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The Storytelling Value of Location-based Services


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Learn how to better discover, develop and tell your story to consumers locally in a way that is authentic, relevant and adds value. Explore how mobile and geo-targeting technologies are shaping …

Learn how to better discover, develop and tell your story to consumers locally in a way that is authentic, relevant and adds value. Explore how mobile and geo-targeting technologies are shaping consumer-brand interactions. Learn how you can tell your story locally by leveraging geo-friendly interactive tools and services such as mobile phones, Foursquare, Gowalla, Twitter, Yelp!, Google business tools.

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  • 1. The Localization of Online Storytelling
  • 2. Tweet Your Question If you have a question during the session, Tweet @LOHASForum followed by the question
  • 3. Modern Storytellers We tell the stories of pioneers who make the world a better place
  • 4. Agenda Mobile, Social, Local Convergence Foursquare, Facebook, Google, Mobile Web Seeding Movements Getting Practical
  • 5. Geolocation and social media The term geolocation refers to applications which allow users to publish their location Making Location Relevant Online
  • 6. And the best part... No one knows exactly where this phenomenon is headed = tons of opportunity!
  • 7. Mobile Changing the way we interact
  • 8. Mobile - Consumer 285 million+ cellphones in the U.S. (309+ million people in U.S.) Smartphone adoption grew 60% from 2009 - 2010 76% of the U.S. uses mobile web Mobile web grew 110% in the U.S. last year
  • 9. Mobile - Search If you are online - Google knows! 1 in 5 searches are locally related Google/Search - attempt to make more relevant by knowing location More interactive/less reactive
  • 10. Mobile - Business Local advertising Smarter/targeted spending of advertising dollars Reaching prospective customers while they are “nearby” Creating dialogue with customers
  • 11. Foursquare (And others) A geo-social game with real storytelling results
  • 12. Foursquare - Consumer User-generated tips on the locations Intense competition for (mayorship, places, etc.) Opportunity to create specials and compete with surrounding businesses Users’ lifestreams provide interest for other users
  • 13. Foursquare - Business 1.6 million+ users and growing Real-time data - location updates Data analysis tools Staff tools to interact directly with Foursquare fans
  • 14. FourSquare - Business
  • 15. FourSquare - Business
  • 16. Foursquare - First Steps Claim your business Be part of the game - host contest, giveaways, etc. Create specials for fans - free demos, tours Give special treatment to “Mayor” or reward number of check-ins Create an event incentive - even if it is not your event
  • 17. Google
  • 18. Google - Business
  • 19. Google - Business
  • 20. Google - Business
  • 21. Oh by the way Facebook & Twitter are also recognizing this new local, mobile frontier
  • 22. Facebook and Twitter Experimenting with location-based check-in features Facebook geo-targeted advertising Geo-targeted messaging (NAVY SOP) Location on status updates (World Cup) Twitter Places associating names with locations
  • 23. Seeding Local Movements
  • 24. It’s still about the story Authenticity Relevancy Value
  • 25. Building Social Movements
  • 26. Guidelines Be authentic, relevant & valuable Be passionate - content is still king Be yourself - relax Be brave - experiment, create Be responsive - measure, monitor
  • 27. Start by using the tools Mobile games - start checking in and seeing how others are using it Add location to your tweets Consider privacy and your comfortable level with location based applications
  • 28. What’s Next? Geo tools will start to integrate data or others will do it for them! Privacy issues will continue to be an area of concern We will see increase personalization - maybe with some backlash! Experience creation and experimentation will be the norm!
  • 29. Building Social Movements
  • 30. And if you still have doubts Just look at this!
  • 31. Hold on I need to check in