2nd Newsletter


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Newsletter of past work we have done, update contact info nathandennis@fcyd.co.uk

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2nd Newsletter

  1. 1. POWERED BY: FIRST CLASS YOUTHINSIDE Welcome & Awards p1 Back 2 Basics p5 We Engage p2 The EDGE p6 Street Smart / Life on the Spa p3 The Network & Services p7www.fycd.co.uk RSC / Behind da Codez / Midland Heart p4 1st Class Information p8
  2. 2. WELCOME... STREET SMART INTO BUSINESS START to our 2nd issue of First Class BBC, at the prestigious Marriot Hotel News. It has been an amazing six Grosvenor Square, London. months, since our previous newsletter in 2007! Congratulations also to Melissa Shervington, Co Director of First This short supplement will give you an Class Youth, who picked up the insight into what we have been involved Life Time Achievement Award at business acumen and motivation to achieve success, so we brought that in over the past few months. Path West Midlands 20th Anniversary On 14th November 2007, First knowledge to them at an evening of pure inspiration and insight into the & Awards Ceremony which was held Class Youth (FCY) delivered an world of business. We start off with congratulations at the Botanical Gardens on 2nd to Nathan Dennis - Co Director November 2007. Melissa received exclusive event aimed at young people wanting Speakers on the night included Karl George MBE (KgISS), Wade Lyn of First Class Youth, who was nominated her award from Tessa Sanderson to become entrepreneurs. (owner of Island Patties), Cheryl Garvey (B:RAP) and Clyde Pile (Local National Finalist for Barclaycard Trading CBE and was recognised for her entrepreneur). These successful high profile local individuals brought great Places awards 2007. Nathan was outstanding personal development On 14th November 2007, First Class Youth delivered an exclusive event aimed insight, experience and EMPOWERMENT, with each speaker sharing their nominated for the most inspiring and achievement since beginning her at young people wanting to become entrepreneurs. This event was sponsored personal struggles and how they overcame them. FCY recognise the importance business setup in adversity. He received journey as a Path Trainee with Focus by Advantage West Midlands during National Enterprise Week. and need for positive role models within our communities who are willing to ‘give his award from host Fiona Bruce of the Housing in 2001. We at FCY recognise that many young people have the skills but require back’ making a huge difference to the lives of many young people. ‘LIFE ON THE SPA’ Orbit Housing Association commissioned FCY to deliver some youth engagement and consultation work in February 2008, in the Leamington Spa area. Many young people living within the local estates, were involved in or on the periphery of anti social behaviour and staff at Orbit wanted to take a different approach to making a positive difference. A team of four FCY outreach workers went out and hit the streets to engage with the young people over a four week period. The short project ‘Life on the Spa’ certainly challenged the mindsets of the young people, and created awareness around the need to have a more positive lifestyle between themselves and others. How? The young people were consulted with in a variety of creative ways, including using drama and the creation of a documentary as a way of engaging with them. The young people were involved in the filming of the documentary entitled ‘This is How We Feel’ (copies available upon request) enabling them to tell their story. This exciting project ended with a showcase evening, and the screening of the final documentary. The venue was full to capacity with families, local residents, Orbit staff and board members etc. The evening was fun, interactive and educating with a real sense of community spirit! Impressed?? …..Orbit Housing were! They were so impressed with the progress made that they commissioned FCY again, during the Easter holidays in March 2008, to re visit the young people and deliver some more in depth engagement and development work. The young people were thrilled to have us back with them!02 1st Class Youth News | We Engage | 2007-2008 www.fycd.co.uk 03
  3. 3. BEHIND DA CODEZ In January 2008, FCY were commissioned by The Royal Shakespeare BACK 2 BASICSBehind the Codez was a special event, held in September 2007. Although the event Company to deliver some youth consultation and promotionalwas aimed at young people, (like all traditional FCY seminar/debate shows) – this work to the youth market.time we made the decision to allow a few ‘professional adults’ into the arena! Wedecided this based on the theme of the event, i.e. exploring reasons why so many We were tasked with promoting the well-known play ‘Noughts andyoung people associate themselves with area post codes, which is also connected Crosses’ as the RSC wanted to attract a more diverse audienceto gang culture and is a growing concern for many of us, both young and old. as well as find out why many young people do not visit the theatre. So…the FCY Street Team hit the streets and captured the findings onHousing professionals in particular play a key role in these debates/consultation, camera and created an innovative DVD, helping the RSC shape theiras many of the