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Apse Presentation V4a


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  • 1. ‘ All Things To All People’ ‘ Striking A Balance’
  • 2.  
  • 3. Social enterprise model of service delivery…… Registered Charity Separate Trading Company –non charitable activities Turnover £8.5 million 524 staff on payroll
  • 4. Re-organising cultural delivery – focus on change Responsive to local community needs Alert to wider opportunities for cultural provision Investment in facilities and community front line service Balance pressures on revenue budget
  • 5. Sports and Leisure Centres Civic Centre and Arena Auditorium Tourist Information and Museums Sports Development Arts and Heritage Development Golf Course Water Activity Centre Consultancy Service Athletics Track
  • 6. Townships
  • 7. Town Centre Location 2600 sq ft Main Hall Seating for 400 people 600 Capacity Modern Meeting Rooms
  • 8. ‘ In managing Heywood Civic Centre, Link4Life has 6 Strategic Objectives:’ Access to Services Connecting to our Communities Equality and Diversity Partnership Working Value for Money Reflecting Community Priorities
  • 9. Customer Focus Integrity Hard Work Continuous Improvement Quality Professionalism Cooperation Ingenuity Embrace Change Partnership Performance Management
  • 10. The Sport and Leisure Service Plan outlines key strategic aims, in a transparent and accountable manner based around both the Trust’s Key Performance Objectives and both National and Local indicators. NI 8 Adult participation in sport NI 11 Engagement in the arts “ Ensuring improved health and wellbeing through physical activity and social interaction”
  • 11. “ The Councillors must, as a matter of urgency, agree a policy for the Civic Venues which will provide the strategic direction for the service and ensure that, as the new venues are developed the local community is fully involved to ensure services meet local needs”. “ Develop and agree a comprehensive policy relating to pricing, usage and philosophy of use
  • 12. Heywood Civic Centre’s aim was to meet and develop further the Company Objectives .
    • To provide innovative cultural activities to all sectors of the community
    • To increase the number of user visits at all sites
    • To reduce the net cost per visit
    • To focus on quality delivery through continuous improvement and self - assessment
    • To refurbish/replace the facilities with significant capital investment
  • 13.  
  • 14.  
  • 15.  
  • 16.  
  • 17.  
  • 18. Objectives were agreed and needed to strike a balance to which achieved....
  • 19. Action Comments Maintain ‘free’ hires for civic meetings within normal opening hours. Normal opening hour’s needs to be defined in budget centres. Introduce ‘real cost’ charge for civic meetings outside of normal opening hours. Will promote more use within normal opening hours. Introduce charge for hires by council departments. Will promote appropriate use of rooms and some income if meetings are cancelled. Use a reduced charge for community group use in normal opening hours. Will promote social inclusion, will not incur additional costs and will core best value points. Use a realistic and affordable charge for community group use outside of normal Will reflect costs but still assist community use
  • 20. Action Comments Block out commercial let times Will allow long term bookings. Will allow block bookings. Will take account of regular Civic events. Will help Managers meet income targets. Discontinue current reduced let system. Prices will reflect policy. Charities etc. will apply to their local township for support.
  • 21.  
  • 22. Introduction of Quality Management System Specialist Sub Manual: Arena Auditorium and Civic Centre Manual Customer Consultations Introduced New Health and Safety Policy Improved Marketing and Website Building Improvements
  • 23. 2006-2007 2008-2009 APSE Performance Indicators 2005-2006
  • 24. 2006-2007 2008-2009 APSE Performance Indicators 2005-2006
  • 25. 2006-2007 2008-2009 APSE Performance Indicators 2005-2006
  • 26. Usage and Income Year Visitors Primary Income Secondary Income 2005/2006 54,768 £81,602 £90,373 2006/2007 64,791 £82,809 £111,087 2007/2008 65,705 £88,268 £114,130
  • 27. Graham Duckworth Events and Bookings Manager Middleton Arena Manchester M24 1AG 0161 6624000 [email_address] John Taylor Head Of Sport and Leisure Floor 6 Municipal Offices Rochdale 01706 647474 [email_address]