand strength and ball security.•By adding extra weight to your everyday fundamental drills, you will achieve a firmer grip andgain confidence in your ball handling capabilities.•Rugby players can use the Power ball to increase hand speed and distance passing.• All can warm up their hands and increase grip strength through rugby tosses, granny throwsand chest passes with a training partner.•Rugby backs can increase strength by incorporating the weighted ball into training drills.This device is focused on helping athletes improve their game-day performance by developingthe five key components of superior athleticism:•speed,•power,•agility,•reaction and•quickness.•We can provide the drills, programs, insight and information you need to work smarter, trainharder and get better faster.Points-We should make each weight of a high visibility colour to identify it is for training purposes only-Each weighted (bionic ball) should be specific to the drills we provide-Heavy-duty natural rubber body for superior durability-Official size of a rugby union, league and AFL ballWeights2 kg3 kg4 kg - torpedo handles
  5. 5. Dimensions and Sizing Geometrical Shape of below playing balls are prolate spheroid Rugby Union AFL Rugby League weight #400g slightly more length 28 -30cm pointy circum - 58 - 62 cm A generic shaped weighted training ball for union, league and possibly AFL will create a highly specific and unique training options for strength and conditioning coaches, coaches, PE teachers, personal trainers and weekend warriors with an interest in improving the Speed, power, strength, agiltiy and balance. Sizes I believe the range of ball should cover the following - 2 kg - marketed to youth and woman - 3 kg this will the most used ball - 4kg - 5kg this torpedo shaped ball should have handles Stands and packages available
  6. 6. 20 Training DrillsThere are SO many drills that could be performed using the training balls including1.torso throws2.granny throw3.rotational power ball throws4.russian twists5.line out throws (rugby union)6.ball control sprints7.push up rolls8.burbee twists9.tricept push up10.wood chops11.squat throws12.hamstring flicks13.box jump rotation14.drop push ups15. reflex catches. (kneel and catch)16. bosu combinations17. box drops18. agility ladder and ball combinations19. plyometric combinations20. Rehabilation pool running with ball