young people who partake in the ‘code tagging’ lifestyle, reside marketing strategies.within estates which are owned and managed by Housing Associations. We felt it FCY were also commissioned by Midland Heart to deliver a verywas imperative for these professionals to understand why young people feel this The DVD documentary provided the RSC with detailed footage of successful event titled ‘Back 2 Basics’, which took place onway, and can therefore seek to provide better solutions to prevent the situation young people expressing their thoughts on the arts/theatre and on Saturday 12th July 2008 at Camp Lane Development Centre infrom worsening. what type of plays they would like to see performed. Following the Handsworth, Birmingham. survey, we took over 50 young people by coach to Stratford-Upon-The event, which was hosted by the G Man from Newstyle radio, was a Avon to watch the play ‘Noughts and Crosses’ which was absolutely The primary purposeof the event was to create a raised level ofresounding success and provided some stimulating and lively debate amongst fascinating. Most of the young people who came on the trip had never community cohesion within the local area and bridge intergenerationalthe audience and panel members, (all of whom are connected to youth been to a theatre before and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves gaps within the community, using family values and cooking as a toolwork/guns & gangs interventionists, community leaders etc). stating that they would definitely visit a theatre again! for engagement. FCY & Midland Heart recognised the need to bring back some of the good old family values which have been lost throughout generations. This then led to the creation of the concept and theme for Back 2 Basics. FCY were commissioned by Midland Heart, which is the largest The event was aimed at families and attracted a huge diverse audience and leading Housing Association in from all generations and cultures. The main feature on the day was a the Midlands, to carry out some cooking tournament, involving local residents, all final dishes were presented and judged by special guest ‘Rustie Lee’ on the day. community consultation work in the Newtown area. Other features on the day included an exclusive drama sketch by Birmingham’s very own ‘Sister Tree’, steel pan, dohl blasters, dance, Over a period of four weeks, the FCY Street The event was well attended by a variety singing, children’s entertainment….the list goes on! Team hit the streets of Newtown to speak to of residents. the local residents, letting them know about The event certainly achieved the original objectives and was thoroughly the new & forthcoming development which Features on the day included a motivational enjoyed by all - happy faces and laughter were clearly evident will comprise of a range of new properties to be talk on investment by Karl George MBE, a built on the former Crocodile Works estate on panel interview with local residents, information throughout the course of the day and the feedback gained from Summer Row, Newtown. stalls, children’s crèche, face painting, residents who attended demonstrated the desire for more events of the entertainment etc. same ethos to be delivered within the community. Midland Heart specifically wanted to know what the residents think and feel about the new plans The Newtown Open Day gave local people for the area and to gain an insight into whether the chance to find out more about the future they would consider purchasing any of the newly developments for the area and register an built properties, with the chance to get onto the interest in Home Ownership. property ladder at great prices. A DVD was also compiled over the four weeks In partnership with Midland Heart, FCY designed leading up to the event and a special screening and delivered a very successful community open was shown during the event. It was certainly a day at The Drum in Aston, on 15th March 2008. fun and informative day, enjoyed by all!04 1st Class Youth News | We Engage | 2007-2008 05
  4. 4. THENETWORK FCY launched the Birmingham Edge Learner Forum on Some feedback: from the Edge Forum October 5th 2007 at the famous ITV Central Studios!! Birmingham 5th Feb 2008@ ITV Central Delivered by: First Class Youth www.fcyn.co.uk The Birmingham Edge Learner Forum acts as The private sector were asked a a mediator between professionals from the question these were the answers. What was particularly good www.myspace.com/firstclassyouthnetwork and/or worked well? private sector and young people 1. “Informality of the round table activity. Enthusiasm of the ‘facilitators’” Formally known as First Class Youth Network, The Network is our Ian Binks, Regional Manager, British core social programme, which is made up of young people, and helps Telecommunications plc to keep FCY focussed in its vision and mission for change, by providing a platform for those young people who have a desire to 2. “The commitment from all participants” change and positively transform their lives, and as a result helping Fred Shaw, Business Development Manager, following generations of young people to do the same. Service Birmingham 3. “Worked well – good facilitation of the The Network seeks to provide a safe and trusting environment, communication process between business people which is