2007 scape guide


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2007 scape guide

  1. 1. Armour & Weapons (Varrock) Varrock’s sword shopHorvik’s armourstall Lowe’s Archery stall Aubury’s Rune Shop
  2. 2. Armour & Weapons
  3. 3. General Food/Pots & Misc
  4. 4. Money Making GuideHow to bring money into a game without an economyYou might think it will be hard to make money in RuneScape 07, but I think differently!Ive tried to think outside the box to discover how you can produce pure GP and I think Ivemade a rather sweet list of opportunities for you to take advantage of:- Pyramid Plunder for Golden items, which sells for 750-1,250gpThis, in my opinion, will be the absolute best way to make millions right off the bat.By the time youre 99 Thieving youll have made a few million gp from selling the golden artifacts. If you loot the chests too, a fewSceptres may come your way as well, but I would advice against that due to the locust swarm that will most likely spawn.- Pyramid Agility for the golden top. Sells for 1,000 gp.If you want to train Agility, this will be your place if youre out for a quick profit.A rather annoying course, but it can be worth it if you really want some profit from your training.- Wall safes in Rogues Den. Sources says up to 350,000gp/hour, but I find it highly unlikely.Never done them myself, but after doing some research, I came across this number. Feel free to try it out once RS07 is out.- Do Treasure Trails and sell the misc loot to general stores.Doing Treasure Trails, especially the Lvl-3 ones, will give you a bunch of rune items you can simply sell to the general store becausenot many will be around to buy them. Id advice you to keep your Treasure Trail specific rewards, though. They wont sell for muchin a General Store.- Quests gives GP.Not all quests do, but some will reward you with a few thousand GPs, and also give you access to new training areas and helpfultools.
  5. 5. - High-alchemyThis is what I see most people say will be best. But I must ask: where will you get the Nature Runes from?Personally I cant see this being a viable way to make quick money because the time taken to obtain Nature Runeswill outweigh the profit you make from alching, but if you want to give it a go, do so!- SlayerThis is a path many players will take and could probably get quite a few levels the first week. The drops thatcomes with those levels may be very valuable, such as gems, coins, armour and resources that you can sell in theGeneral Store.I think its worth mentioning that Dark Bows can be sold for 48,000 GP in a General Store, but dont expect to beable to get one in just the first week.- FletchingThis one goes hand in hand with Woodcutting. The prices for Store Sell Shortbow (u) are: (full inventory sell-price as well)Oak: 20 x 27 = 540gpWillow: 40 x 27 = 1080gpMaple: 80 x 27 = 2160gpYew: 160 x 27 = 4320gpMagic: 320 x 27 = 8640gpIf you decide to string the bows, the sell-price will be exactly the double.- Pest ControlNot only will this be a great way to gain EXP and levels, but it will also give you a good amount of coins that willstack up quickly.The amount of GP you receive is based on your combat level, which is multiplied by 10.Therefore, if youre Level 50 combat, you will get 500gp per round of PC.- Stronghold of Security
  6. 6. NPC ShopsVARROCK:•Zaffs Staves - Sells regular staff, magic staff and elemental staves (Air, Water, Fire, Earth, 1500gp each).•Sword Shop - Sells swords, longswords and daggers from bronze to adamantite.•Lowes Archery Emporium - Sells ranging equipment, from bronze to adamantite arrows, some leather armour and shortbows.•Auburys Rune Shop - Sells runes, mind, elemental, chaos and death.FALADOR:•Cassies Shield Shop - Sells shields and kiteshields, from bronze to Mithril.•Herquins Gems - Sells gemstones. If memory serves, this shop is ALWAYS empty, so its pretty pointless.•Waynes Chains - Sells chainmails from Bronze up to Adamantite.PORT SARIM:•Bettys Magic Emporium - Sells runes like Auburys Shop, but also Eyes of Newt for Herblore training.•Brians Battleaxe Bazaar - Sells Battleaxes from bronze to adamantite.•Grums Gold Exchange - Sells necklaces, amulets and rings, from gold to ruby.•errants Fishy Business - Sells fishing supplies as well as fish.•Wydins Food Store - Sells various items very much desired for certain quests. flour, raw meat, raw chicken,•redberries, chocolate and cheese, to mention a few.LUMBRIDGE:•Bobs Brilliant Axes - Sells hatchets and battleaxes and bronze pickaxe•AL KHARID:•Louie Legs - Sells platelegs, from bronze to adamantite.DWARVEN MINES:•Crossbow Shop - Not sure if this one will be in RS07, but it might be worth checking. Sells up to Rune.•Nurmofs Pickaxe Shop - Sells up to Rune pickaxes.
