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SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
SXSW After Party
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SXSW After Party


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A summary of what I learned at SXSW 2010. Shared at London Web - March 18th 2010.

A summary of what I learned at SXSW 2010. Shared at London Web - March 18th 2010.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. SXSW After Party
    London Web Meetup
    3rd Thursday of every month
    Sponsored by:
  • 2. Tonight's Agenda
    CMS’s (Content Management Systems)
    By Joe Lee from Artemis8
    With an introduction to MODx
    SXSW Take Homes (including CSS frameworks)
    Open discussion
    Topics including
    Q & A on SXSW
  • 3. Talks Attended - 1
    History of the button
    Jacks of all Trades or Masters of One
    Eight Ways to Deal with Bastards
    Pain Free Design Signoff
    The Right Way to Wireframe
    Designing the first 15 minutes
    CSS Framework Shootout
    CSS3 Design with HTML5
    Everything I Didn't Learn About Startups in VC
  • 4. Talks Attended - 2
    HTML5: Tales from the Development Trenches
    Panel with VC Seed Funders – a new way
    Search Patterns: Tangible Futures for Discovery
    The Art & Science of Seductive Interactions
    Making Content Relevant To Me, Here And Now
    Who Needs Venture Capital?
    'Seed Combinators': Startup Incubators 2.0
    Coconut Valley - Building a Tech Community on the Beach
  • 5. Talks Attended – 3
    Way Cool Maps: Beyond Simple Mashups
    Twitter and An Airline: Our Story
    Mapping and Geolocation: Turnkey Approaches You Need to Know
  • 6. Some overviews of talks
    History of the Button - Showed first buttons
    Radio tuner
    Virtual buttons – apple
    Apple CEO Steve Jobs – dislikes using buttons now
    Video of baby using an iPhone
  • 7. Jacks of All Trades / Masters of One
    3 circles interlinked:
    Business, Design, Technology
    User Experience guy in the middle
    Referenced Elliott Jay Stocks comments about web designers who can’t code their own designs
    Hot topic including CIO Mag
    T Shaped specialists (Skills on X, Depth of knowledge on Y
    duct tape
    Works OK on any job
    See big picture from the trees
    Makes links – eg Illegal Wine = Organised Crime
    Easily pivot in careers
    good for specific job
    Isn’t limited by external constraints
    Take advantages of opportunities
    Work on new hip projects more
    Asked you questions – to find out if you are a generalist or specialist
    Define latest products you worked on as what you do – hard to change back to generalist after being a specialist.
  • 8. 8 Ways to Deal with Bastards
    Let them off lightly, but show them they were mistaken subtly – coffee girl example
  • 9. Pain Free Design Signoff
    The Client wants:
    To understand the process (intro meeting)
    Reassured about decisions
    Feel in control
    Confident of end result
    Personally like the website – they have to live with it
    Use Collaboration, not Confrontation
    Client understands role in project
    In introductory meeting, with all stakeholders say:
    “Your job is to find problems, our job is to find solutions”
    Can you change the color to pink, changes to:
    It is a site for girls
    May result in having flowers and ponies and lighter shade of blue instead
    Have a strong methodology
    Include the client often and early
    Educate the client about decisions being made – white space, typography, colour theory etc
    Avoid saying “No” – put the client in place to say no, not you.
    Kickoff meeting
    Everyone in the room
    If your website was a famous person, who would it be
    Don’t ask “What websites do you like”, pick some that fit and ask out of those
    Mood boards – about an hour – typography, imagery, colour, style,
    Discuss differences between their oppinion and clients oppinion
    Wireframes are for:
    Content, Business objectives, user tasks
    Design mockup
    Present this to specific person, the main contact – otherwise will do compromise sessions on the fly design
    Record a video of discussion based on what inputs there were – use this to pass it around, other wise get “What daya think?” email.
    Design testing – 5 minute view – what did you see, what stood out?
    Cut out bottle neck with project manager – allow designer to attend meetings
    Drip feed little bits to the CEO – or rubbish it at the end
    Talk to stake holders, report on “Excelent ideas”, leaving out crap
  • 10. VC Funding And Seed Funding - #seedacc
    Lean Startups London - @saintsal –
    Atlas ventures - life science and IT – London, Europe - Germany, Boston, the Valley
    Seed Funding
    regular events
    move to where you are
    pitch to whole lot of investors to get more money
    Early stage startups
    ready to raise money
    Real value comes from other entrepreneurs Graduate school for entrepreneurs.
    Angels at this meeting were:
    @techstars, @capitalfactory, @venturehacks, @ycombinator
  • 11.
    In Isreal, very high adoption
    Pacman style game while driving, reporting back on traffic jams and slow downs and being rewarded
    People wanted to route their cars to pick up maximum points
    Sell the data to the government for traffic tracking
  • 12. HTML5: Tales from the Development Trenches – Bruce Lawson - Opera
    This was really good, download this - @bricel & @kliehm#html5developmenttrenches
    Links are at:
    Flash and HTML5 will co-exist
    HTML5 extends the language to support web applications
    3.5million pages looked at by Opera - top 20 were:footer, content, header, logo, container, main, menu, search, nav, wrapper, top, sidebar, banner, navigation.