exciting and enjoyable for all those involved, by remaining and participants. Excellent strategy to ask for the innovative and relevant to the needs of young people. This is ‘I will …’ statements. Very helpful for the business achieved by motivating and empowering young people to identify sector to hear of the experiences of delegates” their own individual purpose and the importance and need for Dr Iona Jones, Principal Consultant, interdependence, whilst working towards a common goal and vision. Imagine Associates 4. “Event was well structured but informal whichWhat is it that the Birmingham Edge Learner Forum is offering? allowed everybody to feel they could speak openly and honestly about their experiences.A safe, warm and relaxing environment that bridges the gap between both the worlds which As an employer, it offered a rare moment torarely meet. An insight for private sector companies to be exposed to some of the current collect direct feedback on how best to engagechallenges that young people from diverse backgrounds encounter whilst pursuing employment. with young people about future employment opportunities. I felt enthused by the talent in the WELLDONEThe private sector have the opportunity to explore alternative ways of creatively recruiting room. I made me aware that as employers weinnovative thinkers from diverse walks of life. can become complacent about recruitment and selection procedures and tend to stick to theWhat do those from the private sector who attend gain from participating? same methods – much could be gained by thinking more creatively about how to assess aThe opportunity to engage in meaningful Corporate Social Responsibility enabling those who young person’s suitability for a post.” We would like to welcome our newest membersdo desire to give something back to society to enrich the lives of those they engage.The Adele Cope, Director of Human Resources, Royal Shakespeare Companypossibility of scouting talent and also networking opportunities with young people and other of The Network who have recently completed theprofessionals within the forum for the benefit of the forum its future projects and participants. 1st Class Values Training programme and graduated!What do the young people gain?• The opportunity to be exposed to successful professionals within a forum and able to ask questions, share their thoughts and feelings.• To be inspired and to inspire others.• The practice of engaging with professionally minded individuals 1st Group (Nov-Dec 2007) 2nd Group (Jan-Feb 2007) 3rd Group (Mar-Apr 2008)• To exercise community cohesion and the respect for others from different faiths, cultures, Rhys McCollin Michelle Newson Kaysaan Warricon beliefs social backgrounds etc. Sade Antonio-Patterson Matthew Hutchinson Sabrina Clarke• To explore a diverse range of careers and industries and learn how they work. Sarah Sutcliffe Jenevieve Smith Melisha Fuller• To be heard! Joanna Grant (Founder member) Andre Worrell Daniel Brotherson Semilia Dennis Israel Vernon Andre Hesson Jamious Dennis Chris Hastings Phylica Brown Janay GethfieldEdge forum held twice at...ITV Central • Melissa Shervington (Company Director) officially became full time in FCY as of 31st March 2008In association with...Birmingham Professional Diversity STAFFING • Melisha Fuller (Client Care Officer) officially became full time in FCY as of 5th May 2008 • Ryan Beesley (Head of Street Team) joined FCY as a part time staff member, in April 200806 1st Class Youth News | We Engage | 2007-2008 www.fycd.co.uk 07
  5. 5. First Class Youth is a professional company which is built on a six core values:these are the foundation of all areas of our service delivery.We seek to use innovation and Mission Statementcreativity in all areas of our work. Our Mission is a lifestyle – “To become the UK’s leading Outreach and Engagement Agency, that engages and brings light to young people who ordinarily wouldn’tFCY has two major functioning arms: access mainstream services. We will help organisations who have a need and requirement to engage and access• The ‘Network’ young people, through using powerful, relevant &• Direct customised packages involving young people directly and seeking to provide a service that exceeds our client’s expectations.”DirectIs the commercial arm for FCY, which operates as a Core Servicesrecruitment agency and creates employment opportunities • Consultation – directly with young peoplefor those young people who may not normally access the and organisationswork that they may desire. Direct delivers a high qualityservices on behalf of public and private sector clients. • Outreach – recruitment, promotion, distribution • Detached Youth WorkOur Vision • Events – seminars, conferences, concerts“We aim to create a new brand and generation of young • Workshopspeople, to change the perceptions of how mainstreamservices are traditionally delivered by providing a powerful1st class service, built on using innovative young leaders Programmesas the core of the service delivery that will set thestandard for following generations to come, helping • Values trainingthem to release their potential in record time.” • Education 4 Life First Class Youth • 88 Soho Road • Birmingham • B21 9BN • Tel: 0121 445 9218 • 07983 526 503/4 www.fcyd.co.uk • melissashervington@fcyd.co.uk • nathandennis@fcyd.co.uk