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  1. 1. PlanI. IntroductionII. DefinitionIII. Advantages and featuresIV. How to use OovooDownloading OovooInstalling OovooCreate your free Oovoo accountOovoo main menuChecking you audio and videoAdding friendsOovoo optionsOovoo contact list view optionsChat with textStart and participate in video conversationVideo chatting using FacebookOovoo toolbarRecord and send video messagesRecorded filesSend filesReceived files and video messagesThe paid featuresV. Conclusion
  2. 2. I. IntroductionOovoo allows registered users to communicate through free instant messaging, voice, and video chat. Oovoo conferencing softwareenables high quality video and audio calls with up to twelve locations at the same time.II. DefinitionOovoo is the next generation video communication service which brings friends, family and colleagues together through group video chatsover the Internet using PCs, Macs, iPhones and best-selling smart phones and tablets. You can easily communicate with friends who arenot on Oovoo but are online in Facebook and Twitter.III. Advantages and featuresFree featuresYou can video call and chat between a total of 12 people at a time.You can invite non-Oovoo users into the call via email, instant messaging, or social network.Video messages can be recorded and sent to another user, to email, or shared on YouTube.Multiple text chat with its own instant messenger client. The chat is supported at any time, as well as during a live video call.You can share and Send files (up to 5MB) to any Oovoo contact quickly and securely.Paid featuresYou can make a phone call to landlines and mobile phones to 70 countries worldwide.You can share the screen on your desktop live during a video call.Record and store video calls to share or reuse at a later date.Send large files (up to 25MB) to any Oovoo contact quickly and securely.
  3. 3. IV. How to use OovooDownloading OovooTo download Oovoo, visit: http://www.oovoo.com.This is the Oovoo hope page; contain all the description and features. To get startedClick on the “get Oovoo” yellow icon in the middle of the page to download Oovoo.You can click on the “get Oovoo” in the top of the pageto know more about it.
  4. 4. Installing OovooWhen the installation starts click on the “run” button, you will see this page that describes step by step how to continue the download.Follow the instructions listed to successfully download the program. If the program didn’t open they will send u another setup click on itand Oovoo will start and you will obtain an Oovoo icon on the desktop.
  5. 5. Create your free Oovoo accountByclicking on the Oovoo icon, u can “log in” or “sign up” using your Email, name, password, birthday and gender or by connecting withFacebook.
  6. 6. Oovoo main menuAfter you sign in, Oovoo home page will open and you will see an “Add Friends” icon, where you can invite your friends to join you so youwill be able to chat and share video messages with them for free. If you choose Oovoo you will see just your Oovoo friends, if you chooseFacebook you will be able to chat with your online Facebook friends and invite them by Facebook to a video chat or leave an offlinemessage. If you choose all, you will see all your friends.
  7. 7. Checking you audio and videoThe first thing to do After signing into your new Oovoo account select Check your audio and video from the Help menu. Click check foryour webcam, speakers and microphone and follow the instructions in the wizard.
  8. 8. Adding friendsYou can add friends and invite them from Facebook, Twitter, Im, Mail, or search for them on Oovoo if they already have an Oovooaccount. If you like Oovoo, you can invite other people to become Oovoo users. Start by clicking Contacts Invite your friends. . Eachcontact receives an e-mail with a link to download Oovoo along with a request to be in contact with you
  9. 9. Oovoo optionsIt’s easy to view your list of friends in your Oovoo contact list. You can quickly connect to Facebook and communicate with Facebookfriends from Oovoo. You can also search the Oovoo directory for friends. When you get connected to your Facebook friends; you will beable to see who is online and offline. You can write your own status, and change your account from available, busy to offline and changeyour display photoby right clicking on it; you can either upload a picture or take a picture using your webcam.
  10. 10. Oovoo contact list view optionsBy opening the menu you will have deferentsettings:You can sort your contacts by status, group or view all.You can choose to see the bar for the most frequently called.You can display the icons of your friends by different view, icon view, thumbnail view and name view.The action button is the chat icon and the video messageicon. You can choose to see the icons on your home page or removethem.By clicking on the chat icon, you will begin a new chat with a friend.
  11. 11. Chat with textTo begin a conversation select an Oovoo user from your Contact List and click the chat action button to start chatting. Click the invitebutton to invite other Oovoo users to join the chat. You can change font, send emotions, see history chats and start a video message.Start and participate in video conversation
  12. 12. Its easy to have face-to-face video calls by starting an Oovoo call with your Oovoo contacts or sending a video chat link with Facebookfriends. You need a headset and a good internet connection.
  13. 13. Video chatting using FacebookTo start a video conversations click on the video action button. Or send a link. When you receive a call, you will hear a ring. You maychoose to accept the call, reject it or chat with the caller. You can invite another user to join your ongoing conversation.
  14. 14. Oovoo toolbarOovoo toolbar contain:Oovoo:you can change your profile, status, language also see History chat, videos and received file and log out.Contacts: help you search for friends, add friends and see phone book. You can easily add or edit. Your phone book entries are savedon a server which is helpful when using different computers.Action button can start a chat, a phone call, video call or send a video message and send files.Help button can answers to your questions with the Help topics option and check for updates and most important check audio andvideo.
  15. 15. Record and send video messagesSelect a user from your contact list, then click to start recording your video message or click to stop recording. If you would like topreview the message click the green button . You can always add a subject for the message in the textbox and send message to yourparticipants. Also you can upload your video to you tube.
  16. 16. Recorded filesThe recorded file will show all the files you recorded uploaded files and all the files in progress. You can always remove the file, uploadedto you tube, view it, save it or remove it.
  17. 17. Send filesOpen Action bar and click on Send files. A standard file selection window appears. Select the file you want and click send.
  18. 18. Received files and video messagesWhen you receive a file or a video, an alert pops up will appear. Click Download to download it to your computer. Once the file has beendownloaded, click Open to view it. If you miss the popup alert, you can always see the messages in the Received Files folder and thenselect the file to download.
  19. 19. The paid featuresThe application is free to use but if you want to use premium features such as sharing your screen and blocking advertisements you willneed to purchase a plan and if you want to dial landline and mobile phone numbers, you need to purchase Oovoo credit.V. ConclusionOovoo is an instant messaging client developed by Oovoo for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Android and iOS. It was released in 2007,and is similar to Skype. Oovoo can be used for online contacting conferencing, online training, and online collaborating. Oovoo allowsbusinesses to connect with colleagues and contacts to reduce spending time on travel.