    ARIA overlaps:header = role="banner"footer = role="contentinfo” etc
    <input name=foo type=date> renders date picker
    <input type="email"> puts in @ button on iphone
    <video src="vid.ogv" controls></video> - OGV is open standard for video but MP4 or other will work
    Can script your own video controls
    with webkit (safari and chrome) don't support styling within search yet.
    File api allows manipulation before upload !
    drag icon in
    HTML5 - 900 pages long
    H.TML - html, the markup language – a better document for developers/designers
  • 13. Hash Tag Shortener – anyone?
    The hash tags chosen were really long
    A couple of groups crossed out parts of it
  • 14. Beyond Algorithms: Search and the Semantic Web
    Panels are sometimes full of arguing and not much real direction
  • 15. Search Patterns: Tangible Futures for Discovery
    Got a book: Search Patterns by Morville and Callender
    Autocomplete examples
    Speed of results matter - .12 seconds
    Interestingness Algorithm
    Faceted Navigation – his favorite - next step to defining query
    UI for search is a hard problem - a hybrid with engineering, marketing and design
    Search Patterns -
    Semantic Studios - semantic
  • 16. The Art & Science of Seductive Interactions – get adicted into finding music you like
    what do we know about people?
    seek out patterns
    Like testimonials -
    Wave of avatars showing tweets – showing others are interested in a cause.
    The CPK (Cal Pi Kit) “Don’t open it” thankyou card.
    Know you have won a prize, can only redeem when coming back to restaurant
    Hot wheels mystery car – kids always buy this
    Teasers – LinkedIn – who is looking at your profile?
    of characters in twitter – makes you think
    Spend limits – see a battery – can’t use it all on everything
    Record - you have read the license in 2.3 seconds!
    Fun things
    Dopplr – how fast are you (hare or squirel)
    Dopplr – colour code for user based on where they have been
  • 17. Making Content Relevant To Me, Here And Now - #contentme
    By Navteq, who build advertising into sat nav devices.
    Location based advertising is a powerful mobile avertising service which combines prximity, contextual and demographic targetting
    Navteq - shows advertisement or coupons as you move around
    expect advertising in exchange for content
    consumers seek value-added information in the right context
    consumers most desired POI (point of interest) content is offers and sales events. discounts or sweepstakes
    Consumers value ads that are seamlessly integrated with what they are doing
    72% accept advertising in new device
    50% recall seeing the brand
    7% of people who reported seeing an add on nav device clicked on that ad for information on near by locations.
    19% clicking through for information on nearby locations
    6% visit a business location because of seeing advert in navdevice
    NAVTEQ LocationPoint - lead generation source for advertisers.
    Advertising are looking for ways to gain a bigger impact for their ad dollars.
    50% of handsets have GPS by 2013.
    7billion in global LBS spending by 2013
    Geo fencing = marketing messages to shoppers
    Location will become more important to social media - 12/2/2010.
  • 18. Way Cool Maps: Beyond Simple Mashups - @adamd
    mapstraction - switch between a dozen mapping apis
    Map providers are:
    Google, Yahoo, Bing, MapQuests, multimap, poly9
    var map = new mxn.mapstraction(mymap,google)
    varpt = new mxn.latlongpoint(930,26,-123)
    all pizza within 5 miles:
    mapstraction.addImageOverlay('searchradius', 'circle.png', 100, w, s, e, n)
    varpoly = new mxn.Polyline(pt1, pt2, …)
    mapstraction.addPolyline(poly) see click of updateszip codes for city, county, sensus data.
    8 bit maps - one for austin. themes for googlemaps - different imagry at every zoom level - imagery of maps changes CSS.
    Geo Data - javascript standard for finding users location - chrome, firefox and iphone supports.
    MaxMind, IPinfoDB, = provides ip to location detail.
    Everyone using google maps, only 1 or 2 people for any others
    Driving directions - mapquest provides data for entire route - can use this in google with route points - free data that you can overlay on others.
    API’s for Foursquare data – give grants based on vote if a business has a lot of patronage – Intuit Small Business
  • 19. Mapping and Geolocation: Turnkey Approaches You Need to Know
    500 million to get a satellite into orbit – images are really hard to get
    In the UK, a Latitude, Longitude and Timestamp are considered “very” personal information - legal protection rights
    stickybits - scan and attach audio, video, comments, concepts on to it
    Joe Stump -
    Someone is going to own presence. Either: Foursquare,Gowalla,Facebook, Twitter – my bet: Facebook
    real-time population density
    latitude api - phone can turn heat on in your house when you are within 3 miles
    geo fencing = I only want to check in on foursquare, when I walk through the door of a public space - Checks you into this venue
    Someone is in the same town/suburb as you
  • 20. SXSW After Party
    London Web Meetup
    3rd Thursday of every month