  7. 7. Minigames/D&Ds: Things not included in 2007 Clan Wars Conquest Crucible Evil Tree Fight Kiln Armour: Fish Flingers Dragon Items:Areas: Fist Of Guthix Akrisae Great Orb Project BootsAdvanced Agility Courses Armadyl Claws Herblore HabitatArtisans Workshop Bandos Crossbow Mobilising ArmiesCitadel/Clan Camp Batwing Defender Penguin Hide and SeekDominion Tower Capes of Distinction Kiteshield Phoenix LairFlash Powder Factory Demon Slayer Pickaxe Player Owned PortGhorrock Chaotic Shield Platebody RunespanGrand Exchange Dagonhai Shooting StarJadinko Lair Elite Void Soul WarsLava Flow Mine Focus Sight Dungeons: Stealing CreationLivid Farm Full Slayer Helm VinesweeperOoglog Ganodermic ForinthryOurania Altar (ZMI) Glaiven Boots God Wars Monsters:Theives & Runecrafting Guilds HexcrestTroll Warzone Kuradals Hybrid All God Wars Bosses Living Rock Caverns Imphide Corporeal Beast Pollnivneach Slayer Pernix Frost Dragon Polypore Ragefire Boots Glacor Spider Silk Kalphite King Steadfast Boots Nex Torva Queen Black Dragon Virtus Strykewyrm Tormented Demon
  8. 8. Skills:Misc: Misc Items: DungeoneeringAbility To Craft Blood Runes Choking Ivy (woodcutting) SummoningActivating Prayers With Minimap Icon EffigiesAll Tasks (Achievement Diary) Except Karamja Elite Clue Scrolls Weapons:Assist System Grimy Herbs (herbs were unidentified)Autocasting Ancient Magicks Without Ancient Staff Inferno Adze All GodswordsAutocasting Spells Without Staff Orb Of OculusBonfires Chaotic Weapons Ornament Kits Drygore WeaponsChat Filter Options Overload/Extreme Potions Hand CannonsGravestones Pets (except cats) Polypore StaffItem Lending Potion Flasks Royal CrossbowLodestone Network Prayer Renewal Potion Staff Of LightLootshare/Coinshare Ranging Amulet Zaryte BowMost "Make X" Options Ring Of FireNo icons around minimap besides compass Ring Of SlayingPhoto Booth RocktailsQuick Chat Spirit ShieldsRecoloured ItemsResizeable Game WindowResting/MusiciansSlayer PointsSocial SlayerSolomons General Store Prayers:Squeal of ForutuneSurge Spells Ancient CursesToolbelt Augury Rigour
  9. 9. What does exist Monsters: Barrows Brothers (Excluding Akrisae) Chaos Elemental Dagannoth Kings Kalphite Queen King Black DragonAreas: Random Events:Graveyard of Shadows (Wilderness)Slayer Tower GenieStronghold of Security Mysterious Old Man and Strange BoxTutorial Island Pillory WhirlpoolMinigames/D&Ds: Sandwich LadyBarbarian Assault Random Events (Dangerous):Blast FurnaceCastle Wars Weapons: Drunken DwarfFishing Trawler Ent Dark BowGnome Restaurant Evil Chicken Poison weapons (p++)Tears of Guthix Exploding RockTzhaar Fight Caves Jekyll and Hyde Lost PirateMisc: Poison Gas Rick TurpentineAchievement Diary River TrollCharter Ships Rock GolemClan Chat (Known as friends chat) Security GuardTeleport Tablets ShadeTeleport block (P2P) Strange PlantWilderness Ditch Swarm Tree Spirit Zombie