WorryProof WordPress - Backup Strategies for Your Web Site


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A talk at WordCamp Birmingham 2013 about the why, what, and which when it comes to backing up a WordPress site.

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  • Slide InfoI am a backup fanatic… October 1991Backup HabitsSwitch to WP, must have a backup…
  • No backup out of the box. And it shouldn’t… Newcomers take this for granted.Think web host will handle. Few guarantee.Files + database? Then what?
  • SERVERS FAILWeb servers are like your high school girlfriend/boyfriend.Things going ok now, sooner or later, probably going to have an issue.Maybe not heartbreak of total data loss… But corrupt files and tables happenWhen it happens, having a good recent backup makes all difference.
  • CLIENTSHow many work with clients? Ever met this guy?Work with clients long enough and you’ll meet this guy.Ingram’s first rule of client entropy: “Never underestimate the ability of the client to completely screw up his web site.”“What does this button do” SyndromeUninstall plugins, delete themes, insert own creative php code they found in google.Worst ones think they know everything about WP after 8 min vid on YouTube.Ingram’s second rule of client entropy: “If you work with clients, you better have a backup.”
  • HACKERSWP is very secure if you keep things updated.Hackers are persistent and motivated.How many of you have woken up to something like this on a web site?Rule of thumb… “If your web site is on the Internet, you need a backup.”
  • Few weeks ago, converting to Multisite… 10 year old (dramatic one) problem.Long story short, I goofed something up.Because I had backup, able to restore in a couple of minutes.If you have a web site and you are human, you need a backup.
  • Suggest 5 characteristics…Not the only 5, but these 5 should be present in any…
  • Lots of plugins only back up the WP DBHomeowners insurance that covers the contents of your house vs house itself.Good backup should save:DB, files, uploadsSettings, widgets, themesEverything“Everything but the kitchen sink” – if the sink is in my wp install, I want that too. Everything!
  • Happens like clockwork.Like a heartbeat – don’t have to think about it.Rely on me to press a button, stop work to do it. Won’t happen.After set up, good backup is automatic. Happens w/o me having to think about it.
  • Llike old friendly dog around neighborhood. Always around, got along w/everybody.Server compatibility is an issue w/many backups (localhost). Needs to be widely compatible. Some hosts do screwy things Not going to name names… but if you Go ask your Daddy he can probably tell you the worst offenders… Regularly updated to stay compatible with changes in WP and hostingResponsive support mechanism.Needs to work today and tomorrow.
  • Lots of backups store to server. Fine, as long as server stays up.Or remember to download zips. I don’t remember anything. Good backup needs to push files offsite automatically as part of process.Lots of options where archives stored.
  • Not too complicated to set up.Or so confusing don’t know if set up correctly.No fiddling with cron jobs on server, or ftping something somewhere, or chmodding anything.When day comes to restore, easy and wizard driven. Restores that require phpmyadmin make me sad. Make it simple please.
  • Pages of options in the WP Plugin Directory… 45 pages with 356 plugins result for “wordpress backup”Set some basic criteria…
  • ServicesExcellent customer service, compatibility, proprietary cloud.Monthly fee for service, costly for devs with multiple sites.PremiumsPurchased from vendor.Support mechanism and ongoing updates. Dev license.Can be costly. Ongoing fee for support.FreeGoing to consider for talk. IMHO not wise. Some things you want to spend money on. Backup is one of them. Need quality and support. Free plugins just not reliable.
  • Download the chart.KEEP THIS LINKShortly after presentation thanks to redirection magic, transcript of talk and slides will appear hereBroken up by categoryStar rating, gold and silver.
  • FromAutomatticBest service for individuals, no multisite discountsNot the best for developers w/multiple clientsStarts at $15/moConcierge services – simple usage to full bare metal restoreBackup to Automattic cloud storage – no other storageHand in glove w/WP ecosystem, incl MultisiteOnly plugin w/realtime backups @changeWP tables only, no custom tablesMalware scan + migration in premium and enterprise
  • Recently released from betaPrimarily a management solution – one click login to all dashboardsProfessional version adds backup servicesStarts at $13/mo for 10 sites in Pro sitesMigration and MultisiteBackup to FTP, Amazon, S3, Dropbox and Email – limit # remote backupsBest for developers – offers white labeling30% discount in preorder period. 10 site trial period.
  • My plugin of choice. Disclaimer: BUB from PlugInBuddy/iThemes, sister co of wd.comI’ve been using it long before I started working with themBecause it’s ideal for developers – unlimited site licenseStarts at $75 – or get dev license and get all their plugins for $197Migration. Multisite in beta, release in march. Works great now.Back up entire multisite, import standalone into ms, take ms site and make standaloneSucuri malware scan included. Backups to server, ftp, S3, Dropbox, Rackspace, email – limit # storedUser-friendly restore wizard – big changes in next release.Updated regularly by responsive developers. Stellar support.AWESOME 25 Coupon for any iThemes/PIB/WD.com
  • Full suite of dbmgt tools that also incl backup functionMade by devs for devs. Emph on functionality vs usability.Easy to get lost, solid choice if you know what you’re doing.Starts at $67Does Migration and MultisiteScans for Malware, removes spam comments and spam user regsStores backups to server, ftp, S3, dropbox – limit # storedNOW ON TO FREE PLUGINS… REMEMBER MY CAVEAT… Some things you want to spend $ on and a good backup is one.
  • Most full-featured free plugin. GDPress for Geeks. Xcloner for super geeks.Setup very technical. Better know what you’re doing. If so, might work well.Migration, MultisiteStores to server and S3Has good restore wizard (other free plugins require phpmyadmin to restore)Responsive support forum and paid support option
  • Been around a while. Newly updated.In WP Plugin Directory (NO SPACES)Daly backup, cannot be modifiedSpecify db, files, both and exclude files and dirStores to server or send by email (can limit # stored)Restore requires phpMyAdmin
  • Honorable MentionDoes not schedule, so can’t really include it as a winner.Simple manual backup that pushes out to Dropbox.I love the simplicity.Dropbox keeps 30 days of file revisions.DB restore requires phpMyAdmin.
  • How many Freelancers? Developers?First two for everybody… last one is for freelancers who work with clients…
  • How much time do you spend setting up WP for your baseline?Remove built-in posts and pluginsInstall favorite themes and pluginsAuthenticating premium plugins (GF, Akismet, etc)Make normal tweaks to CSS, etc… Back up the baseline and restore when start new site.When a plugin or core updates, make a new baseline backup.The entire restore, update, backup process usually takes me less than 10 minutes.
  • How many develop locally MAMP, WAMP, XAMP?If you don’t, development Is taking you too long.Sum total of seconds you wait for page updates on the server…save hours.Develop locally… push out to live server.BackupBuddy migration fixes all the links.
  • Mailbox money is key to a freelancers survival.This was key to my conversion to WordPress… WP broke my business model.Now offer a Security Package to my clients. Includes…Hosting on my VPSDaily offsite backupsWeekly Updates to WordPress and PluginsWeekly Malware scanI do all this with BackupBuddyOnce monthly, burn a backup to CD and mail it to a client with a quick SEO summary and a thank you letter.
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